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Chat log from R16 of 2015: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R16 of 2015

MattyZ: Prediction for the match: Freo too tall in the forwards and Fields too small to compete
ReaperRage: VC fyfe hoping his back to his normal form at the least since i had him as vc and not goldy -_-
ballbag: gees blues 2 goals and freo only 2 touches. amazing.
LuvIt74: pav 2 goals ago u should of done this.
Bulky: Of course this was the week I’d had a gutful of Pavlich and decided to offload him.
RooBoyStu: Goldy praying for a Fyfe fine, wants Charlie
Jukes82: ruckmen dont’s win brownlows anymore, never will again
AngryRyno: decent start for the blues & fantasy, need the tyre to really get rolling to attempt to cover those with goldy/GA
tamoz: Lift Fyfe, Barlow, D.Pearce, Cripps and Simpson!
DirtyDawn: Edward “Sandi” hands!!! Get a touch on it Lurch!!
ballbag: @rooboy fyfe brownlow could be a longshot now. he’s walking a very fine line now
Raspel31: Yeah, Goldy/GA combo hard to battle Angry
AngryRyno: got cripps, docherty, buckley, neale, fyfe & A.Pearce
Jukes82: freo are done, bottom 8.
DirtyDawn: Honestly, Fyfe has been my worst upgrade thuis year!!!
poolboybob: wtf lachie neale
AngryRyno: neale, fyfe, both should junk up well
RooBoyStu: Neale kicked the match winner in this game last year, magnifying glass this year
ballbag: carlton 5 tackles. awesome
AngryRyno: got live sc scored tonight, so if anyone needs just yell
Breezey: Guarantee Neale will ton up by the end
Carnster: Neal sc Ryno
ballbag: im yelling @angry HOW MUCH MUNDY my new recruit?
SaintsMan: I love you mundy
LuvIt74: Freo peaked early & now have fallen flat, they will win this but they wont make the GF
AngryRyno: mundy has 43sc whilst neale has just 14
dj9343: so did fyfe, @luvit
DirtyDawn: Who will make the GF in your opinion LuvIt74?
dj9343: black boots suck
LuvIt74: I brought in Mundy in round 13 for Sloane
tamoz: Please Cripps, lift
frenzy: lift cripps ffs
Carnster: Thanks angry
LuvIt74: Hawks for sure, I think WCE will be the other team.
ballbag: WCE v hawks granny
RooBoyStu: Haw v Nth Gf
DirtyDawn: Mate Im still thinking Hawks v Freo for the GF. Ima WCE supporter but I think we will run out of fuel this year
Jukes82: north are garbage lmao
Carnster: Gws v wce only cause I go for gws
AngryRyno: cripps 22sc
LuvIt74: I’m quite impressed how WCE have really peaked at the right time, however the hawks are renowned for it.
RooBoyStu: @Jukes82 Richmond aren’t lmao
J_Pinkman: 15 tackles to 7. I know how this game is going to go
DirtyDawn: GF wrestling match. Dunstall versus Meatloaf! Who wins?
LuvIt74: @Dawn I think you’ll have a awesome finals providing u dont geta ton of injuries. there looking the only danger to the h
Jukes82: lmao, when did I say they were tossbag
runt: Fyfe suffering corky side-effects still, Needs to put ball on boot to smooth things out
RooBoyStu: @dirtydawn the banana
Jukes82: north aint shit without the afl giving that garbage club donations
LuvIt74: GWS will be the Hawks of the 80’s in 2 years time and will win consecutive flags. There list of players is phenomenal
dj9343: more like cocky side effects
RooBoyStu: @jukes82 forget save our skins?
Jukes82: we raised our own money
dj9343: @DDawn, get the lads to arm wrestle and Ben Ross to umpire lol #cringe
LuvIt74: The biggest surprise for me this season is the Doggies, thought thhey would be a bottom 4 side
Jukes82: the afl didn’t help then we saved ourselves
RooBoyStu: 1990 possibly before you were born
RooBoyStu: Fyfe is shower
LuvIt74: I’m predicted to score 2664 this week, i wish it happens
zadolinnyj: Would be good Luvit.
LuvIt74: Yeah it might be time to trade Fyfe to GAJ fellas…lol
Jukes82: I was born well before
ballbag: prob with north is their fans say NORF
CamT: Soon as people start saying someone is better than Ablett …
LuvIt74: Fyfe 28sc
poolboybob: I don’t understand how Carlton can constantly get crushed in both disposals and tackles.
ballbag: @luvit shut up already. you said last week you were 2500 with 5 prems to come LOL
LuvIt74: @poolboy its coz there crap m8. The whole carlton side needs to start over bring in quality youth…
ballbag: @poolboy our list! who are the A graders?
LuvIt74: @ballbag i wish, I only scored 2508 last week
RooBoyStu: who needs comedy ff delivers lol
LuvIt74: @ballbag One thing about me m8 is I never lie. Nothing to gain from lying
ryanbob: Ffs simpson you dud
dj9343: born and bred keyboard warriors
ballbag: OK you may not lie but you spin shit it seems quite often
goes: Sandilands sc please
LuvIt74: Concur Ryan, Simpson is really letting me down.
zadolinnyj: 2560 for me last week. Hoping to get to 2600 plus this week. We will see. Wish I didn’t wait another week for gaj
LuvIt74: I do enjoy giving crap to Pies supporters hell yes, but that has nothing to do with lying m8
runt: Quite clearly Ablett did some weird voodoo on Fyfe for impersonating the best player in the country
zadolinnyj: Fifi lost his mojo. Opponents captain so fine with it
LuvIt74: sandyballs 23sc
J_Pinkman: tutt you useless piece of…..
zadolinnyj: Krueger will be a hard decision next year. Great when playing
zadolinnyj: Kruezer*
poolboybob: Fyfe decided he already has the Brownlow and has put the queue in the rack
J_Pinkman: never seen so many basic errors coming from carlton players, can’t even take a basic chest mark. time to switch to crick
SydneyRox: @runt, proof there is only one GAJ
LuvIt74: Fyfe on 36sc 20 minutes i 2d quarter
RooBoyStu: Carlton not out of it
Bazza2014: Sandy doing f all after last weeks pasting….lmao
DirtyDawn: Fyfe or Relton Roberts? Im with you Relton…
SydneyRox: chat broken?
LuvIt74: Kruzer is crap, next year Goldy & Blicvas as rucks same as my rucks this year.
RooBoyStu: 2016 Olympic Year Blicavs might get itchy fingers for a run
wadaramus: Nearly traded Cripps this week, will probably end up a keeper now.
Apachecats: Keep expecting Fyfe to cut loose but I don’t think he’s going to.
ballbag: @luvt you gonna spend over 10% on rucks next year? i doubt it
DirtyDawn: I think Cripps becomes GAJ for me next week wadaramus
LuvIt74: @ballbag gotta do it m8 unless there is someoe really impressive.
Apachecats: $ for Holman Matty Z .It might encourage him.
ballbag: the only saving grace with fyfe low score is for those who’s opp has him C
LuvIt74: @Dawn no thinking about it just do it u wont be sorry.
RooBoyStu: will laugh if Ross drops Fyfe
ballbag: hey fyfe follow neales lead and ip up the ladder
LuvIt74: Cripps done his job its time to cull him, actually he should be floating in Werribee by now. lol
RooBoyStu: Fyfe 0 tackles
Torz: Loves a handball tonight, does Neale.
LuvIt74: Lift simpson ffs
Dasherman: @DirtyDawn….me too, time to pull the trigger even though Cripps has been good
J_Pinkman: rubbish free kick
LuvIt74: chat isn’t working in the Swans vs Hawks game.
auxDT: im surprised that carlton99 kid is quiet tonight
Carnster: Neal 44 sc and Fyfe 40 how is neal so low
LuvIt74: It’s ok Carlton at least the blues have improved although they never tried under Malthouse
FlagDog: Fyfe has fucked me 2 weeks in a row, both opponents don’t have him. FML!
Carnster: He should be way more than fyfe
wadaramus: If only I had enough cash, would love to make Cripps GAJ!!
sticky12: Fyfe to Ablett next week
LuvIt74: @FlagDog your opponents dont have Fyfe at all? Or just dont have Fyfe as Captain?
LuvIt74: @wadaramus how many trades left & how much cash?
FlagDog: last 2 weeks both opponents haven’t had Fyfe…
FlagDog: Also this week Heppell… :/
rosty63: I am proxy for @carlton99, friggin umpires are killing the blues,
rooboypete: You know Fyfe is having a disaster when A Pearce is almost outscoring him
the worm: good job rosty, just make sure you do it another 8 times before three quarter time
rosty63: im up to it @the worm.
LuvIt74: @FlagDog do your opponents have Ablett?
RooBoyStu: Fyfe would want to have a big lead in brownlow, Goldy and Gazza will charge
MattyZ: goldy brownlow is an interesting idea
MattyZ: Gaz can still poll 30 votes
RooBoyStu: he always polls well, Higgins only consistent player who will take votes off him
LuvIt74: GAJ is worth a small bet for the BL u can only count a total of 9 games where he may score 3 votes…
FlagDog: Not this week, I had Gazza captain, but they had Goldy so no one wins…
the worm: oh wow….might have to get on gaz…
LuvIt74: Thats 27 points hypothetically so he is a rough chance.
LuvIt74: Flag a extra 64 points for those who went Goldy over Gaj makes allot of diffrence mate
FlagDog: This wasn’t SC.. luckily!
FlagDog: Was only my work comp, only play DT
ballbag: what? GAJ never clearly won a brownlow by so much playing a full year? lalala land luvit
LuvIt74: GAJ at $150 to win brownlow with Betfair, surly that cant be right
RooBoyStu: worth $5
runt: Good to see Cryppto hasn’t given away a free tonight
ballbag: put ya house on gaj eachway if you belive the rot you speak @luvit
LuvIt74: GAJ worth backing for top 3 and top 5 for it
sticky12: That’d be right luvit, surely he couldn’t win it with only 8 games polling votes against potentially 23
runt: Ablett should set up a “donate votes to Gaz” fund. Only disqualified players can give.
Torz: Yarran muppet.
the worm: gaz in a trifecta…hmmm
runt: Gary Cripps, Patrick Ablett, the metamorphosis is almost complete
Raspel31: Think you’ve passed the captain mantle to Danger Fyfe
MattyZ: If Yarran can get traded to someone in a premiership window for a good draft pick or two Carlton would be very happy
runt: Gary Crablett, closer by the minute…
frenzy: get a flowering kick simmo
LuvIt74: @Sticky 10 polling votes, Round 14,15, 16 its likely he will score 9 points, that leaves rounds 17 to 23
ryanbob: Carlton need to use simpson more, doesn’t help their chances by not utilising his skills
Woosha 73: He sure is acting like a Crablett
LuvIt74: He wont score anything in his first 2 games obviously.
RooBoyStu: ok all top 3 brownlow right now: me 1. Goldy, 2. Fyfe 3. Dangerfield
runt: Gary Apps… a small setback….
Raspel31: You a favourite RooBoy ?
frenzy: come the flower on simpson
runt: Patry Crippletts….the machine is broke….
LuvIt74: @RooBoy why isn’t Judd in there…lol
RooBoyStu: cripps hits the wall
ballbag: brownlow- the umpires award… what a joke
the worm: flowering umps, shower house, costing the blues the game
RooBoyStu: @ballbag Razor Ray would vote for himself if her could
RooBoyStu: *he
poolboybob: Fyfe you are being outscored by Tom Sheridan, hang your head in shame.
LuvIt74: here we go, it’s the ump’s fault again…lol
RooBoyStu: the laughable thing is, there’s a Supercoach team called Razor Ray for PM
LuvIt74: Where is Carlton99, I was crying from laughter last week, coz he kept blaming the ump’s in chat. lol
LuvIt74: Although the umps gave away a few free’s or didn’t give the blues a couple last week, but it didn’t cost them the game
ballbag: so which round will fyfe get another fine and be rubbed out?
J.Worrall: Cripps to Gaz was nicely timed, I felt!
Breezey: I was thinking the same. Where is Carlton99
RooBoyStu: Carlton99 second best even by name as it was North 99
J.Worrall: MacMillan to Picken next week …
knickers: fyfw to gaz was nicely timed too
LuvIt74: LegDog who came up with “Fyfe is life” Fyfe needs a defibrillator ffs.
AngryRyno: how many weeks will macmillan miss?
MattyZ: Yeesh Fyfe gets protected when tackled
ballbag: @rooboy norf99 buddy
Raspel31: Mundy-your work is not done.
RooBoyStu: @angryryno heard 2-3 but unconfirmed
ballbag: cmon fyfe. cape up and make knickers pay for trading you
MattyZ: The funny thing is that if carlton didn’t fumble 99% of the time they’d be killing it
RooBoyStu: agree Mattyz
runt: Freo no good in the wet, Carlton may have a chance here
LuvIt74: @knickers is GAJ your captain or did u have the VC on Goddard?
RooBoyStu: Sam Colquhoun being the nurse for Gibbs
Bazza2014: fyfe sheisenhausen
LuvIt74: I got Mundy, Hodge, JPK, Parker, Simpson & Fyfe playing tonight, not to concerned about Fyfe coz most have him.
LuvIt74: However Simpson is killing me
Jukes82: Anoyone concerned with Fyfe’s form these last few weeks?
RooBoyStu: Fyfe 62 sc is a joke, should be lower
LuvIt74: @Jukes82 not overly concerned coz all the top 1% players in SC have him, but id like to see him doing much better.
FlagDog: Fyfe to anyone else, also Heppell is pissing me off
RooBoyStu: Fyfe kicks it straight to Carlton
MattyZ: So who do i give the star to…
FlagDog: Fyfe + Heppell with a tag is bad business.
Jukes82: mundy star
RooBoyStu: x factor Sandi
zadolinnyj: Mundy star
3rdstriker: bit stiff to put the down arrow on a guy on 72 who averages 90 midway through the last qtr
RooBoyStu: love your work MattyZ a peoples man
MattyZ: We should have a MLG icon for when someone like Fyfe gets #rekt by the tag
ballbag: SEN saying dockers fans are patient and want to go home already. west coast flogs
ballbag: *impatient
LuvIt74: mark of the year
FlagDog: Have Fyfe, Boyd, Heppell in my mids tyhis week. FML x 10
RooBoyStu: mark of the week right there Walters
LuvIt74: without a doubt
MattyZ: Mark of the year if you take into account the weather
masterhc2: @3rdstriker completely agree, pretty much on track for his average
LuvIt74: Thats mark of the year forget the week
SaintsMan: fyfe and mundy sc?
RooBoyStu: as Dangermaus would say ‘i guarantee that will not be mark of the year’
LuvIt74: Mundy 123, fyfe 83sc
ballbag: ffs will be 32min Q. dont stop yet mundy, simmo, fyfe and neale
LuvIt74: Walters needs wings as a symbol
SaintsMan: cheers luv
LuvIt74: 3 minutes to go
3rdstriker: that might be goal of the year
RooBoyStu: Curnow magnet? Highest disposals
LuvIt74: Simpson 66sc
boges11: Curnow is the Titchell of Carlton. Why they make him tag when he can get so much ball
Slashers: Shit Simpson, just shit!
LuvIt74: Enjoy guys, stay safe and no doubt will see ya tomorrow.
LuvIt74: Cheers m0nty
RooBoyStu: Fyfe 88 bullshower low de and stuff all tackles
meka100: Barlow I’ll break you other fucken leg
MattyZ: Curnow isn’t that good of a disposal, he can mark and kick but pressure kills it

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