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Chat log from R14 of 2015: Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs West Coast, R14 of 2015

willywalks: ffs, why is selwood sub, i brought him in this week!! FML…
Karlpov: was there a streaker?
m0nty: tap tap tap m00
nbartos: Go Dees
Yelse: geez so many players till on zero
Breezey: I have Priddis and Priddis alone here.
Bazza2014: very slow start to Charlie
nbartos: NNat off to a flyer
stakerz: get a kick kennedy
frenzy: sloane to priddis worked a treat
auxDT: is priddis getting tagged?
Yelse: why is this game so low in possessions
nbartos: 2 shit teams Yelse
frenzy: by vince @ auxdt
auxDT: fuck off vince go tag someone else
J.Worrall: me2frnzy
nbartos: NN icicles
danmaio: yeah @ enbartos, wce a lazy shit 2nd on ladder
frenzy: donut
dipstick: is NN in the ruck? god knows he cant ever get a mark or a kick!!
heppelitis: dont question NN dipstick…you will get called a douche….he has x factor,,,,,but far from a star
dipstick: @heppel NN is nothing more than a tap ruckmen. he is AFL stupid
Tonche: Nicnat 17sc somehow
SaintsMan: ffs gawn
dipstick: @m0nty LOL i love your brayshaw injury desrciption. th development hehe
frenzy: thats a bluemoon for Dawes if ever there was one
Carnster: yeo sc
heppelitis: good fight back priddis
Breezey: Priddis going up in tackles
nbartos: Who have they beat whose good danmaio?
Breezey: Apparently you only have to beat whose in front of you each week.
stakerz: cmon kennedy kick some goals
danmaio: They can only beat 1 side above them coz they are 2nd
stakerz: oh.. there we go
willywalks: what did scooter do to deserve the vest? ellis would have been a prime cadidate
danmaio: do the maths, the other 16 are below them, so who have they beaten theory goes out the window
nbartos: Have they beat any prem contenders?
gdshifty: willywalks you obviously didnt watch Selwoods last game…
Breezey: Correct weight. All clear @Danmaio
frenzy: NN must be on 70sc with 2 kicks and a mark
m0nty: Eagles are 1-4 against teams in the eight, 7-0 against teams in bottom 10.
danmaio: bit hard if they are yet to play them
frenzy: kangas in the bottom 10 m0nty, they lost to them
Breezey: How is that Monty when they are 9 and 3 this season
m0nty: true
nbartos: AFL should scrap fixture loading
dipstick: bring out the abacus m0nts and update
gdshifty: hahaha Monty muppet
dipstick: @nevillebartos it is a fixture. it will always be fixed
m0nty: actually it’s 1-2 and 8-1
Breezey: Meanwhile Priddis is flying with 9 tackles
frenzy: better have a holiday m0nty
danmaio: you can only beat who you have played.
dipstick: @bartos are ya flyin? ya flyin? wheres the fucken cash mate? cash. lol
nbartos: Other sports don’t fix them dip
SaintsMan: NN 46? these guys who score are so shower at their job
nbartos: Agee dan, just waiting to c how they go v Haw Syd Frem
nbartos: Luv it dip
wadaramus: Hit outs to advantage probably SaintsMan.
danmaio: freo blew them away in 1 qt, syd and hawks are still giving most sides a sniff, but yes, they are the benchmark stil
dipstick: agreed @bartos. but at least dividing the ladder into 3 and playing those teams twice evens it up a tad bit
heppelitis: makes games a little more interesting to nwatch i think
nbartos: having stirred the pot a bit I’m so impressed with them tbh
frenzy: m0nty’s spat the dummy?
frenzy: champdata has NN at R2 @ saintsman
SaintsMan: what frenzy?
dipstick: nice NN. 8 touches 32 HO and a SC ton coming. awesome
Raspel31: Atta boy JJ
nbartos: NN ton would be a joke
kangawalla: demons putting up a fight
elitegod22: What happen too.brayshaw?
nbartos: Hurt in a tackle elite
goes: McDonald’s sc
AngryRyno: 54sc mcdonald
goes: Thanxs angryryno
Carnster: natanui sc
AngryRyno: nic nat 97sc
cripdogs: anyone happen to know anb and nn sc scores ?
AngryRyno: anb 67sc
cripdogs: thanks mate
_wato: Has anyone noticed that McDonald is actually a terrible defender?
The39Steps: Worst buy? Tippett or Dawes. Or others?
Bazza2014: daisy
_wato: Worst buy? Cale Morton or Colin Sylvia lol
Carnster: colin sylvia or scott gumbelton @39
frenzy: waite
The39Steps: Yep good one @carnster. Sylvia for mine.
colin wood: Thanks McGovern…
The39Steps: Sylvia 1, Tippett 2, Dawes 3, Waite 4.
danmaio: Pity eagles have so many key defenders injured, as i reckon McGovern will turn out to be a ripper forward
cripdogs: i’d say khunt or folau
AngryRyno: gun for jones, constantly fires, even in a big loss
dipstick: @colinn mcgovern says youre welcome
OnTheRocks: witches hat for mcdonald?
AngryRyno: worst trades? what about fevola?
dipstick: NN not a touch for 15 mins. pls ton up son
frenzy: lmfao @ NN sc
nbartos: Sylvia was free
shooter43: From all the angels in the sky flying so very high

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