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Chat log from W1 of 2016: Sydney vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Sydney vs Port Adelaide, W1 of 2016

oc16: geez mills looks impressive
Jogr: ikr
NoneyaB: good to see some good rookies this year
Jogr: and they were saying this was a bad class of rookies, wow
m0nty: no touched for Mills for 7 minutes, he’s done
Jogr: another one
oc16: looks like u were a bit too early with that one monty lol
OMGFridge: lock doogie howard as your F8 now boys
Jogr: i had him before this game now everyone will get him
Brown*Dog: Playing port seconds – hes on watch list for sure now @ Jogr
Jackwatt$: Just locked Mills in M10. The kids the real deal! Good call/bad call?
TeamJab: only worry is he plays for the Swans. will be eeeased into it.
TeamJab: Only worry is he’s playing for the Swans. Will be eased into it no doubt.
NoneyaB: Is heeney ok?
Brown*Dog: M10? Thats alot of money on the pine..
Jogr: nah hurt his knee
Brown*Dog: Is Polec on the ground?
Jogr: yeah but he is playing shit
ajconodie: Sam gray is my POD. Going to be a superstar.

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