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Chat log from R8 of 2015: Geelong vs Carlton

Chat log for Geelong vs Carlton, R8 of 2015

frenzy: howdy peoples
happytimes: Go blues
uptoolate: evening all !!! what could be a great game !!!
IHateChat: Cripps for smokey VC.
LuvIt74: Evening m0nty and all
wadaramus: Evening all, carn Carlton, lift for Mick.
IHateChat: Micks last game if they lose by 100+ points.
colin wood: Afternoon gents.
pharace: Always look foward to Carlton thrashing
uptoolate: evening all …
luked98: hey boys, ready for a new week of footy?
uptoolate: lol pharace … big question is will Micky Meltdown throw cans back at the crowd ?!?
luked98: lets go mitch clarke
luked98: hope selwood has a bad one
Brown*Dog: Why tag if your on the bottom of the ladder
SaintsMan: cmon jelwood
iZander: tipped belong by 65 😀
rickyb80: mightnt need to be that much @hatechat
iZander: geelong*
pharace: he’ll have to UpTooLate, just to get off the ground
Brown*Dog: Geelong by 10+ goals
LuvIt74: Anyone making any trades this week. I personally am looking to trade out Vandenberg for Parker and Oxley for Lever
pharace: 1st strike, 29 to go
uptoolate: @Brown … tag opps best players to reduce their effectiveness ….. whatever their position ….
luked98: i went vandenburg to rockliff and salem to mitchell
rickyb80: i did vdb to parker. too juicy at that price
IHateChat: This is about to get ugly for the blues.
ballbag: pull yer faccken finger out SJ
rickyb80: rocky next week. will finish my mids
Brown*Dog: @Uptoolate no point if your on the bottom of the ladder, better off learning how to get a kick
Dangermaus: mitch clark saving his best game for when he’s on my bench
LuvIt74: @rickyb80 same here m8
rickyb80: u wont be getting a kick if the opposition mids run amok tho
Dangermaus: damn, I only tipped the cats by 55… should have made it 155
FlagDog: Played Cripps over CEY. Looks great so far 😐
LuvIt74: I put clark on the bench with the emergency that way if he does jack ill put hogan in but if he scores well lonie in
Yelse: cmonn cripps lift
pharace: Could be a quiet DT/SC night for the Geelong defenders
snake_p: Cmon blues do something. Start a fight, lay a tackle
rickyb80: cripps will get going
Torz: Nice Clark.
LuvIt74: @FlagDog i put the Emergency on cripps that way if he scores well Heeney goes in for CEY but if not CEY stays
rickyb80: ominous feelin bout this game. i really feel for mick
Dommy02: stevie J is no where to be seen
Dangermaus: cripps is playing deep forward at the moment, no chance of getting a kick
FlagDog: might get lucky with Clark tho, if you can call getting stuck with lonie and salem on the bench
Yelse: comeonnnn selwood where are you
OnTheRocks: Selwood can’t handle a tag, duck more
ballbag: SJ will get reported tonight
Don Gibson: My ins: lever and Trelor. Outs: lonie and Vanderberg. Steering clear of Rockie
Torz: Cripps lifting 🙂
FlagDog: i’m not playing SC this yr, only did AFL DT cos work mates do it, can win a 6pk every week 😉
LuvIt74: Clark on 30sc already
tamoz: Gogogo Simpson, Murphy and Cripps!
rickyb80: lol
m0nty: manbun to manbun
Dangermaus: what is with all these players and their sissy buns/ponytails on their heads
iZander: i saw trelour and outs in the same sentence and had a mini heart attack @ gibson
wadaramus: Topknot to topknot.
Breezey: Not telling anyone anything new, but the margin will be 75-100 pts
Bothy: agrees with dangermaus…..hairdresser football
FlagDog: Apologies to Cripps, sorry mate.
Dangeroo: crowd pretty quiet
colmullet: Earth to Stevie!
pharace: @ FlagDog, same SC has become over the top – they forget the KIS principle
casey22: Didnt know SJ was playing
pharace: 5 down, 25 to go
Dangermaus: come on motlop, step into Duncan’s shoes
LuvIt74: Blicvs doing nothing
Dangermaus: Witches Hats for all the Blues defenders…
Carnster: i need docherty bell and stevie j to do bad
casey22: We are not rebuilding, we are just crap
IHateChat: 10 goal first quarter is possible here for Geelong.
Dangeroo: what’s the record fr most consectutive goakicked without a miss?
auxDT: 8.63% have bell in their teams in fantasy? why?
HawkTalker: Boy, I hope Cripps has a massive one
FlagDog: yeah mate, DT good for fun, SC if you wanna be serious about it 🙂
FlagDog: So should we set our trades as, bring in anyone playing Carlton? 😉
ballbag: @aux coz he avges over 100
Dangermaus: anyone vs Carlton and the Suns @Flagdog
Carnster: agreed @FlagDog
Yelse: selwood has killed me all year this is shocking.
Brown*Dog: Kade Simpson giving us something to think about
SaintsMan: same here yelse
FlagDog: Bells 2 big scoring games, against bris and saints… not a lot to go with there
pharace: Can the Geelong Cats please stay where they are now for next qtr – to be fair
gdshifty: muppet
iZander: motlop being tagged? really? has he really been that damaging?
Dangermaus: lol Blues kicking pts for the opposition now too
willywalks: cmon mitch, must be one of the few blokes who have held on, albeit through other forced trades…
ballbag: lol selwood getting owned this year
SaintsMan: oh cmon selwood
Dangermaus: Selwood will be getting in a fight tonight for sure
LuvIt74: Yikes im glad i didn’t chose Selwood so far and I almost did. Selwood on 7 sc
luked98: selwwod would be a great pickup if he keeps having a shit one
meka100: Selwood if you can get near it just duck your head you flog
Yelse: selwood not working hard enough today coz cats are up
LuvIt74: Selwood is gonna be another Rocky will drop to $400k if he keeps this up & i wouldn’t bother even @ 400k
FlagDog: Clark almost at the score I had him at for the whole game
HawkTalker: Bell. lol
Bothy: hes getting tagged by a bloke who isnt even looking for the footy
Jogr: selwood always gets in fights
LuvIt74: Clark is killing it
OnTheRocks: Selwood you overrated hack this year
frenzy: jelwood SC pls? …Oh wait don’t bother
iZander: agree with bothy
Dangermaus: someone has to step into Crowley’s shoes, looks like Curnow is doing a good job of being an asshole
Bothy: lol tagged Selwood doesnt stop the other 5 Geelong midfielders tho
AngryRyno: curnow is one of the most underestimated taggers in the comp, he’s done this many times before
3rdstriker: cant fault the multiple tagger Malthouse strategy, been a masterstroke this year
Carnster: My opponent has selwood motlop and bell. Amazing for me
3rdstriker: not to mention great to watch
Bothy: lol 3rd
LuvIt74: Blicvas is now starting to smash it
happytimes: Get up blues
SaintsMan: ffs selwood hit a target
Bothy: gregson been a great rookie this year
Dangermaus: Come on Motlop get a touch please, oh yeah and piss off please Armfield
Tony9668: Got Selwood as my loophole, oh we’ll, go fyfe
FlagDog: Cripps gone to sleep, better get to at least 80 ish :/
SaintsMan: I’m the exact same tony
iZander: surly armfield isn’t on motlop?
Torz: Cripps and Clark touch it please!
Dangermaus: 7 individual goal kickers for the cats so far… might break that record Collingwood had of 15
Yelse: they missed a cripps tackle
LuvIt74: Blicvas over scoring Clark already,
masterhc2: motlop do something
tamoz: Lift Cripps!!
3rdstriker: curnow may not be tagging selwood anymore, didnt line up next to him that centre bounce
LuvIt74: Clark hasn’t scored a point since 3/4 way through the first quarter
frenzy: break out the icicles ben_gogos
LuvIt74: im talking SC
3rdstriker: back on him now, fuck
FlagDog: cripps and his fucking man bun, fucking douche
SaintsMan: selwood got two tackles should be on 20
Bothy: Gibbs is not much value this year
Tony9668: Ffs Cripps if nothing is on kick the effing thing
Dangermaus: Is motlop even on the field… I haven’t seen him once this whole match
SaintsMan: selwood more than cripps now lol
Bothy: I think Motlop must be hiding in a pocket
heppelitis: move motlop
masterhc2: god yarran looks a class above his teamates
Jukes82: give cripps the wall
Dangermaus: he’s gonna get subbed unless there’s an injury the way he’s going
luked98: wow cripps and clark such a bad qtr
Bothy: Have 2 Carlton players in my SC, both in the backline where the ball is most of the time!!!
Tony9668: Had Simpson from the start, lost money on paper but a handy D6
iZander: carlton literally playing to screw my dt…not win the match
Bothy: Simpson is consistent…and Docherty is ok
frenzy: simpson will be cheap around bye time
Dangermaus: i bet this wasn’t the season Judd had in mind when he said “just one more”
tigerman28: Get involved Cr@pps!
Breezey: Judd looking slow
masterhc2: ffs motlop disgusting
Dangermaus: funnily enough, i tihnk the Blues still think they’re a chance tonight
runners47: Where’s Wally/Motlop??
FlagDog: so, again, SO glad i played cripps over CEY :/
Tony9668: Like shares, only lose dollars if I trade him
Cyberdyne: malthouse looks frail in the box
Dangermaus: I just saw Motlop on the TV, he IS playing tonight
3rdstriker: blues looking frail on the field
runt: Johnso the proverbial shadow of his former self
casey22: Simpson always looked over priced for the return for me
Tony9668: Oh Simmo I’m starting to get a chubby
colin wood: At least Cripps is playing better then armfield…
LuvIt74: I’m stumped as Clark is still on 38sc and he was on 38 sc in the 1st quarter with 5 minutes to go
runners47: Blues still looking for the wrong options – been one of the problems all year
LuvIt74: About time Clark
FlagDog: Clark!!
Bothy: Johno is a lost cause…he only shows flashes of brilliance now and again
Cyberdyne: armfield is awful. why do they play him
Yelse: simpson should be higher he has had so many intercept marks
Bothy: Armfield is useless…
Dangermaus: don’t think i’ll bother with StevieJ at all this season at this rate
masterhc2: this is actually ridiculous motlop wtf
3rdstriker: selwood tackling his heart out at least
SaintsMan: selwood with a better quarter to be fair
Dangermaus: motlop just got a kick!
Tw1tch1n: Need Enright to be pushing for more disposals, something more then the occasional handball!
masterhc2: oh get fucked selwood you ducker
Bothy: Guthrie is a better bet than Johnson…and Blicavs is probably most consistent
Torz: Get stuffed duckwood.
theskunk: clarke 43 sc wow
FlagDog: Selwood going BANG, finally, my DT doesnt look so bad now
colin wood: Shut up lingy…
3rdstriker: selwood!!!
runners47: that was one of the softest frees that you’ll ever see – where was the high shot???
casey22: Blues are not only bad they are the worst team I’ve ever seen
Tony9668: Ducky time!
SaintsMan: yes selwood what a blood quarter!!!
iZander: never doubted jelwood you beast, give him the hulk
Tw1tch1n: mother ducker @Master lol
runt: Armfield has always puzzled me. He has no room for improvement and is already crap!
theskunk: sorry 54 sc
FlagDog: Looks like cripps is going to be the trade to Lewis next week, unless CEY has a mare that is
meka100: Fucken Cripps you useless prick
LuvIt74: Selwood now moving up to 45 on SC after only having 7 points at qrt time
Bothy: spot on runt
AngryRyno: touk on field over cripps from now on
Bothy: miller has been huge for a rookie
RooBoyStu: No Geelong supporter should ever complain about Lindsay Thomas, Selwood what a joke.
colin wood: Cripps 34 sc
runners47: Yes, Armfield ATM only good for a tag – and not even that…
OnTheRocks: brickwall for Cripps
FlagDog: and who ever said Cripps would lift, Great Call! LOL
AngryRyno: oh and can we give james kelly cape for swiift return from ruptured plum?
LuvIt74: I deliberately made Blicvas, Clark & Cripps my emergency so i can either keep there score or change it if crap scores
runt: Motlop needs to nip out to a pub….
Bothy: Armfields disposal always a problem
Tony9668: New from K-Tel, the “Selwood Duckmaster”, learn how to draw free kicks from one easy move
Bothy: and its obvious why Bullies got rid of Jones….hes crap
LuvIt74: i was going to trade cripps out this week but im hoping he wakes his 68 break even, with 2 qrt to go he only needs 30
AngryRyno: clark 55sc & blicavs 64
runt: Cripps still not over old man Crawf shock
3rdstriker: Has Stevie J fallen out with the coach or injured? Not getting much mid time, might be finished in fantasy football
LuvIt74: Look at who the Doggies got rid of: Jones, Griffen, Higgins & Cooney all doing very little for there new teams
Lungy: lift flopmot
Burnsyy: sc for docherty?
iZander: i thought coney was doing his job before he got injured? but i agree with the others
FlagDog: Higgins has been ok, maybe no in fantasy scores, but good for team
AngryRyno: dochert 54sc
Bothy: Cooney been okay…Griffen hit and miss..Higgins barely okay..and Jones crap
Bothy: whats the bet on Carlton trading Gibbs???
iZander: although actually i think griffin has been great for GWS!! he’s taken the tag off ward and let him go nuts this year
LuvIt74: @Bothy Griffen hit & miss Griffen has been the biggest flop out of them all.
iZander: so griffens been amazing if you think about it like that
iZander: griffin certainly hasn’t been a “flop”
Bothy: @LuvIt I thought past couple of weeks Griffin been okay
LuvIt74: I respect your opinion but totally disagree
Bothy: np we all see things different ways so respect yours as well
Bothy: but I think we all agree that Carlton are crap atm
Andrew37: Why can’t you be like normal people and call him an ahole…
iZander: yes we do bothy haha, and will be for a long time haha
wadaramus: Mutual respect on the internet, what the?!
Bothy: @Andrew lol..naw we all see things in our own way
LuvIt74: Carlton make crap look like Lindts Chocolate…
Andrew37: If I said the sky is green would you say, “I respect your opinion, we all see things differently”
Bothy: Carlton have themselves to high draft picks for older players…more fool them
3rdstriker: Griffen has been personally disappointing but effective for the team, he doesnt need 30 touches for them to win
LuvIt74: @Andrew NO as that would be stupid. However u might be colour blind so i forgive u…lol
Bothy: @ would say….”You are full of shit”
Bothy: lol it censors
LuvIt74: its a rather dirty shower i see
Bothy: @LuvIt lol
HawkTalker: Wow, Cripps hasnt had a kick for an hour
Bothy: Simpson gonna smash a ton tonight
frenzy: tomahawks got a dose of the Clokes
LuvIt74: Interesting selwood
3rdstriker: disgraceful umpiring, no feel for the game rewarding the tagger for scragging
masterhc2: any danger cripps and motlop
runners47: Shocking marking, Carlton
Bothy: is Motlop still on the field??
LuvIt74: that was a BS free kick for a perfect shepperd
colmullet: Stevie….Lift!!
Bothy: is Gibbs useless or less than useless??
LuvIt74: This Carlton side need to totally re group and start from scratch coz they are woful
Dangermaus: slow down now Cats… this is around the margin I need
LuvIt74: Making Melbourne look decent im that serious.
Yelse: cripps time to be traded next week
Ben_Gogos: I would trade Gibbs, Murphy and anyone else that holds value.
colin wood: Great to see Balls of Steel kick a goal
LuvIt74: @Ben concur they need youth get the best youngsters they can and start over
ballbag: j kelly’s got more ball than the whole carlton team combined
iZander: thats all who hold value @ ben
masterhc2: anyone know the logic about giving away a 50 not being a FA?
Tony9668: Selwood lost the plot with the Curnow tag
ballbag: ouch- game over. most the SC pts will be eaten up already
Brown*Dog: OMG Motlop get a kick or handball receive
Fury: Cats are just toying with them now. TOYING!
masterhc2: godd thats undisciiplined, want to see malthouse
iZander: lol tony, jelwoods gonna hulk up mate, are you watching..
AngryRyno: docherty 2 touches sunce quarter time, why does this happen so often
Bazza2014: motlop is a ponce
Dangermaus: where’s that idiot who comes on every blues game boasting about how he has Wood as his POD
tigerman28: Carlton are flowered
LuvIt74: Im looking forward to Malthouses Press conference already
Torz: Start tackling Cripps
casey22: Selwood is”going to get his real soon”
Bothy: @Angry yeah I thought Docherty wanna gonna smash it tonight
runt: never seen wood so fired up
gdshifty: docherty you are my worst trade in this season. Carlton are just awful
LuvIt74: @dangermaus lmao
Tony9668: Hope he does, he’s my SC loophole
colin wood: Bryce Gibbs has a problem.. Yeah he’s no good
ballbag: @luvit sad life mate?
AngryRyno: well i HAD wood as my POD, but im not stupid enough to keep him once warnock and eventually kruez are back
runt: Carlton an absolute rabble.
FlagDog: Clark doing a Dusty, wonder if he gets past 50…
casey22: Wood a bit stiff really
Dangermaus: I’m surprised they left motlop on, Lang subbed
3rdstriker: Cripps not playing any midfield time is odd
Tw1tch1n: Seems a low scoring affair tonight regarding DT points?
LuvIt74: @ballbag are u a Carlton supporter mate?
iZander: its because carlton have all taggers in the mid @ 3rd
Bothy: Carlton are now officially hopeless!!
FlagDog: In the whole time it took to rim my beard, clean up, trim again, clean again, clark scored 1., cripps none. Kade the lig
frenzy: lift cripps ffs
3rdstriker: @izander, yep, id be very disappointed if I was a blues fan, get some young guys in there and try and win the ball
Breezey: Gibbs subbed
AngryRyno: so call me an idiot if you wish @danger, but with 2
Torz: That’s it Cripps. Tackle!
colin wood: At a boy Cripps
iZander: 100% agree but i don’t really want carlton to improve, i love this haha @3rd
LuvIt74: I wonder if Carlton could beat the Jets after 3 to 5 games, I doubt it.
AngryRyno: 2/3* tons in what was always a limited time inclusion, im happy
masterhc2: thank god i didnt get johnson. do have motlop though lol, oh well at least had him from start
3rdstriker: me too, love seeing this, but would love to see them stop tagging to much too
runners47: Get a move on, Everitt and Motlop!
LuvIt74: @iZander Agree don’t ya just love seeing carlton get hammered. Malthouses PC are priceless
tigerman28: Thank you Cripps for ruining an enjoyable evening.
ballbag: tackle motlop lazy plow
LuvIt74: Everitt another ex Bulldog
Pokerface: gibbs subbed out. done his heart string
Tony9668: Daisy a shadow of his former self, like Samson with his hair cut
Bothy: so…are they gonna cut Micks throat after this or not??
OnTheRocks: at least get you break-even Cripps so i can upgrade you
ballbag: dont worry. cripps plays 2 games then takes a sickie, 2 games sickie
iZander: haha omg yes, literally the only press conference i watch @luvit
Pokerface: absolutely bothy.. ceo is livid
FlagDog: Went Cripps because opponent had him.. should have used CEY as a POD.
colin wood: Cripps was 44 before the 2 tackles and now sits on 42… Lol
LuvIt74: Cripps on 46 SC needs another 20 to make his SC break even
frenzy: carlton playing 4 no 1 draft picks, putting in call to Jack Watts as we speak
tigerman28: Bryce Squibs gone
LuvIt74: Why didn’t u guys put Cripps as your emergency? You get a free look
Bothy: they should have traded Gibbs before this year when they would have got good money
Tony9668: Crows were chasing Gibbs, please don’t go there
Bothy: @Tiny agree totally
Yelse: no free look if all mids playing @luvit74
Dangermaus: u don’t get a free look if all your mid reserves are playing
masterhc2: @luvit presume people with him on field playign DT or AF like myself, no rolling lockout
casey22: Cripps leaking cash now, has to go
tigerman28: Thanks Dangermaus. Was about to say the same thing.
LuvIt74: @Yelse well thats different if all your mids are playing I held Heeney for that reason
Tony9668: No choice with Cripps with Sloane and Swallow on bench
Dangermaus: 12th goalkicker coming up
SaintsMan: why are you keepping sloane?
LuvIt74: @materhc2 obviously im talking SC
runt: Judd not doing a lot!
Yelse: @luvit74 will work tonight but heeney won’t always play after your rookie mids
masterhc2: fucking disgraceful cripps and motlop
runners47: Would like you to get a bit more of the ball, Clark
Tony9668: @saintsman, Saving trades and cash will come back in nicely later
Apachecats: You are gawn cripps
luked98: clarke not a stat this qtr
iZander: cripps BE in AF? anyone know?
LuvIt74: @yelse it wont matter after round 8 as Cripps will be going for a elite premium next week
frenzy: mitch dusty martin
runt: Clark deliberately scoring low, no expectations
luked98: iZander 30
happytimes: 71 I think
iZander: I’m getting mixed messages haha 😀
masterhc2: i have motlop oppnent has clarke, f me lol
LuvIt74: My midfield will be completed next week
heppelitis: ive been feeling your pain all night masterhc2
Dangermaus: how long till Bartel comes back ?
luked98: IZander, you can check it by scrolling over his name
desmondo: cant believe i picked motlop in game day….it`ll never happen again LOL
LuvIt74: Then i’ll deal with my defence after next week. I have never seen such a versatile defence in SC its all over the joint
iZander: not on mine luke? i used to be able to last year
luked98: ill take 67 from clark and 51 from cripps at 4qtr
runt: Cripps not Carltons worst by far. Story of the Blues
carlton_99: Selwood’s supercoach is an absolute joke. Hes done absolotely nothing but somhow has 71 points
luked98: at 3rd*
Tony9668: Forwards and rucks set but mid and backs still a work in progress
LuvIt74: I’m now thinking maybe bring in McDonald this week rather then Parker
runt: Selwood SC boosted by some skilful sneaky uppercuts
SaintsMan: has kicked two and 6 tackles carlton_99
LuvIt74: At least Cripps is on 51 he might make his break even
LuvIt74: Plus 2 50’s in the 3rd
Bothy: @runt lol
carlton_99: I absoloutely loathe selwood all he does is cry to the umps for attention
carlton_99: these umpires are ridiculous
tigerman28: That 50 was a joke!
masterhc2: vulture caddy
LuvIt74: Thats a shocking 50
Tony9668: Ducking technique impressing the judges
luked98: agreed
tigerman28: Are serious that you’re happy with 51 from Cripps? He’s averaging 100.
LuvIt74: @tigerman28 im just happy if he makes his Break even m8
ballbag: fucken useless motlop
monkebuket: THAT is a duck
3rdstriker: Cripps has been good when hes been given a chance, Malthouse has played him forward all night
ballbag: and someone at carlton teach cripps to kick. its football son not handball
LuvIt74: Id be allot happier if Cripps scored 100+ but with these rookies its just hope. At least now I know Cripps will be gone
Tony9668: Junk time please Taylor and Cripps
Dangermaus: if I lose my eliminator I’m blaming you Motlop
masterhc2: motlop nice +12 more of that pls
runt: Thomas,Judd out good start for Blues
heppelitis: motlop bin
LuvIt74: If Cripps scores 70sc ill actually consider that score b4 playing CEY
runt: Carltons lack of discipline is the end of Mick
runners47: Put Motlop more forward, where he can get more of the Sherrin…
jfitty: Simpson for Atlas – no one has ever deserved it more
tamoz: Please Cripps, lift
casey22: Cripps is spectating
carlton_99: does anyone have selwoods and taylors supercoach score
Brown*Dog: Nice junk Motlop 🙂
Tony9668: No way, CEY is a 80 plus machine
tigerman28: CEY will smash 74
luked98: they may be a bit of scaling going on in this game
ballbag: CEY will be sub
kangawalla: I picked Enwrong 2 weeks ago after his 150+ effort. He won’t make that combined from his last two. 🙁
masterhc2: good stuff simmo tried hard tonight, nice ton
LuvIt74: @Tony yeah Average 91 but it scares me once these youngsters have had time off.
Tony9668: We’ll done Simmo, raise your bat son
tigerman28: Honestly, there is no point having ant blues players in your team because they just don’t care anymore. #mickisgone
Yelse: has selwood stopped completely
masterhc2: love your work blic, had money on you to get over 88 🙂
Tony9668: Ballbag may be right, may ease him back in
Torz: Junk Clark.
LuvIt74: Cripps is my only blues player and always has been this year
tamoz: Cripps is way too handball happy
frenzy: crippsy +2 oh yeah
carlton_99: anyone have selwoods and taylors sueprcoach score
ballbag: who woulda thought blicavs would have more SC poins than jelwood after 8 rounds. well done bliccas
Bothy: Blicavs is still learning as well
LuvIt74: Selwood on 75sc delicious he will be $500k or under next week, but im still not sure
Ball_Hog15: Blicavs doesn’t disappoint.
luked98: selwood cant play 4qtrs
colin wood: Cripps 63 now should get his break even from here
frenzy: stvie j trash can
Dangermaus: Caddy has played way better than Murdoch
luked98: anyone know slewoods, clarks and cripps sc?
jfitty: Selwood can’
colin wood: Selwood gone from 68 to 78 without touching the pill lol
LuvIt74: Blicvs the perfect Ruck rover although more midfielder really, glad hes my R2.
runt: 16.2 from set shots Cats deserves a clap
theskunk: selwood 75
theskunk: cripps 62
Dangermaus: Blicavs will be #1 ruck next year
AngryRyno: raise the bat blicavs
gdshifty: clarks last 3 quarters woeful
theskunk: clarke 72
runt: Mick is going to walk after all! Good on him
luked98: cheers man
ballbag: once again blues taggers owning premos
Bothy: @Danger…no No 1 wingman!
colin wood: Guthrie X factor for mine
casey22: Happy to bet $10 that Mick wont be coach next week
Tony9668: Blicavs and Stefan the modern day rucks
happytimes: Goodbye malthouse, hope your house gets burnt down
monkebuket: blica deserves more than cherries
LuvIt74: @dangermaus it wouldn’t surprise me if Blicvas wont be a ruck option on SC next year.
runt: 13 goal scorers Cats
masterhc2: geez stevie j absolutely slutting up the junk, join him motlop
casey22: Only probelm with Mick noy coaching is he gets involved in the media
Ball_Hog15: The Blicav Blitz has started!
LuvIt74: Blicavs on a juicy 124 sc
Brown*Dog: Carlton team has hit the wall
Dangermaus: way too many handballs for crips
meka100: Cripps you kicked it wtf
Bothy: @happytimes lol
ballbag: blicavs deserves olympic rings icon
Tw1tch1n: Where the heck has Enright been tonight? Even chips around the back he’s gone missing?
runt: Carlton so woeful, they are just making sure Mick really does go
Torz: Good team play Stanley. 🙂
luked98: yes clark! Junk time goal
Bothy: oh ffs Clark woke up
LuvIt74: Cripps on 70 SC so he made his break even
casey22: Cripps & Mitch junking it up
runners47: Keep feeding Clark, Cats – need a lot more points from him…
heppelitis: like it ballbag
tamoz: Get to 70 cripps!
LuvIt74: Hogan will be going on my bench and Lonie going on so I get Clarks lovely 85+
berniebern: thurlow seagull
frenzy: heart for Kelly 4 playing with busted knacker
m0nty: massive junk by Mackie, excellent work
Raspel31: So, when do you forget your heart and upgrade Selwood. ?
SaintsMan: selwood is gone!
LuvIt74: i have allot of respect for GWS so I might take Cripps 71 rather then go with CEY its a tough call.
Tony9668: Stick with Selwood, still a handy M8
SaintsMan: selwood actually did ok maybe not
LuvIt74: Dont trade out Selwood
Dangermaus: mackie plays 1 quarter and scores more than Motlop for the whole game
LuvIt74: Agree totally Tony
runt: no words can do justice for Carltons shit sandwich for Mick
ballbag: nice SC motlop. enjoy the rest next week or have a secret drink
SaintsMan: he’s been tagged every week
LuvIt74: Im struggling whether to bring in Selwood or Rocky next week
LuvIt74: Anyone bringing in Parker this week?
luked98: some scaling to be done
banta: bin for kelly. most rubbish ive ever seen. didn’t touch it apart from 4 chips back and forth for +6 each time. so lucky.
Pokerface: he only has one nut banta, give him a break

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