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Chat log from R10 of 2015: North Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for North Melbourne vs West Coast, R10 of 2015

frenzy: don’t slip up kangas
frenzy: and Jacobs sub is bulldung
RooBoyStu: we’ll win by 30+ points today, mark my words
Raspel31: Carn Westcoast.
m0nty: Jacobs is lucky to be picked, rather spudly
Karlpov: This game is going to get ugly..
luked98: jacobs is more of a potato than belch
luked98: actually i take that back
Dangermaus: great to see Dumont avoid the vest again… so far
willywalks: speaking of spuds, i have both tarrant and mcinnes in my team, playing on each other in a spud-a-thon!
meka100: Fuck off Thomas ducking your fucken head is not going to work anymore you turd
cripdogs: come on ziebell youre only on target for 176
Karlpov: Oh Waite!
itsduftime: sheppard sc?
iZander: waite you are a spud, give it to goldy mate
cripdogs: if north lose from here its because of waite
Torz: Has Yeo gone back to defence now that Selwood is back in the side?
auxDT: waite fucking spud
iZander: and another muppet haha
Koss: Yeo spending time in the middle so far
Torz: Thanks Koss.
Chipsy_DT: dollars for fraser
Chipsy_DT: interview down here in tassie. yeo being groomed as a full time mid
cripdogs: those 2 goals go to waite not passing to goldstein
tamoz: Lift Goldstein!
SaintsMan: Yeo is a gun. Plays like fyfe
Tony9668: Eagles on target again, not
willywalks: bet the lions wish they kept yeo….
willywalks: there have been 6 rushed behinds tony, have a look
Tony9668: @willy, fair call
DanBlack: Traded Nic Nat for Higgins in elite. Hopefully it was for the best
ryanbob: tarrant you suck
cripdogs: that goal was because waite didnt pass it to goldstein
Jukes82: such a low scoring fantasy game geez
RooBoyStu: Petrie loose man in defence +1?
willywalks: i think tarrant can earn himself a pumpkin, i picked him up after his first game back, 2nd was ok and rubbish since…
brunckka: Tarrent is a Key defender…. not sure what else you expect out of him.
willywalks: 75 a game like he has done
iZander: muppet shouldn’t have been taken off waite, should just stay there
brunckka: He did that earlier in the year playing on the 3rd fwd and as loose man. Now with Hansen is back he doesnt do that role
poolboybob: Waite should start every game with a muppet, he’s a lock to get at least one.
luked98: the good game is starting!
Koss: Yeo! great hands
Karlpov: Duggan plays like a veteran
roshanetw: nahas subbed
auxDT: lol goldy plzz
theKid: Gibson is by far the worst player I’ve ever seen.
theKid: How does a senior mid have such little impact
derkaderrr: i hate higgins, as soon as i trade him out he becomes a fantasy freak
willywalks: cmon goldy, get some footy!
Sloaneyyyy: cmon Weagles… beat those roos
dipstick: put your house on WCE. no way norf will win this into the wind. great betting times these situations
RooBoyStu: @dipstick enjoy your cardboard box, I have the Sunday Herald Sun for your pillow
auxDT: suck a fat one thomas
runt: Waite not passing to Goldstein earlier will be costly
Sloaneyyyy: I’d like to offer a big F.U to Higgins. Due to being burnt many times in the past, he’s now on my never-again list
dipstick: @rooboy ive gotta a couple copies of the old AGE. you can you them as doonas. use the her-sun to wipe your eyes
cripdogs: soon as waite goes off north kick 3 in a row
mijg: Anyone considering Yeo for the back line?
Jukes82: whats nicnats sc?
cripdogs: agreed runt. waite not passing to goldstein has really put north up against it
Robrod: Goldstein on 78sc for 3 effective pos.
luked98: the week higgins plays well, wow
bigbaddasa: Yeo eh? why not, my back line is weak as
roshanetw: Hurn cunted that ball so hard haha
brunckka: I bet Goldy has 15 hitouts to advantage… that makes a big chunk of his score!
NewFreoFan: Yeo has stopped 🙁
Woosha 73: Most did about 3 weeks ago mijg
willywalks: good to see mcinnes hasn
willywalks: t touched it in about an hour…
Robrod: Losing centre 12-7. Maybe hit out to pop should be negative
Robrod: Should be hit out to op.
The39Steps: Socking attempt at a tackle by Gaff.
RooBoyStu: who needs Brad Scott
mijg: 11k selection for Yeo in SC. Is that most Woosha?
runt: North need to leave Waite on the bench to win this
tamoz: Ye where did u go?
tamoz: Yeo
Tony9668: Dipsticks house bet is looking a bit dodgy
willywalks: thats the way goldy, get an x-factor for your troubles!
DanBlack: Cunnington goes through patches of forgetting how to play football
DanBlack: Then he wakes up and remembers he was the number 5 pick in the draft
NewFreoFan: good game this one
Sloaneyyyy: go Eagles come on, a couple more goals
DanBlack: Goldy wants the win!!!
NewFreoFan: Harvey knocked it out of his hands!!!
meka100: Harvey you sneaky little shit
runt: The reigning brownlow medallist dropped his bundle
auxDT: wtf harvey.dirty kunt
Karlpov: Hahaha boomer is a genius getting that 50!
Jukes82: boomer what a cheat lol
runt: Boomer is a cheeky little blighter
Tony9668: With only 8 po, Goldy must have a truck load of ruck taps
Costanza: good for him
willywalks: missy with the star, goldy with the x-factor, gaff the magnet
Tony9668: Cherries for missy
runt: North have done it when it counted in this last qtr
DanBlack: I think Swallow deserves a look at the star. He controlled the mid with many of the others not stepping up
RooBoyStu: Nice to win against Adam Simpson, a dual North Premiership player
The39Steps: No surprise Roos are playing with more heart and commitment with Crocker in charge rather than the “Perpetual Victim”.
Sloaneyyyy: ahhh stupid eagles – way to ruin my tips
RooBoyStu: poor dipstick, loses his house
Tony9668: Nice junk Yeo
willywalks: typical eagles, can’t play outside of wa
runt: North toughed that out well
cripdogs: lucky waite didnt pass it to goldstein what a gun
frenzy: hearts2hearts
luked98: fuck off higgins
Bazza2014: ziebell BOG
frenzy: goldy BOG
dipstick: gees nicnat nice last qtr getting destroyed by goldy. put some effort in hey?

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