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Chat log from GF of 2016: Brisbane vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Brisbane vs Western Sydney, GF of 2016

ryan: your missing rich
circle52: Martin v Mumford may decide R2
circle52: Apparentlt Matthieson v Lester for one poistion according to my information as well. Mattho in front atm.
Sloan4Pres: so sick of my unique picks scoring well in nab
circle52: Gee is Harwood 14% disposal correct?? Not watching the game
m0nty: not a day for good skills, very wet
circle52: Knew it was wet but even with wet 14% is not good. Thanks m0nty
Brown*Dog: Griffen checked out of football 2 years ago when he left the bulldogs
m0nty: bit harsh, Griffen has had injury problems, and played some good footy
circle52: Not watching but how serious did both reports look. The AFL feed does not actually show Zorko striking
circle52: Camerons Bump a little unclear as well although you can see Mattho still receiving treatment with Zorkos strike.
AngryRyno: Zorko was a close range jab to the stomach really
m0nty: I think Zorko’s strike was to the neck, judging from Davis’ reaction
snake_p: yes monty and off the ball too. in trouble
j_dem12: not sure if toby greene is cemented in the GWS side this season..
spudaroos: Jeez stefan has been hacking it, I guess he is racking hem up wihich is a decent sign.
spudaroos: @j_dem12 Why do you think that?
j_dem12: @spudaroos he might get squeezed out by other GWS young guns due to his poor disposal efficiency. but who knows

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