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Chat log from R16 of 2015: Melbourne vs Brisbane

Chat log for Melbourne vs Brisbane, R16 of 2015

RooBoyStu: Come on Rocky!
OnTheRocks: need Gawn to have a shocker and TMac to go 140+ like last week
OnTheRocks: Rocky can have a shocker too
frenzy: Beam me up Dane
RooBoyStu: Beams should have a Jim Beam icon
circle52: Vince on Beams, Viney on Rockliff
circle52: Hanley forward as well
OnTheRocks: Who’s battling Gawn in the ruck?? i think he’s going for 100% HO this game
circle52: Berger battling Gawn
OnTheRocks: hoGun
frenzy: Hate Sunday’s
zadolinnyj: Not sure if I want McDonald forward
circle52: Typical of my fantasy season traded out Rich this week and now he does this
poolboybob: Pepperoni muppet for stepping on the line on the kick in
YoungGun: traded tmac in this week, didnt realise he played forward last week. do not want him there
OnTheRocks: TMac belongs in defence 🙁
YoungGun: you dont get points for freeing up hogan and dawes
poolboybob: Rocky the only Lion without a touch 🙁
circle52: Very sloppy both sides
Chelskiman: Tag Zorko, not Rocky!
circle52: Merrett off with an injury
carlton_99: cmon beams and tmac
AngryRyno: Gawn 9sc
Ben_Gogos: Rocky doesn’t need to get the ball to score!
AngryRyno: what’s wrong with jones?
poolboybob: Lions look bloody terrible
frenzy: Deal with that tag Beams
AngryRyno: cape him up! gun!
RooBoyStu: Hogan cape
Dommy02: onya viney!
circle52: Worst dis[lay by Lions for a number of weeks
Chelskiman: Rocky isn’t going to beat Ablett or Goldy now. 🙁
frenzy: Stef and level can’t play in the s
frenzy: Lol new tablet, whoops
RooBoyStu: Lumumba lol
Jukes82: Who said yesterday rocky would go huge? lmao
rosty63: cany be good if staker is top of the list.
circle52: Where was the umpire for Dunns kick in after pinging Brisbane in firt quarter
auxDT: fyfe to staker next week
frenzy: Come on Stefan what’s your problem
Ben_Gogos: @frenzy not playing as R1
circle52: Hanley now off with a knee injury
zadolinnyj: Hanley just getting repairs
poolboybob: Lions’ foot skills are hopeless
frenzy: Do a Mitchell to Leuey with his knee
Ben_Gogos: Rockliff is an absolute beast, 3 touches for 28! Incredible stuff
RooBoyStu: Penguin JKH
kangawalla: At this rate, the qtr will go for 22minutes!
RooBoyStu: Go Macca!
zadolinnyj: Hanley struggle town. Stalker marked howe
circle52: See Brisbane thats how you move the ball quickly
kangawalla: Jeffy, no, Jeffy!!! 25mt out mate. Sheesh!!
Karlpov: Great ball movement from the dees before! 3 kicks across the ground
RooBoyStu: $ Staker
Ben_Gogos: Sorry guys, Howe not Hogan playing as loose man now
RooBoyStu: Lumumba avoids icicle how?
Ben_Gogos: Beams certainly playing injured today
cartz411: cos lumumba never finds the pill even on a good day..
jfitty: Lumumba needs the spud, not the icicle
Brent007: Stef is killing me. Put him in the middle!
spiggs: Any chance of 48 sc stretch?
RooBoyStu: lol true guys
meka100: What is Rich’s problem today
zadolinnyj: Serious spud for labamba
RooBoyStu: seriously though he needs something 2 touches in a half & 1 FA
gdshifty: If Stef plays rest of game in forward line i have to trade him
Ben_Gogos: Rockliff so massive, 43 from 6 touches, imagine if he finds it!
frenzy: My Sunday’s always turn to shower
Chelskiman: @frenzy, join the club mate. I have Rocky as captain, but with Gaz and Goldy going big I needed a huge one from him.
RooBoyStu: if you didn’t have vc on Goldy or Gazza this week, you deserve a shower score
desafinado: Why is Martin so bad ?!
Ben_Gogos: @desafiado not #1 ruck today
Raspel31: Not everyone has Gazza or Gody rooboy-and spare the lecture.
Chelskiman: I’m talking about RDT. I had the VC on Goldy in SC.
AngryRyno: if you have goldy & gaz but don’t have them C/VC then you deserve the spray
SaintsMan: C’mon Gawny. Bring me the ton
RooBoyStu: Aish might get a run soon
Monger: I’ve been carrying leuie all season as bench cover… but obviously played Martin
Ben_Gogos: Stef started in the ruck there
circle52: Hanley subbed
SaintsMan: hanley subbed
auxDT: Rocky might get more tackles than GAJ this week
AngryRyno: hanley no luck this year
gdshifty: martin on his bike good to see.
RooBoyStu: Hanley needs to get back on the beers
Chelskiman: 13 tackles for Rocky with still over a quarter and a half to go. Get 20+ Rocky!
elk101: with the amount of stoppages this year i’m surprised Jude’s tackle record still stands
drapes15: whats the record tackles?
RooBoyStu: good call elk101
auxDT: so the record is Jude’s 19 tackles?
carlton_99: cmon beams and tmac ton up
kangawalla: Andrew Harris comes good the week I dump him. Bother!
mark621: Whats hogan and gawns sc? I dont think ill be lucky with vandy
circle52: Kennedy Harris subbed
danmaio: sorry , i captained Beams this week
RooBoyStu: $ Andrews
heppelitis: dam wish bumperbar was subbed
elk101: Yep jude 19, I mean Goldy smashed the h/o record easily because of more stoppages
elk101: I’m no expert but more hitouts = more opportunities for tackles? only a matter of time imo
drapes15: he could do it today the tackles
RooBoyStu: hard game for votes
rowdster88: vandenberg SC?
Ben_Gogos: Stef goes into the ruck, 35 point quarter
Bazza2014: Aaron Vandenberg 57
rowdster88: tx
Bazza2014: @ben-Gogos and gets them back into the game- lewey no go
BennyCuzzy: What dos the numbers in the far right column mean ??
ryanbob: Lol how is beams 70? Having no real influence and horrible de
Bazza2014: Update on Woodward: Came off with a knee injury, thought to be damage to his ACL, same leg as his previous injury
myteamsuks: Sandi and goldy have 4 of the top 5 hit outs ever, all this year
gdshifty: @bengogo what was Leppitsch thinking? Lions might want a Key forward but sacrificng Martin for it is crazy
myteamsuks: Surprised there are no higher tackles, coniglio did last week but that’s about it
BennyCuzzy: What does the numbers in the far right column mean??
Ben_Gogos: @gdshifty Leuey has been in good form, that’s what the thinking would have been champ. Leuey did well
Ben_Gogos: @BennyCuz efficieny
danmaio: efficiency
auxDT: disposal efficiency @Benny
BennyCuzzy: Cheers
Bazza2014: enough of the champ— PAL!
wadaramus: Come on Stef Martin, extract the digit man.
sleary: Rocky sc?
DirtyDawn: Afternoon ladies and gents
Jukes82: rocky 76sc
AngryRyno: rocky 77sc
Chelskiman: Haha, Rocky messes the kick up so he can lay an extra tackle.
auxDT: cracking tackle by Rocky
drapes15: pretty harsh with the SC
RooBoyStu: Fat lady sings iiiittttssss oooovvvaaaaaa
AngryRyno: happy hogan owner today
ryanbob: Angryryno why do you still have hogan?
Monger: Hogan good bench cover in RDT
Ben_Gogos: Beams is stuffed
gdshifty: Will be stoked if Martin gets to 90 after only have 19 at half time playing forward
Apachecats: 33% still have Hogan in SC and happy about it.
jfitty: Stef Martin yin yang, been huge in the second half
Sloaneyyyy: lol @ rocky, more tackles than possessions
AngryRyno: wanted to offload hogan this week, but i’m glad i held him
mark621: someone break hogans leg. and remove like 50 points. why didnt i keep him!!!
gdshifty: Martin you absolute star. So much better around the ground than Lueuy
auxDT: massive recovery from martin
Chelskiman: It’s no 175, but I’ll take Rocky’s serviceable captain’s score.
RooBoyStu: Gawn muppet of the year

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