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Chat log from GF of 2016: Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for Melbourne vs St Kilda, GF of 2016

rickyb80: carn the tigers
shaker: Gresham and Acres the only interest this game
shaker: Far to many Jack’s in this game
carlton_99: is gresham playing
m0nty: Looks like Gresham and Holmes sitting out the first half, as are Grimes and Michie.
spudaroos: What happened to McCartin
snake_p: melbourne gawn mad
Fletch91: Stuck on who to choose out of Gawn and big Stefan…
rickyb80: any of u guys playing ultimate footy?
roshanetw: yea mate
carlton_99: gresham is doing very well for only playing the second half surely my MID8
Jackwatt$: Go Dee’s!!! Who wins the NAB guys? Mighty Dee’s or everyone’s worst team except Eddie?
Jackwatt$: What happened to Riewolt? Heart muscle?
mace485: so accoridng to eddie mcguire, we should be given a finals spot right?
rickyb80: join coffee cup on ultimate footy
bones351: Going on the winning points margins I’d say Freo win the NAB challenge boys

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