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Chat log from R10 of 2015: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R10 of 2015

Rexys Lads: sloane to explode
drapes15: Cripps 130+ today
iZander: lets go simpson!!!
OnTheRocks: Ceylon to go 100+ again as he’s a gun
OnTheRocks: and Danger to not make me regret getting him in this week
Tim Tam: crouch sub….. ridiculous
iZander: who were you expecting @tim tam?
SaintsMan: need simpson and cey to have a shocker
SaintsMan: hop creaser has a good game for his sake
Heizenberg: Go blues
Dommy02: sloane for a 120!
Heizenberg: Yay my ban got liften that was quick, thnx monty😀😀
Heizenberg: At the game bbl
KingPetrie: Need crows to win by 25+
KingPetrie: Would love Tex to kick 15
facebook23: hello. good luck to both teams today
RooBoyStu: wonder if the 2 past sacked coaches of these clubs Mick and Sando will be watching over a beer or 3.
facebook23: go simpson!
KingPetrie: Bloody Hell get a kick tex
auxDT: crippssssssssss
facebook23: simpson +1 awww yeah!
hipnsholda: go the crippster
Rexys Lads: cripps oh what a gun
iZander: adelaide will start paying attention to simpson soon, don’t get too excited (i hope they don’t cause i have him)
SaintsMan: put the bin on simpson
Yelse: commnn cripps and ellis yolmenneed you today with centuries
masterhc2: anyone else chuck cash on simmon over 22.5 possies with sportsbet? he’s off to a good start 🙂
Yelse: maybe like from, adelaide might struggle after last week
facebook23: why put the bin? that signifies garbage time, which is at the end of the game… know your icons man
SaintsMan: it was a joke mate, calm down
Rexys Lads: bin on simpson disgraceful call,
willywalks: cmon kelly find the ball, had to play him due to a spate of 8 injured players this week…
iZander: in a sense the game was over before it started, i liked that call (even though it was a joke) @ facebook
facebook23: what does the carrot mean
auxDT: i thought j.kelly will be alright this week..turns out im wrong
SaintsMan: who’s call did you like Zander?
willywalks: carrot is carrazzo’s personal icon, usually on the player he tags
Torz: Know your icons @facebook23. #irony
Yelse: why is ellisyolmen negative in super coach
colmullet: @yelse, one possesion one clanger
SaintsMan: his kick was a straight turnover yelse
facebook23: #trolled
iZander: yours about the bin @ saintsman
masterhc2: lol tom lynch 5 posseies 4 clangers
Rexys Lads: surely simpson gets manned up
jfitty: How does one man the unmanable?
Torz: Simpson goes off and Carlton fall apart.
Dommy02: lift sloane!!
spiggs: Hit a target smith.
spiggs: Fuck me should have captained danger…
Rexys Lads: surely u get simpson on earlier.. terrible coaching
Yelse: carton are useless why would they not get simpson on there asap
willywalks: Time to break out the icicles for Kelly and Betts
Rexys Lads: juss career gone
Yelse: judd career over
spuditup: juddy gonneeee
spiggs: Juddys done an mcl i reckon.
Andrew37: Why is there so many freaking Captain Hindsights on here?
Redraptor: Judd left knee injury
Rexys Lads: why not andrew?
uptoolate: hi all … goodonyas
Costanza: love the Judd
auxDT: cripps needs to step up for juddy 🙂
Ben_Gogos: MCL better than ACL anyway…
SaintsMan: simpson is killing me
uptoolate: Judd news v sad …. but gooo Simpson !
iZander: but at that time in in career either probably ends up wit the same result +larkins said could be acl as well @ gogo
RooBoyStu: Eddie says Chris Judd is the fairest player, he obviously never saw his incidents with Pav and Adams
Apachecats: Sloane will be a bargain after this
happytimes: Hopefully another super Saturday last like week
facebook23: i play elite now for two years and have never looked back. the original format is not nearly as challenging
Torz: Sam Rowe having a mare.
Jukes82: Sloane a bargin Lol. He’s averaged 68 past 3 games.
iZander: haha 100% agree @ rooboy he had to be being sarcastic
Jukes82: *bargain
hipnsholda: go big sauce
runt: What is Eddiebetts first name?
ballbag: @rooboy you forget that judd gave those chiropractic and optometry services free of charge. very fair
Escapist: Jukes- he was subbed in them multiple times
masterhc2: decent qtr kelly. thank god opponent has betts lol
runt: @RooBoyStu Richitelli was never the same after his pressure points were probed
RooBoyStu: @runt Adams shoulder as well
ballbag: fuck you eddie betts fuck you
Apachecats: yes Jukes ,despite injuries is still averaging 103 and will be under 500k
Cyberdyne: suffer Judd
drapes15: @RooBoy eye gauge on Campbell Brown
iZander: hulk danger now!
Jukes82: I forgot about the sub in a few games but he wasn’t eexaclt killing it. 4 poor games in a row now.
Jukes82: *exactly
sticky12: I don’t think he was 100% for those games to be honest jukes
Ben_Gogos: Wow Rowe capes up :O
meka100: Kelly very consistent. consistently shithouse you cunt
Jukes82: he hasn’t been the same since the concussion
HawkTalker: You do realise Sloane is returning from injury right Jukes?
Jukes82: I’ll wait until he scores well in at least one game
HawkTalker: Anyone who thinks Sloane is a spud knows nothing about football
HawkTalker: probably the same people who thought Daniel Kerr was no good
3rdstriker: I would want to see Sloane ton up before I brought him in
facebook23: kerr is no good, hes in jail now
HawkTalker: People dont realise that outside mids cant do what they do without players like Kerr and Sloane
Jukes82: muppet i never said he was a spud, I just said he’s played 4 bad games in a row and not worth the punt yet.
Rexys Lads: david king has put the fork in judd, he cookeda
Heizenberg: Kerr was a fuckin gun
HawkTalker: you’re the muppet, muppet.
Heizenberg: Bbl
Jukes82: cool story bro
masterhc2: @jukes how can you already make the call this is a bad game when it’s only qtr time and he’s had 6 possies ::)
HawkTalker: I bet you wish you could post a meme right now, Jukes. Fool
facebook23: simpson been on 41 for ages. whats happend?!
Redraptor: Great career Judd…SEN speculating it’s an ACL
HawkTalker: 43 now. lol
Apachecats: Don’t you hate when you’re half way through a messa
Jukes82: Lol not really, flog.
Apachecats: -ge and the screen updates
Torz: I wish Cripps would handball more.. said no one ever.
rickyb80: how bout those tigers 😉
runt: Cripps is the new Jobe Watson
Torz: CEY and Cripps great tackling!
Yelse: why iskade simpson SC so low with 90 DE
Apachecats: Is Cripps taking something?
OnTheRocks: jake elly you spud
iZander: how so runt? you think he’s a brownlow chance or?
auxDT: kelly got a tackle!
iZander: chucked 5 bucks on danger for the brownlow (I’m assuming fyfe gets suspended) like the look of his form atm
masterhc2: kelly gets a score you bloody ripper
runt: @iZander Likes to handball like Jobe did early on and is showing a lot of grunt
Torz: Then gives away a free. Haha
facebook23: well, simpson has def slowed down significantly then
SaintsMan: cey sc anyome?
iZander: fair enough 😀 @ runt
frenzy: no simpson no carlton
OnTheRocks: and there goes Kelly’s score
Apachecats: Sloane will get the sunshine if he keeps this up
iZander: simpsons always been up and down hopefully he can have another 40 point quarter and ton up
OnTheRocks: brick wall for kelly already
OnTheRocks: should have just gone with KMacs 53 instead of being greedy 🙁
Torz: That’s a mark to Cripps!
runt: hilarious just now
J_Pinkman: Can I just say Tutt is useless
JDolling69: VB hard tag on Simmo
auxDT: cripps robbeb right there
Apachecats: Gray ,Franklin or Priddis for captain?
frenzy: lift jake
happytimes: Tuts better than jones
iZander: priddis if its sc?
SaintsMan: gray
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert: Betts and Cameron run away from the pill with the ball still in play right in front of goal
Apachecats: Yes SC Zander
drapes15: reckon roll the dice on buddy
J_Pinkman: Agree happy times. But how bad are they
Ben_Gogos: Curnow then receives the next muppet for a simplistic miss from 15 out! 3 muppets in 30 seconds!
iZander: muppet to curnow betts and charlie…lol
happytimes: It’s called trade tank
iZander: simpson clearly not +1 in the defence anymore???
Apachecats: Thanks chatroom thats been really helpfull one vote for each of them
Ben_Gogos: Casboult makes me laugh
auxDT: hahaha another muppet maybe
iZander: well my vote was priddis but i don’t even have a SC so you might rank my vote lower hahah @ apach if that helps
axe9: have a shot danger !!
auxDT: comedy of errors…
J_Pinkman: Casbolt you tosser
masterhc2: fucks sake kelly may as well not be playing
Ben_Gogos: Casboult then receives the next muppet for stuffing up two clear goal scoring opportunities in a minute!
Karlpov: Casboult is my new favourite player
iZander: can you give a double muppet?
Apachecats: Thanks Zander ,at the moment I have franklin capt but have itchy finger on Gray or Priddis button
gusjojo: Far out Casboult
J_Pinkman: Lot of dumb footballers play at Carlton
Ben_Gogos: @iZander he’s deserving 😉
spiggs: Hit a bloody target smith!
Ben_Gogos: I’ve never had 4 muppets in a game let alone a quarter!
J_Pinkman: Lol casbolt havin a shocker
iZander: id like to put money on casbult to get a muppet most games haha
Apachecats: Sloane has sloaned up a bit
iZander: time for the icicle on eddie?
Apachecats: Yeah Betts a Barry Crocker
Ben_Gogos: @iZander hahaha it’d be well worth the dough!
masterhc2: kelly are you fucking serious 0 possies 1 point in a half
auxDT: kelly on fire
circle52: Not a game for the archives to sloppy
frenzy: looking like kelly out and b.smith in in two weeks
desmondo: kelly on fire?…yeah he should be burnt LOL
Ben_Gogos: McKay just said likely ACL
J_Pinkman: Thanks Juddy you’ve been a legend
RooBoyStu: Round 10… Carlton v Adelaide… C.Judd 3 votes
J_Pinkman: Giggle giggle casboult
iZander: is simpson really being tagged?
Ben_Gogos: @iZander yep NVB now gone to him
J_Pinkman: Sorry gotta question some of curnows decisions too
iZander: well shit, simpson doesn’t normally take a tag well… 🙁
OnTheRocks: kelly needs to go back to the 2s
Yelse: simpson why get moving
facebook23: crows are tagging a backman? wtf
dreedy33: this is one of those days that i hate the fact i have a fantasy team!
ballbag: getting really fucken sick and tired of you not kicking cripps- and youre our future?
Jair: Time for the Blues to move on from Judd anyway. Sucks to go like that though
Ben_Gogos: He’s already done the damage though, Simmo on for a good one
casey22: Blues look a lot better without Mick, go figure!
spuditup: Simpson 16 touches.. none contested. What a cat!!!
facebook23: lol cos he handballs alot, he is useless? get your head out of the gutter m8
iZander: 5 marks in first 10 mins and only 1 mark since NVB went to him though, not the 150 was i hoping for anyway @ gogo 😀
ballbag: wheres Rice Gibbs
Ben_Gogos: Gibbs has a back injury, he should be back after the bye
casey22: Judd a champ but well past the use by date
frenzy: danger stopped
ballbag: @facebook?? huh flog? he needs to gain confidence kicking without panic handballs- and he needs to learn now
J_Pinkman: How good tut lol
roshanetw: yo ballbag +2/3 is better for an effective hand ball than -3 for a ineffective kick just saying
frenzy: kelly wtf? get a kick muppet
facebook23: @ballbag
spiggs: Smith has delivered so far, lovely upgrade at bargain price
Chipsy_DT: so happy I palmed off kelly at the right moment. thanks for the quick cash bud!
facebook23: @ballbag are you even watching the game?! hes the in and under player. wtf man. watch a game once in a while
masterhc2: holy shit kelyl got a kick
Torz: Get involved CEY.
RooBoyStu: Kreuzer makes Carlton look so much better when he plays
Apachecats: Comment from SEN “Cripps is full of class”
SaintsMan: stfu facebook
circle52: Magnifying glass for Betts
Yelse: seriously kade and CEY light
facebook23: 18 poss, 14 contested. your the flogg m8, not everything is about dream team.
Costanza: ringading
J_Pinkman: This is funny. Blues scraggin away trying to win
ballbag: @facebook go back to facebook LOL and keep living in fantasy world. talking football here not DT if you can read
casey22: Cripps a good player & loss of Judd will help him develop
casey22: Ballbag, as usual, needs to take a chill pill
facebook23: seriously mate, get off the cpu and watch the game live. just cos he is handballing more than kicking doesnt mean anythi
ballbag: @roshan i agree. and thats his problem. cripps just cant kick and when he does its usually useless
willywalks: kelly is alive, a mark and a kick!
Woodie: CEY subbed out
meka100: Why the fuck sub Yolmen
Apachecats: CEY subbed
SaintsMan: cey subbed!!!! Yes!
frenzy: cey subbed be flowered
hipnsholda: CEY subbed out
willywalks: cey subbed
roshanetw: lol not the point i’m making ballbag, i’m saying don’t complain about his handballing when he’s running at a high DE
auxDT: cape for kelly
roshanetw: dammit 🙁
drapes15: My opponent has CEY and Judd lel
drapes15: but 🙁 for Judd
roshanetw: Need Matt Crouch to put in two superhuman quarters
Apachecats: CEY must be injured ,why wouldn’t thet sub Kelly or Betts
Woosha 73: I was hoping it wasn’t Kelly. Now I wish it was
SaintsMan: they would never sub betts, but kelly I’m not siure
Ben_Gogos: Muppet alert: Walker misses the set shot from directly in front 15 out
iZander: kelly has a defensive role..and betts is betts
DanBlack: @ballbag, have a shot at not complaining in general.
Ben_Gogos: @ApacheCats those 2 are more vital within the system, CEY is like for like
gusjojo: Casboult snags!
theskunk: how was that mark different to sandilands, which was not played, crap
ballbag: pretty sure i havent complained other than pointing out facts. fact- cripps cant kick
Apachecats: Maybe Betts BG but can’t forv the life of me see Kelly as vital within any system
roshanetw: Cripps with most contest possies on ground
roshanetw: lol dude “i’m flowering sick of cripps handballing” sound familiar 😛
DanBlack: Complaining about facts is still complaining. Enjoy the football so the rest of us can
Tony9668: Thanks Walsh, you’ve tagged Simpson, subbed CEY and now coaching us to a loss
facebook23: put the muppet on ballbag
3rdstriker: Surely you’d put someone on Murphy or Cripps before tagging Simpson
ballbag: @roshen im talking about footy. what did you say? 2 DT points is better than -3? i care about footy not DT buddy
auxDT: carltons performance is firing up ballbag
J_Pinkman: a sa blues supporter i’m at least happy with their effort. still woeful by hand and foot but hey
SaintsMan: simpson wont break the ton in sc only on 64
DanBlack: @pinkman, I agree. Not a Blues fan but nice to see them be competitive
Heizenberg: Cmon blues bring it home in the last
supervery: dangerfield, smith, cripps sc?
frenzy: when do monday benches come out FFS
Cac u: tex is such a bad kick
Heizenberg: Bbl
pies13: hi @ballbag see your making friends again haha
auxDT: danger 112, smith 49, cripps 84
SaintsMan: dangerfield 112 sc
casey22: Hate the blues but good to see them play better game without Mick
happytimes: Don’t dout the midget saintsman
supervery: cheers!
Heizenberg: We’ve been good
Heizenberg: Good overall Pinkman I’m here
SaintsMan: Heizenburg, this might be a stupid question but have you watched every season?
RooBoyStu: Adelaide often play shower at MCG, they have played there 60 times for only 23 wins and 37 losses.
Ben_Gogos: Casoult going hard for the target :O
Costanza: Mick would be shaking his head asking why now
circle52: Expecting Monday benches in the next hour
Yelse: they should have kept CEY they running out of legs
frenzy: c’mon simpson get a hard ball
Heizenberg: Every season?
willywalks: Eddie might be a so and so most of the time, but as a neutral commentator he is goin nuts…
iZander: or get an uncontested possession either way I’m happy
auxDT: i see where @ballbags is coming from..cripps is a bit hesitant to kick the ball…but his good i like him
SaintsMan: Breaking bad
DanBlack: Sloane with 16 possies, 15 contested
Heizenberg: Oh shit yeah mate
J_Pinkman: every season of breaking bad?
OnTheRocks: what is ceys sc please?
SaintsMan: Beautiful
Heizenberg: At the game ttyl
SaintsMan: Best show of all time
LuvIt74: Wish i didn’t get rid of cripps
3rdstriker: likewise luvit, I feel like an idiot keeping CEY and trading Cripps
Ben_Gogos: This last 20 minutes is probably more important for the Crows. Finals on the line in matches like these.
LuvIt74: m0nty was Ellis-Yolmen injured at all or just subbed off for crouch does anyone know?
Heizenberg: Yeah slants it really is
SaintsMan: No just quiet
Heizenberg: Saints*
iZander: just subbed as far as we know i think, he had a ordinary 3rd
m0nty: I think CEY just subbed off for form… JS is questionable now
J_Pinkman: play on…bad free kick
Heizenberg: I watjed the season final 4 times I think
Heizenberg: Last*
willywalks: that fk was a rubbish call…
Raspel31: no injury mentioned
willywalks: good time for your first mark eddie…
roshanetw: lol if that’s the wining goal eddie betts just made 50 points
Ben_Gogos: @m0nty agreed
DanBlack: Cripps doing more for me in DT than Jelwood is. Might make him one of my elites
iZander: please simpson, ton up
spiggs: Please get the ball smith you knob
Cac u: tex kick one you hack
SaintsMan: izander, he wont on supercoach
Cac u: tex missed at key moments throughout entire game
iZander: na don’t have one @ saints only do AF 😀
J_Pinkman: whatever happens can carlton get rid of Tutt and join his mate Jones in the vfl. and stay there
SaintsMan: No worries mate
roshanetw: danger playing deep fullforward hurting his score
Raspel31: Carn Danger-run it home
Tony9668: Sheriff “Missalot” Walker
jfitty: VB hasn’t been anywhere near Simpson for ages
RooBoyStu: $ Grigg
Torz: Hopefully just cramp for Cripps 🙁
willywalks: damn it, cripps’ hammy just went twang!
casey22: Cripps now gone
roshanetw: Cripps bandaid possible hammy
Torz: He’s all good!
drapes15: coming back on!
DanBlack: I spoke too early
jfitty: I didn’t realize there were so many doctors on FanFooty
hughess14: cramp
Raspel31: Phew
Woodie: Just cramp
willywalks: thank flower… didn’t need another injury after 8 blokes out this past week due to injuries…
Andrew37: Carrazzo X-Factor if Carlton win. Smashing Danger in this term.
jfitty: Simpson Gun
J_Pinkman: ah well good effort blues
circle52: At least Blues and Crows have the bye next week so Cripps will have time to recuperate
RooBoyStu: if crows win, Jenkins has to get x factor
roshanetw: nah kreuzer has been everywhere with pressure acts i’d give him the x
iZander: Ben can you hulk simpson, he had the lock all game?? would be the first guy to get it with 3 cp lmfao
SaintsMan: jfitty have you watched the game. Have a look at the uncontested posesssions he’s got
Heizenberg: Time? Plz
SaintsMan: 20 secs
Raspel31: Laird-great game
Heizenberg: Never mind
poolboybob: Ellis Yolmen pumpkin
Heizenberg: Thnx anyway mate
Tim Tam: Laird’s so underrated…
JDolling69: Kelly wall?
willywalks: maybe give the zombie to kreuzer, wall for kelly…
Raspel31: Agreed Tim Tam-his bursts forward important
Raspel31: Don’t know how you got that SC score Danger-but happy
frenzy: docherty ripped off
toddpaps9: hey
frenzy: geez champion data are flogs
MattyZ: ombie for Kroooooo bennyg 😛

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