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Chat log from R7 of 2015: West Coast vs Gold Coast

Chat log for West Coast vs Gold Coast, R7 of 2015

Tassiescot: Are the team changes going to update here soon?
frenzy: m0nty can’t keep up
tamoz: Loving your work Yeo, keep it going!
FlagDog: Amazing Nelson touched the ball :/
Mcswains: go Priddis 🙂
spudaroos: why is this chat dead
dipstick: who woulda thought mike pyke would know how to get more touches than nicnat
SaintsMan: crap game, only here because I’m checking up on nic nat + other game is better
Breezey: Keep going Brownlow Priddis
iZander: this is because i nearly got pridiss in this week…
Mcswains: spewing i didn’t make Priddis captain!!
dipstick: pleeease nicnat… 1 eefective disposal before HT
Karlpov: Priddis going huge!
poolboybob: Yeo superman cape
frenzy: flower me Priddis 118 SC half time
frenzy: west coast rucks lousy DE%
tamoz: Keep racking it up Yeo, don’t stop there!
theKid: Priddis dont you stop
SaintsMan: i don’t think he wants to. the kid
moorey21: Priddis, top bloke
ryanza.123: H.bennell sc?
tiges4ever: priddis sc?
moorey21: Priddis 147 at 20 min mark of 3rd
tiges4ever: cheers moorey 21
Raspel31: Still predicting a Suns win.
Fury Ride: Kennedy sc please
moorey21: Nps mate
3rdstriker: jjk subbed
Fury Ride: What does nps mean
circle52: Kennedy subbed SC 78
moorey21: I’ll find out at 3/4 time for you OR follow SuperCoach Paige on fb
moorey21: No problems
ryanza.123: Someone please tell me D.Sheed and H.Bennell SC?
moorey21: 12 goal quarter from WCE
circle52: Sheed 64 Bennell 67
ryanza.123: Thanks circle52.
Hadouken: get ready for the biggest comeback ever
frenzy: priddis 159 SC
deanie: would be great to see someone crack 200
Mcswains: 200 will be delicious Priddis 🙂
Slashers: Cappaccino
dipstick: is nicnat off? zero pts in 12 mins?
waldeckr: Playing full forward @dipstick
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Schofield misses the target kicking to the HBF, Prestia mops up and goals from 50m on a slight angle.
Torz: Prestia with a nice burst in the last couple of minutes.
LuvIt74: I brought Priddis in my side this week for sloane and was going to make him captain until i seen his high was only 120’s
tamoz: Please junk up Yeo
theKid: junktime priddis please
frenzy: geez UR showering me Bennell
Jukes82: whats nicnats sc?
frenzy: what gout on ur knee, bennell
kangawalla: Dipstick, RooBoys after you on the Syd v Cats page. 😉
Jodd: Someone in my draft league dropped Yeo on April 20th. Thanks cannabis!
Torz: Out of 22 touches, Hallahan has had 14 clearances. That’s a might high %.
frenzy: if nic nat tons up in SC i’ll spew up
kangawalla: Good recovery Cripps.
Raspel31: God,not going to bring in Priddis or Masten-but what scores.

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