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Chat log from W2 of 2016: Carlton vs Essendon

Chat log for Carlton vs Essendon, W2 of 2016

Fury: Yo
luked98: lets go silvagni!
Bulky: That’s 20 minutes I’ll never get back.
OnTheRocks: was expecting Bombers to use Crowley as a tag again
OnTheRocks: if not, i may get him in as a mid SC gamble at $202k rook prices
Bulky: There’s nobody worth tagging playing for Carlton today.
OnTheRocks: Valid point after inspecting Carlton list. Thought at least Cripps would be out there
pigden: This is, skill-wise, one of the worst games I’ve seen in the NAB cup
Sloaneyyyy: wow, both these sides have the worst lists ever
OnTheRocks: James Hird’s Frankenstein team vs Carlton’s Z grade list?
Fury: Can’t read too much into these scores; will have to wait until they’re both up against decent sides
Dommy02: what is craig bird’s tim on ground like, assuming its pretty low?
Sloaneyyyy: Kommer keeping his spot in my team only because he’s guaranteed a run… but he’s doing sweet f-a out there at the momen
Sloaneyyyy: Need another ~$300k mid… not sold on Aish at the moment, but can’t think of anyone better
frenzy: Kommer Knocker, Lol google it, Lol
Bulky: Essendon clearly flag favourites after this performance.
snake_p: Sloaney De Goey 342K. Possible breakout this year
Sloaneyyyy: yeah degoey certainly did very well the other night, will have to wait and see how he goes in the remaining nab games
snake_p: yep. I’ll be watching closely. Awkwardly priced though
Jackwatt$: If Leuy stays inj, lock Michael in. Maybe R2 for the brave
Bulky: Eye catching performance from Liam Jones.
spudaroos: Imagine working hard to become an AFL player and falling short and then seeing Liam Jones getting games. Absolute spud.
Sloaneyyyy: not a bad performance from Bird… he started slow but is getting better as the game goes on

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