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Chat log from R5 of 2015: Richmond vs Geelong

Chat log for Richmond vs Geelong, R5 of 2015

iZander: have oxley on the bench…mctintosh is the first of 5 chance to get his score…please be a late out haha
iZander: tagger to stevie j or jelwood? or no tagger?
frenzy: big game today jelwood
SaintsMan: t hunt and jelwood big game pls
iZander: motlop 150 plz
iZander: omg tag stevie j goddamn it….
Torz: Dusty stop fumbling.
auxDT: wtf kmac playing key defender role..
tamoz: Get into it Dusty and Cotch!
Torz: Tiges can’t get their hand on it.
danmaio: Cmon Jelwood, my Capt
stoo: Get a move on Blicavs
spuditup: Houli going at 100% efficiency?? The stat man for this game having a laugh orr?
auxDT: selwood extremely quiet!
banta: flog off grigg hack
danmaio: started last night with a bang, back to earth so far this game
ballbag: jelwood ZERo touches. just cant break a tag anymore. nice price drop
feralmong: Who tagging jelly
auxDT: selwood doing a sloane
iZander: grigg
Torz: It’s early, but KMac looks like a wall candidate.
feralmong: Thx
banta: hawk will kick 10 today
Torz: Astbury deserves the witches hat already.
Kenny27: Selwood will come good, he just needs to start bleeding from the head first then he fires up
iZander: why is rance not on hawkins?
danmaio: lol Keny, but true
tamoz: Tiges need a captains goal cotch!
runt: Ellis first 2 kicks in league football a point and out on the full, talk about spewing
tamoz: Great tagging Grigg
Torz: Houli in defence on Varcoe? Wouldn’t have thought so.
jfitty: Houli doing so good his opponent switched teams
Kenny27: Varcoe playing back to back games give him the heart
Rebuild: So glad I subbed on McIntosh and subbed off Oxley
tamoz: Is Cotchin getting tagged?
runt: Cotchin being tagged by a clump of grass
ballbag: ooo yeah jsel gonna be sooo cheap. cha-ching
wadaramus: Come on Selwood.
iZander: 137 94 was his last two weeks? how is he going to be so cheap?
iZander: stevie j is someone who is going to be “so cheap”
Torz: Lift Hunt
SaintsMan: hunt cmon mate
auxDT: selwood pls 🙁
feralmong: No wall for k Mac
runt: McIntosh has responded well
colmullet: good boy KMac
danmaio: go selwood, get hurt and lift
Torz: Great quarter for KMac
Torz: Nice burst from Hunt
danmaio: 50 at half time please Joel
banta: dog girgg
banta: must lift joel!
Hawks_15: im never picking cotchin in my supercoach ever again. never gets those big scores like he used to and to many scores aro
carlton_99: hunt is only on 19 sc
Jair: Why did I tip the effing Tigers? They never change.
frenzy: footy tipping 101 @ Jair
ballbag: @jair correct- they are currently 9th on the ladder
Liuwi FC: Mcintosh big 2nd quarter!
SaintsMan: hunt 19 sc
Jogr: how is selwood on 34 but hunts only on 19 sc points
mijg: McIntosh on the bench over hunt
banta: wow, worst umpire decision ive seen this year. in the back how?
SaintsMan: bachar looking good
banta: can someone deck grigg
homemade: @Hawks_15 same problem with cotch – hoping for a big term 3
ballbag: jelwood- the SC points are slipping away from you. 90sc i reckon
banta: kamdyo has stoped?
stoo: Blicavs!
SaintsMan: bachar 110 maybe 20 by 3qt
runt: Scott coaching from the boundary line is a sign Geelong are actually struggling
banta: cats can’t take the heat
banta: stevie j needs to be dropped
iZander: well there top 3 players are all defenders racking them up at half back, never really a good sign
spuditup: Horrendous free kick!
Torz: Hunt been terrible since I got him in
tomzoy: contact below the knees on hunt for sure terrible decision
gusjojo: @torz same! got him before last week >:(
banta: do something joel ffs
ballbag: without 5FF selwoods only had 6 touches. pathetic but nice 🙂
SaintsMan: kelly injured
Rebuild: Stevie J looks cooked
Jair: Come on Tigers, believe!
banta: very suss umpiring in this game. I’d be checking for match fixing.
iZander: ok so i was considering stevie j when his price dropped…but maybe not wtf stevie
spuditup: think kelly is subbed… not walker?
Brent007: Is Kelly serious?
Jukes82: lol why would you want stevie j? if he’s more than 250k he’s overpriced
ballbag: keep it up griggs- jelwood will be nice and cheap :]
banta: pathetic and soft today selwood. joke.
yeah_nah: not watching here, whats the go with the umps?
Brown*Dog: Morris needs to do something, coach killer
ballbag: hey scott- stopping motlop from drinking? great idea genius
runt: This game is the Tigers for the taking
iZander: cmon jelwood and motlop
RooBoyStu: Toothless Tigers!
ballbag: hehehehe dusty… king bogan flog week in week out. down hill skier
RooBoyStu: Richmond last beat Geelong at the MCG was 1999, Jeff Gieschen was coach.
auxDT: yes cmon selwood go for that ton
banta: stevie j needs to be dropped
runt: The Tigers lack genuine passion as a team
italeader: 2 Maric tackles missed this quarter, ffs
banta: cats are so slow and soft these days. should have won by 10 goals
banta: miles bloody ducked there. how can you pay that?
tamoz: The comeback is on
m0nty: no, THAT was a dive
homemade: yep 3 goals in last ten minutes and tigers keep their chance at finishing 9th alive!
shuby14: martin done a hammy
banta: cats on the down hill. done. wont play finals next year. maybe this year.
grossn: Well this has gotten interesting
grossn: ignore that last comment from me
runt: Cats obviously not travelling so well so how bad are Richmond?
banta: lift ivan hit 90s!
Hawks_15: cash dollar signs for mcintosh?
Jair: lose by 5pts Tigers just to make me spew
Kenny27: great last qtr by selwood
Jair: neither of these team will play finals
jfitty: Trash can Selwood
Blues1: trash can? The game was in the balance.
SaintsMan: selwood got tagged, brilliant effort from him!
runt: I can se why Rance would rather sell books

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