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Chat log from R8 of 2015: St Kilda vs West Coast

Chat log for St Kilda vs West Coast, R8 of 2015

SaintsMan: Cmon Boys!
1pistol7: saints in an upset today
ballbag: thats it nicnat- 10% of your total score in the first 3 mins
SaintsMan: horrific start
iZander: nicnat to turn it all around for us today!!! i hope 😀
ballbag: natanui wont ton up this year
ballbag: you see- nicnat 9 pts in 3 mins- then nothing for 7mins. all too common
Apachecats: It will be an even bigger upset now Pistol
SaintsMan: this is disgusting
Bothy: smells like a massacre coming
auxDT: the whole saints team will be upset after getting smashed by 150
Jukes82: newnes is backing up last weeks game well
willywalks: going well, got the badge on armitage this week…
SaintsMan: these umpires have been so fair
AngryRyno: someones gotta be following armitige surely
spuditup: newnesss!!!
Apachecats: Did someone mention Newnes
Jukes82: yes I did, you’re welcome
Apachecats: Thanks Jukes ,always happens as soon as you mention them they get points
ballbag: LOL- really? newnes and nicnat wont score over 80 no matter how many times you mention them
Apachecats: Nearly bought Armitage this week.Phew!!
Bothy: we need to mention Armitage lots then!!
auxDT: donut for the A-Train
m0nty: Armitage has killed all my daily teams.
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Steven kicks across the halfback line on a switch but straight to Hill at 35m on a slight angle. Hill goals.
RooBoyStu: tissues on special at IGA m0nty
MQuimby: Only have Steven in Fantasy. That’s +3, not even mad lol
uptoolate: are u running a room or your own ego Monty ?
ReaperRage: Same here apachecats but I out in Heppell and now and enough for a premium defender next week
uptoolate: otherwise ….. 3rd. attempy good afternoon all ..
SaintsMan: nic nat 40 sc
Apachecats: Ballbag Newnes and Nicnat?
uptoolate: this game is on air … free TV starting at 3.oopm. how useful is that ?
ballbag: yeh its called reverse psychology- and they still wont score over 80-90 but keep saying their names 🙂
ReaperRage: YES nicnat finally doing something!!
Yelse: commnn newnesssssssssss
Apachecats: Armatage 10 touches since we mentioned him.
m0nty: some kick events from Armo would be good
willywalks: tell me about it m0nty, got him as captain…
Apachecats: At least the handball are hitting the mark.On 100%
m0nty: 13 touched for 31 points is bad DTing
Apachecats: Although in saying that I don’t know how you can have 2 clangers and be on 100%
bigsandi: stop being negative monty
SaintsMan: i love steven
willywalks: yeo needs to lift too, traded him in this week for that bum lumumba
m0nty: Armo heading for a cape! Even got a kick!
Tw1tch1n: Thoughts on trades guys? Salem + Lumumba >> McInnes + Goddard
desmondo: newnew SC any-one?..tx in advance 😉
auxDT: newnes 46 sc
Apachecats: Probably one week late on McInnes and Goddard fully priced.Think you could do better.
dj9343: Montagna or Johnson? Guess which one I went for…
Apachecats: dj9343 if it was raining actresses you’d get Lassie
itsduftime: loving it steven
ballbag: how is montagna higher SC than steven when every stat is lower than stevens?
Jukes82: hacksaw liam duggan going well
Burnsyy: sc for steven?
Rubber Ducky: Quack goes Luke Shuey to draw two soft frees inside 50, one for a goal.
grossn: Shuey, Jelwood and Lindsay are three of my most hated players in football. I wonder why?
1pistol7: how can ya hate jelwood… muppet
shaker: I don’t hate any of those players why would you say that
_wato: Steven SC? Back on this game muppets
auxDT: @grossn you are a muppet selwood doesnt duck he rolls his shoulder up so the tacklers arm slides towards his neck
grossn: strongly dislike*, happy shaker?
zadolinnyj: I dislike Lindsay Thomas as he plays for frees rather then going hard at the ball
Apachecats: I just like to give Newnes another mention
Jukes82: probably because those 3 manipulate the high tackle rule
pies13: @grossn thomas yes the other 2 nah they are liked
shaker: That is a bit better there just doing there job for our entertainment
banta: surely weller goes to Steven?? smashing them
banta: duggan i mean
grossn: @auxDT as Jukes82 said “those 3 manipulate the high tackle rule”
pies13: @auxdt you sound like carey n ling lastnight shower did they go on about that?
zadolinnyj: Sc Stevens and Nat?
ballbag: gees- why is it nicnat and newnes cant score over 80?
SaintsMan: newness got 95 last week?
ballbag: @apache you mentioned newnes and naitanui earlier?
Apachecats: ballbag ,the fat lady is not even warming up yet
pies13: did you see carey did the movements and all haha hello @ballbag another good effort lastnight haha
iZander: newness been quite latterly
shaker: Why is it such a big man like Nic Nat can’t mark ?
ballbag: yeah great effort- pity about the scoreboard
ballbag: no more picasso nicnat. pull yer finger out
shaker: Newnes must have gone to the toilet this 1/4
pies13: yeah pity the scores mean somthing @ballbag get used 2it bud
pies13: just put me falsey’s in 2say that haha @ballbag beat you 2your weekly joke haha
willywalks: time to cape up armo!
Hawks_15: anyone know the sc scores
shaker: Look to the right in the tweets SC scores via facebook are usually there
desmondo: yeo SC any-one?
Apachecats: Newsflash! Handball for Newnes 2 pts.
theskunk: yeo 80 sc
carlton_99: priddis, mckenzie and nic nat supercoach
SaintsMan: omg steven
ballbag: so who thought nicnat and newnes could hit 80+?
Hawks_15: are we seeing another big comeback?
shaker: Don’t be silly ballbag
rosty63: keep it up captain jack
Apachecats: Still reckon they’ll go close Ballbag
ballbag: i changed C steven to lewis this week in DT 🙁
ballbag: @apache point is they were both around 30 early 2nd then do nothing afterwards…. ever!
Apachecats: Point is you keep saying they won’t get 80
shaker: Problem with Nic Nat is when they have a game won they shelve him
willywalks: how many players have ever reach double figures in kicks, handballs, tackles and marks? Steven not far away…
ballbag: @willy chuch in CP and CL also
shaker: Add CP and CL to that
m0nty: very rare, willy
Rebuild: Is Armitage the first player to get to $600K with attention from only 2% of teams?
RooBoyStu: McInnes dollar icon surely
ballbag: let me guess- montagnas SC is higher than steven though
Chipsy_DT: dollar sign for mcinnes
Mad Doctor: armo SC anyone? soooo many handballs
ballbag: ohhh newnes and nicnat why o why?
SaintsMan: they’re good scores blabbing?
SaintsMan: ballbag
Pokerface: i think theres a bug m0nty. It says Gaff had 11 contested possessions
Apachecats: Smashed 80 in SC ballbag
gopies_10: priddis = gun cya fellas.. go pies!
DanBlack: ballbag stop complaining
shaker: HAha that is his DE not TOG …. coolies are kicking in
1pistol7: eagles have big win yet steven and montagna apparently better than the best eagles player
1pistol7: SC that is

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