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Chat log from R10 of 2015: Gold Coast vs Sydney

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Sydney, R10 of 2015

willywalks: gone mitchell as my smoky captain this week, could well be a massacre this evening…
iZander: almost did the same, good luck 😀
willywalks: robinson the sub isn’t great, had to start him due to my spate of injuries, hopefully on early!
drapes15: Buddy (C) surely kicks 20
theKid: @Willywalks Me too. Anything above 400 and I’ll be happy
Apachecats: Oxley dropped
Apachecats: Living dangerously -stayed with Buddy as Captain
Torz: Time to make up for last week Parker!
drapes15: Oxley 🙁
drapes15: 19 to go
Torz: I don’t think they’re announcing the Pies side until 5PM AEST.
drapes15: lets hope hes not Torz
derkaderrr: Jarrod Harbrow’s nickname should be crazy crab because he’s always sidestepping
Drummo: Hoping Boston will do alright
Torz: Raines tagging Parker. Ffs. Why wouldn’t you tag Hannebery.
Raspel31: Not your fortnight Torz
LuvIt74: Round 12 Rockliff out and Sloan back in as he will drop dramatically in price
Torz: *season @raspel31
LuvIt74: @Torz still early mate. I’m glad I put Dangerfield as my captain although it was greedy
spuditup: 50m against goodes… umpire definitely racist!
Apachecats: You’re a mind reader Luvit
Torz: How is that in the back? BS
sammyj83: because Parker can get 30 touches and kick multiple goals perhaps?
Raspel31: Had Fyfe as cap but loopholed Danger. Rockliff-poor bugger
LuvIt74: lets not start on the goods subject, i cant stand him.
Jackwatt$: Anyone who’s watching, did Goodes do the moonwalk when he scored that goal?
LuvIt74: @Raspel if u had the Captain on Fyfe seeing he played yesterday you get his score, or did u have the VC on Fyfe?
Karlpov: @JWatts he walked into the crowd and picked up the spear he threw last week
SaintsMan: jpk letting me down again
Raspel31: VC Fyfe-and agree re Goodes
Karlpov: Buddy moves so quick for a big bloke.. Would destroy the NFL
LuvIt74: @Raspel yeah same i had the VC on Fyfe along with 100,000 others no doubt
LuvIt74: omg JPK & Parker doing nothing.
Raspel31: Damn-I’m not the only genius. But still dangerous move.
drapes15: Luke Parker 🙂
J_Pinkman: JPK been terrible last few weeks
LuvIt74: they done nothing last week also, i have both
stakerz: vc on fyfe, had c on danger, changed to frank, then went with hannebery.
iZander: if parker starts getting the tag then hanneberys worth a look id say
supervery: who said oxley was out? he’s not
Raspel31: Dumped Bontom-no-belly for Danger, but, yeah Hannebery looking good
LuvIt74: don’t like oxley job secrity he will either start as sub or end up off the ground to let the sub on. I went Oxley to Sim
LuvIt74: Simpson
Apachecats: I’ll fess up to the wrong mail on Ox ,sorry about that but glad he’s still in
andyman26: hi guys good game today
frenzy: lift touk
andyman26: i think adam goodes needs the ape symbol
Raspel31: That’s dangerous andyman
Jackwatt$: Hey Kennedy it’s red and made out of leather, if u find it try giving it to one of men wearing red and white
LuvIt74: Ox made u the cash time to move him on guys, his Break even is huge & I seriously think he will be the sub or subbed off
masterhc2: cya andy flog
Karlpov: Hope McVeigh keeps this up for 4 quarters
RooBoyStu: andyman26, is the 26 your IQ? stupid comment
spudaroos: @andyman26 – It’s people like you who boo goodes, clearly all racists.
drapes15: Or the Emoji of the person crying @andyman
kangawalla: Cape Mc Veigh. Redcard Andyman.
Woodie: @andyman26, that’s racists. Ban him m0nty
Cyberdyne: poor form andy
Jackwatt$: Ox not playing would have been a better result, loophole & no price change
frenzy: and OP has no cover @ jackwatt
Cyberdyne: spudaroos I boo goodes b/c he is a sook and a flog
Jackwatt$: M0ntys not here it’s Ben and he doesn’t know how to ban people yet. #bringbackm0nty
drapes15: not racist when he genuinley looks like one
Torz: Thanks for continuing to tackle Parker without the ball Suns!
willywalks: whats the record for possi’s in a qtr? 17 for mcveigh…
Raspel31: Ban these racist morons
ryanbob: Surely hannebery is tagged next quarter. They’d be stupid not to
Raspel31: Amazingwork mcveigh-wish I had you.
m0nty: I am here, and I am banning.
Jackwatt$: Fair point drakes, if there was a really pale player and www said give him the snowman symbol. Is that racist?
iZander: 17 for hanjas too @ willy
Ben_Gogos: Sorry fellas, I don’t have banning rights. Racist comments will have you banned.
Chelskiman: Hannebery SC? I brought him in this week, so hopefully he can keep going!
Fletch91: McVeigh got 21 possies in a Qtr once.
sammyj83: How is Goodes a sook? Because he doesn’t idly accept racism and is proud of his heritage?
Drummo: What does the +1 mean?
Vindicate: definite inverse relation between JPK/parker scoring and hanners
luked98: wow 17 disposals from two players
Vindicate: when hanners scores well parker and JPK score poorly
Chelskiman: Spare man in defence I would have thought.
cripdogs: jason dunstall looks like an ape thats not racist. he even agrees.
Fletch91: Put Parker as my C. Cmon boy, dominate!
Raspel31: Parker has scored well in the break.
luked98: yeah 35 sc
luked98: still going hanners and mcveigh
N.Fyfe: Game blog saying Goodes found Tippett 25m out, twitter feed saying buddy finds tippett 40m out..
Raspel31: Fantasy footy like window shopping. Always something you can’t afford.
masterhc2: faaark hanneberry killing me, stay with him bud
masterhc2: this could easily be a 100 pointer
Wends: Keep it up KK; welcome Budwah. Hello all.
N.Fyfe: If I’m rocket, I’d tell Boston to tag / follow Hanners!
Tony9668: Was Bennell a late withdrawal?
Roflcake: happy i ditched miller this week
Raspel31: Arvo Wends
N.Fyfe: Bennell had calf problems during the week @Tony
SaintsMan: omg jpk, every flowerin week
Apachecats: I think Bennel came out Friday
Tony9668: Thought he might still be on a Bender
Lodgy: Is Rischi playing left back today? left back in the rooms….
Ben_Gogos: A number of Suns are trying out new positions. Eade still in the learning phase.
Wends: Gday Raspel. Hoping VC JPK picks it up, tossed up betwn him and Parker…
dipstick: nah lodgy- rumuor is the players hate rockets guts and think hes a plough. they dont give a fuck what eade says
ronl: Hate the way JPK loafs in easy win games. Never sure if you’re going to get 100% from him.
Drummo: Lovin Hannebery since I picked him up last round
Ben_Gogos: That was extremely poor by Matera. Not even a chase after he was stooged.
Raspel31: Goodluck Wends-got Danger over Fyfe on the loop.
grossn: Yes Captain Mitchell gogogo
Apachecats: Good punt grossn ,I’m glad i stuck with Buddy
Ben_Gogos: Given the absolute dearth of options the Suns have, I wouldn’t write off Boston. His chances have been non-existent.
Wends: JPK like the proverbial box of chocolates. Nice one with Danger Raspel 🙂
stakerz: cmon hanners get 50 touches
masterhc2: wtf miller 0% DE, lol. also looks like i should have played schade over awful kelly
Drummo: Flower Hannes is getting the tag
willywalks: the captaincy on mitchell looks the goods so far!
Raspel31: Yep willywalks-brave move.
cripdogs: go mitchell you good thing
cripdogs: i just ate a cheese sandwich
OnTheRocks: wtf is with Touk’s DE???
Raspel31: Hmm-Sydney defenders scoring low. Get the ball in there Suns.
ZachLanos: Saad’s kicking efficency is ruining my SC 🙁
runt: Captain Obvious here. Tom Mitchell is SAFE!
runt: still scoring in the rooms
Raspel31: But SC only 20 for Mitchell ?. Joking.
Wends: Ouch Touk. Was a big toss up whether to offload him or Saad coupla weeks ago, lucky Saad DPP won the day.
nbartos: Mitch went from 30 to 80 Ras
Costanza: If Mitchell’s scoring is dampened by Raines, they can always put Parker on him. Thankyou
SaintsMan: so i have kennedy, yet my opponent has mitchell and franklin, my luck is priceless
Wends: Hey when life gives him lemmens Costanza, he wont pyke out.
N.Fyfe: Mitchell JS is never great, not until he starts playing like horse wants him to
N.Fyfe: 5 Tackles is a good sign for that though.
nbartos: what more can he do, tackling, scoring, clearances..
Costanza: he knows it’s not a given now
Wends: Not sure if mentioned already but Oxley named, last on bench.
willywalks: good to know wends, no bench coverage for me in the backline…
masterhc2: shit, just realised – was benell a late out? fucks sake
Wends: Anyone with Rohan up against JPK right now would be winning.
Raspel31: Tippett-worth every cent Sydney.
nbartos: who would have Rohan Wends?? lol
Wends: It’s that kind of week @willy. Krispy Kremes everywhere.
dipstick: @master bennell wasnt named thursday
luked98: if ox doesnt play, i have a zero 🙁
mijg: My god miller.
Yelse: would u tac Macs 54 or risk oxley?
sammyj83: I had 7 dudes named out on Thursday, if Ox doesn’t play it’ll be 8. Got at least one donut headed my way…
Apachecats: I’m grabbing Macs 54 ,bird in the hand Yelse
circle52: Ox is named and I think he or de goey will be sub.
mijg: Parker more goals less points thanks mate. Hanners bugger off and go Vc buddy.
nbartos: Im gonna risk the Ox luke – 50 would be his min youd think
Apachecats: Buddy doesn’t like the rain very much
Redraptor: is jpk injured or having a holiday?
Yelse: interesting i thinking of risking it as well just hope no sub start
tor01doc: Gubby Allen?
The39Steps: Rampe’s one good game for the year, from fantasy pov.
derkaderrr: where is the muppet for rampe?
tor01doc: 39 – my opponent has him.
Yelse: another out for GCS geez they won’t be able field a team soon
Raspel31: Think Suns could steal it from here.
iZander: ben cannot give out anymore muppets, the last game reached him maximum limit
LuvIt74: I had CEY as my emergency, but decided to put Miller on for Rockliff and now wish i kept CEY score
runt: Mighty Mitch getting the DT job done again
Redraptor: miller may as well be not on the ground
mijg: May out go big buddy
The39Steps: Feel for you @tor01doc. Unfortunate timing.
dipstick: @luvit rocky is gone for 6wks. shoulda traded him out
Yelse: lift saaddd
LuvIt74: Think JPK is in holiday mode, these dud midfielders really hurt.
LuvIt74: @Redraptor I hear ya
runt: Bring on Robinson for some cash flow
nbartos: if Ox is starting sub Im trading him to Hodge probs
LuvIt74: @dipstick i will after round 12 mate
runt: I think JPK likes a frozen yoghurt while on the Gold Coast
frenzy: hold up the bat titchell
nbartos: pity I wont know that though 🙁
J_Pinkman: yeah whats going on with JPK, testing my patience
Torz: But it’s low fat @runt
carlton_99: cmon buddy get to 120-130
tor01doc: DO bounces count in SC?
mijg: At least miller can tackle for SC or it would be more than grim
Raspel31: JPK two years past his best.
runt: Kolo still lives in my team and thank DT Gods for that
Wends: If I didn’t have a no sideways trade policy, JPK wld be taking a drive past a grassy knoll next week.
Apachecats: Buddy needs a mark ,kick ,goal just to make up for the 4 free kicks
Redraptor: st least titch and saad are scoring normally
Wends: Franklin still not far off tonning up in SC tho (93).
dipstick: go home and suck your own ballsack rischi. fricken disgrace tonight
OnTheRocks: star or hulk for danebery
Tw1tch1n: Who is coming off for Robinson?
SyCo: Is JPK injured?
dipstick: JPK and jelwood are worthy sideways candidates. nowhere near top 10 scorers this year.
Wends: Gracious dipstick! lol.
frenzy: so, Touk has’nt hit a target with 10 attempts, is this correct?
runt: Judds injury earlier caused reflexive sympathetic pain in his pressure points resulting in poor performance
OnTheRocks: at this rate i should have kept CEY on for Touk
J_Pinkman: seen three touk disposals and all have gone straight to opposition
Wends: Yep you might be right Dipstick re the double J’s. Hoping for 2nd 1/2 of season comeback tho.
Apachecats: 93? Wends thats unbelievable but I’ll take it ,he has given a couple of goals away which i suppose helps SC
runt: Like a vulcan mind meld when Judd touches you, you stay touched forever
runt: Talking about Rischitelli
SaintsMan: no just shower
willywalks: cmon, get robinson on already!
runt: ha ha!
Apachecats: The guy put the chicken wing on had that reflexive sympathetic pain also
luked98: proud of you kk
LuvIt74: I cannot wait till round 12 Rocky out for Sloan
OnTheRocks: Touk to Danger after the bye next week
ZachLanos: Who has everyone got the C on?
SyCo: an 80 from JPK looks glorious now, nfi why i made him captain
LuvIt74: I chose Dangerfield
frenzy: touk 24 sc
runt: ha ha! is what people said before lol
gunners23: i put the c on hanners. feeling happy after roughead last week!
Apachecats: * talking about Judds chicken wing tackle
SyCo: Imagine if Van Berlo outscores JPK!!!
Wends: Who knows what formula CD uses Apache Cat, but yep I’ll take it too.
dipstick: @ontherocks touk will drop 45K in that time mate
Flanno: Beams @Zach
Wends: My C on pendles Zach, but could go Grey or Swannie.
nbartos: c on Robbie the Gray
J_Pinkman: touk likes kicking it straight to swans players
luked98: My opponent has gray capt
gunners23: yay another ineffective disposal for touk…flog
Apachecats: Why are they booing goodes .I can’t work it out.(not)
Karlpov: Tippet subbed.
OnTheRocks: I’m expecting that but it’ll be worth it to get rid of the clown
LuvIt74: Anyone looking to bring back the Slone Ranger?
Jair: Those people booing Goodes are worse than sheep
Drummo: Who’s touk
dipstick: yep. touk will drop 45K- danger went up 40K today. nasty bye scores this week with CEY subbed too
ZachLanos: I ended up with it on Fyfe. Not the best score from him but good enough.
auxDT: fronklin pls 5 FK against
masterhc2: fuck sake buddy youve done nothing since 1/2 time
grossn: Don’t stop now Titch!
Wends: Agreed Jair. V sad.
man0005: fronklin pls
OnTheRocks: lol, they must factor Buddy’s FK against into his SC scoring equation
Apachecats: Now junk up like crazy Buddy
tor01doc: Buddy only 13 FA so far this year.
dipstick: LOL jair. heard goodes speak? hes a pretty big hater himself
willywalks: has mitchell touched it in the 4th…
dipstick: FA dont seem to have much influence in SC it seems
mijg: Millers going for the most DT points with zero DE record
Apachecats: Touk has started more Sydney attacks than anyone
nbartos: Robinson catching JPK
Torz: C’mon Parker – junk it up
Wends: Exactly masterhc2 – picked him over Devon Smith this week, a fortnight of stuff ups.
runt: Robinson doing nicely
dipstick: surely millers DE is just a feed error
Apachecats: Miller kicks to a teammate!!
Redraptor: no I’ve been listening, miller’s de is real
Drummo: Nope it just went up
auxDT: parker needs to ton up at least
axe9: get into it JPK
dipstick: gees. the swans must have under 39.5 on themselves
OnTheRocks: only thing i can think of is that Buddy’s FA don’t impact the game as badly as say Grundy’s in Def would
Apachecats: Twice now and a handball.Go Touk
mijg: Wow on fire now 15%
auxDT: gary rohan looking abit ginger right there 🙂
Apachecats: Good one dipstick
roshanetw: oh wow touk miller DE king
mijg: If miller can get his DE up to 50 does he get a cape?
hipnsholda: cmon hanners & titch
iZander: no1 bats an eye wen you say that @aux 😉 nice one
Apachecats: Has Rohan got red hair?
Pokerface: did wright do any ruck work this game?
RooBoyStu: what’s the difference from having a go at Goodes and a ginger, nothing in my view.
dipstick: @rooboy. exactly. red hairs have a super high suicide rate for 4% of the global population
Pokerface: yeah exactly rooboystu. gingers have a 26x rate of ennding up incarcerated and had their land stolen here
J_Pinkman: seriously considering sacking JPK. had enough I tell you
nbartos: Its sad saad faded
Wends: Ask Lindsay thomas Rooboy, he will have been subject to the same abuse as Goodes no doubt.
happytimes: Goodes is just a Michael long wannabe,
Jackwatt$: But there’s probably 4% of them
spudaroos: @Rooboy Gingers clearly have a history of systematic oppression and discrimination. Are you 12?
runt: Robinson top effort
RooBoyStu: nobody should tease anybody
Pokerface: +1 spud
Pokerface: is this stemming from last week rooboy when you were teased about losing to the pies??
auxDT: LOL coming from you @rooboy
RooBoyStu: I meant they are triggerr happy banning racism, yet bagging red heads get a tick
nbartos: Parker no ton 🙁
dipstick: adam goodes dads white. goodes is half aboriginal
iZander: back in those days land could be taken by force, happened all over the world
Wends: Yes that’s true Rooboy. Sad it’s so prevalent across the board these days.
Redraptor: well done titch
roshanetw: Having a go at someone is apart of aussie culture, and as someone who is not white i dont mind copping that
Apachecats: Michael Long is a Statesman and a good bloke.
roshanetw: but have a go at me for saying something stupid, for what i did, and not my skin colour
Pokerface: do you reckon prince harry has been oppressed?
Wends: *teasing, that is
Torz: Parker tons up. It was hard work.
dipstick: goodes has so much anger to white australia- but he is just as much white as he is indigenious. ironic really
frenzy: trash can for JPK, don’t start now bud
runt: Kolo!!
auxDT: another week where none of my mids will be tonning up good night fellas
Pokerface: where is this mute button i suggested so you dont have to hear idiots in the feed
Wends: Anyway back to the game, buddy atleast respectable in SC..
addysstuff: jack sc please?
SyCo: GG JPK Captain costs me the round… FML
auxDT: ok never mind..parker just tonned up
runt: Robinson the table cloth for his effort
Wends: And KK tonned up in SC too 🙂
dreedy33: parker needs the garbage can!
Wends: Jack tonned up too addyss
runt: must be the only japester with Robinson
Pokerface: dam you buddy, 116 isnt going to cut it
Apachecats: 116 at least equals Fyfe
berniebern: 116 from a FF is pretty darn good
Wends: Neither is 77 pokerface. The RDT regret of not sticking to bye plans & getting Dahl.
OnTheRocks: all the big scores my premos are getting are just making up for the spuddy rook scores i keep getting
Pokerface: berniebern as vc i make no allowances for his position
frenzy: JPK X factor Lol

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