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Chat log from R10 of 2015: St Kilda vs Hawthorn

Chat log for St Kilda vs Hawthorn, R10 of 2015

Costanza: stay down Lewis
DanBlack: What happened to him?
C.Judd 3V: Go nuts Lewis
luked98: lets go steven and newnes!
meka100: Better get 180 Lewis for being a softcock last week
kangawalla: Agreed Meka. He owes us!
NewFreoFan: armitage is a fantasy freak this year
Yelse: my captain lewis lift seriosuly
Jukes82: Steven lift, pls don’t lay an egg today
luked98: jukes, steven is the kind of player that will get 30 points in 5min
NewFreoFan: wtf lewis
DanBlack: Lewis is the junk time master. So many 4th qtr capes.
Andrew37: Is monty gna offer us purple if he hits the tonne?
SaintsMan: umpires once again killing us
m0nty: not falling for that one again
DanBlack: haha monty
Torz: 5 touches for 8 points for Duryea 🙁
runt: Steven steps up and says hello
Sloaneyyyy: what the fuck Gibbo… do something
iZander: if you guys doubt lewis your joking yourself
luked98: told ya steven gets is points in bursts
theKid: What is the deal with Savage – why a sub!
ryanbob: ty gibson for costing me my leagues
bigbaddasa: comon Duryea, your killing me
Torz: Lift Duryea and Hodge!
luked98: yes steven
wabofi: uncle boulouxis welcome
runt: Armitage and Steven have a nice partnership this year
luked98: lift newnes
runt: best thing is they never get tagged
auxDT: newnes cmon m8
SaintsMan: muppet for webster
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Webster kicks from the BP but straight to Breust at 35m on a slight angle. Breust makes no mistake.
Sloaneyyyy: Gibson and Lewis… what the fuck
Torz: Boy did you need that Duryea.
derkaderrr: newnes does the same thing every week, gets a decent amount of points in the first quarter then stops
luked98: getting pumped now
devize: stay down frawley
luked98: steven you are a jet
nicw98: nah steven is shit
Yelse: lwis will cost me my 3 paid leagues if he doesn’t tone up SC
Torz: Hodgey 😀
luked98: nicw98 what would you know
OnTheRocks: i have man crush on Hodgey
DanBlack: @ontherocks, as do i
circle52: Lewis will probably cost me DT elimination
circle52: along with Josh Gibson was looking good before this game
banta: sub burgoyne
banta: stay down gibson
OnTheRocks: to watch this game or to watch Godzilla?
SaintsMan: disgisting gibson
colmullet: bit of a DT blackhole for hawks this game
buddy4pm: Significant that Hawks lead by 8 goals with no flames !
crusty180: has newnes touched it this qtr?
luked98: yinyang for newnes
colmullet: Steven vs gibson+newnes is killing me!
frenzy: nothing smart now Lewis, stay right there
roshanetw: what are the conditions there atm? is it just a scrappy game?
banta: gibson junking
DanBlack: Purple if Lewis tonnes up M0nty?
Woosha 73: In the bag. Sub Lewis haha
rickyb80: lol roof is closed. no concerns about the conditions
frenzy: 45 point lead to one end
luked98: can you make us all purple monty? pls
dipstick: nice C effort lewis
pies13: ok so i got lewis this week break even was huge but so was projection so he will go superman last quarter?
toddpaps9: FFS Newnes
pies13: oh and he is my cap rdt fkmdt
DanBlack: Lewis will still make it. Premier junk time accumulator in the league. Massive pig
pies13: hope so danblack
rickyb80: lewis wont ton up. doesnt look interested
frenzy: geez m0nty you usually given out stars and cherries by this stage
m0nty: nominations for star please
Chipsy_DT: lol @ all the lewis optimists
Yeo-Yeo: Im a star
m0nty: alright, purple names for a week if Lewis tons up in DT from here
frenzy: your the star m0nty
rickyb80: j steven
stubba11: Mitchell star
N.Fyfe: Steven Star, Hodge gun and Mitchell cherries?
Chelskiman: Newnes spud.
rickyb80: if lewis tons up from here. im running down bourke st naked
stubba11: Steven gun
Hodgeey: give me the star
Bazza2014: lewis still carrying fluid on the shoulder
Hodgeey: might as bloody well
frenzy: and lewis trash pack
Hodgeey: hawks already have their head in the byes
Jukes82: Steven go 150 plus pls, make up for newnes.
snake_p: has Newnes gone home early?
pies13: agree @chelskiman 37 halftime! move!!
dipstick: @ricky you been watching that morning TV show?
rickyb80: nah im usually at work in the mornings
Bazza2014: Roughie starring with one percenters
dipstick: stefanovic or the sports dude running nude in sydney if their origin team loses
DanBlack: Mitchell doing the business without a single tackle
nic-n-nat: junk it up Lewis!!!
nic-n-nat: c’mon Newnes!
luked98: newnes missing, yingyang, astronaut and mare
dipstick: not going C picks against shit teams. first fyfe now lewis
snake_p: Newnes lives!
pies13: newnes handball yay
iZander: mitchell star?
frenzy: give steven that star already
nicw98: cheers for that luked98
bigbaddasa: Newnes just so frustraiting
luked98: mitchell star, steven gub
Bazza2014: o lot of possies to the saints leading to f all
gusjojo: Newnes was on 37 at the start of Q2…
luked98: nicw98, do i know you?
bigbaddasa: yep, that is what I mean gusjojo
pies13: lewis junk when does that happen? got him this week so im not familiar with it any1?
iZander: montagna 28 disposals at 96 efficiency though
Hodgeey: lewis still not 100%
danmaio: cmon shiels, didnt bring you in for a 70
dipstick: montags had 2 clangers so dont know how his DE is 96%
iZander: yeah you can’t just recover from a bruised shoulder in one week @ hodgeey 😉
devize: frees against count as clangers
colmullet: 2 frees against dipstick they count as clangers
iZander: clangers might be able to be frees against?
pies13: so why play him hodgeyy? bye next week could of had a nice break
frenzy: power off lewis
dipstick: @izander ohh i thought he had a sore throat. surprised he didnt take 2 weeks for a sore shoulder
luked98: this game should be scaled up a bit for sc
luked98: what is the symbol on roughie?
colmullet: vulture luke
Apachecats: Anyone want to buy Newnes off me ,very cheap.
Carnster: need smith to outscore lewis in sc
luked98: yeah whats that mean
colmullet: hes feasted on the carcass of st.kilda
luked98: carnster thats gonna be close, lewis 63 smith 66
casey22: Cant believe the stats difference
man0005: need lewis to outscore smith in sc
Carnster: do you know what rioli is on @luked98
meka100: Fuck off Lewis you turd
luked98: man0005 you dont happen to being playing carnster in sc
dibbydobby: how can lewis have less than gibson, it makes no sense?!
luked98: steven robbed
nicw98: lol luked98, quality gag
frenzy: why no star monty
monkebuket: sc – longer as good as lewis? rubbish
bigbaddasa: SC scores just killed me…grrrrrrrr
dipstick: rioli 81 hodge 98??? SC gambling should be illegal

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