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Chat log from R3 of 2015: Adelaide vs Melbourne

Chat log for Adelaide vs Melbourne, R3 of 2015

gers: whats the weather like anyone?
gers: whats the weather like anyone?
a1trader: Beautiful day in Byron Bay
Pokerface: pretty nice in melbourne too
Dangermaus: it
AngryRyno: JKH not sub? well…
Dangermaus: it will definitely rain at some stage during this game
Dangermaus: its been patchy rain all morning in Adelaide today
AngryRyno: brodie smith tagged and still half concussed? lay off him dees
gigo: Whats the deal with Walker?
grossn: fuming over taking JPK over Sloane
Costanza: how can Smith be out and twitching and play
Dangermaus: Melbourne are a bogey-team for the crows at home…
Torpedo10: @grossn Don’t be, Sloaney will slow down as the game goes on. Would’ve been my 4th Crow mid. 😛
Morgoth: good one ff, just ripped off Jaensch w a free against that was paid against Thomson.
Jwow: crows are overrated
snake_p: cmon Harry O break the tag
snake_p: typical Vberg as E this week
Costanza: it’s only the Cows afterall
gigo: Is Walker even playing?
Dangermaus: if Melbourne mess up my tips this week i’m gonna be pissed
snake_p: early days Dangermaus
SaintsMan: calm down danger its the 1st qtr
AngryRyno: @gigo are the entire crows team even playing?
Dangermaus: ok Crows, that’s enough of a head start, maybe start playing now please
m0nty: I think the Crows are playing on 30 minutes delay…
Pokerface: m0nty do the tweets on this page have a delay?
Bricktop: i live in adelaide and crows fans have been way over confident all week
casey22: Love that Thompsom metaphor, m0nty
m0nty: the tweets are live, can’t fix that
Pavalinco: Must be about time to pull out the star Monty
Pokerface: no worries, just checking
iZander: ok so i played yolmen over vanderberg…
Pokerface: can i turn them off a match day page?
whoislids1: Yolmen was always going to lose a few points with Thompson the fantasy jet coming back into the midfield
AngryRyno: didnt we all @Zander
AngryRyno: CEY can junk it up, but not if the match continues like this, sheesh
Jwow: up the dees
AntoRyan14: I played hogan over Clark and McGrath, need him to get a move on
AngryRyno: cmon brodie
gers: is a free against a clanger?
Jwow: anyone get sucked into picking up mcdonald?
Dangermaus: very happy with Vandenburg so far, Hope he keeps this up for the game
AntoRyan14: Melbourne have kept walker, betts, Dangerfield and smith quiet this term
AngryRyno: is picking adelaide a clanger? leaning towards yes
a1trader: Hearing footsteps watts?
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Watts drops a sitter of a mark at CHB, the Crows pounce, Cameron roves a Jenkins contest at the hotspot and goals
Cummo3: Watts is a blouse
carlton_99: well mdone yolmen
AngryRyno: all of a sudden fielding CEY is looking alright
sainter11: Walker…
snake_p: good game
Dangermaus: as a Crows fan even I knew not to jump on Walker for fantasy… he’s never been a consistant points scorer
frenzy: abblet to walker was a fail
RooBoyStu: there’s a live stream on youtube for sc scores lol
SaintsMan: where rooboy
RooBoyStu: see a comment on doctor supercoach thread
Pokerface: kermit you always talk about watts
SaintsMan: whats that mate?
RooBoyStu: carlton v ess qtr time thread on fb
SaintsMan: robot give me a link
m0nty: No streaming links, please.
frenzy: yin yang 4 walker, wtf monty, should be mare
AntoRyan14: Cmon hogan get some touches
whoislids1: Just love how many people traded in Walker after Rd1
Dangermaus: i was considering a sideways trade of Geary to Laird… but not so sure now
AntoRyan14: Walker is too unreliable, he’s gonna have some quiet weeks
Dangermaus: go Labamba
Kenny27: well done Jesse
zadolinnyj: Crows players took the $8.50 on melbourne
whoislids1: Lol any other player and the commentators would have praised him, but they always find some way to criticise Jack Watts
Dangermaus: the smart money might be on the Roos this weekend…
poolboybob: Chris Dawes is a bum
Costanza: here comes the rain
ballbag: salem is absolute garbage. how long has he been in the system compared to vberg?
DanBlack: less than a year, considering he didn’t play all games last year
Dangermaus: keep it going Harry-O
Jukes82: Salem has lifted after that spray lol
whoislids1: top 10 in the draft 2 years ago. Go easy mate, he
hoddo: salem is a 19yo in his second year .. vdb is a 23yo with years in the neafl
Costanza: oh harry
Dangermaus: at least Salem can’t be subbed now
deanie: keep digging into salem please ballbag m8, helping his score
Dangermaus: yep, pouring with rain at my house now, I live 20 minutes south of the city, so if it’s not raining there it will besoon
Jwow: harriet brought his own sherrin!
jfitty: Danger icicle
AntoRyan14: Superman for Lumumba, started the quarter on 15
whoislids1: lumumba almost the muppet there
Dangeroo: thanks maus, I’ll get the bins in before then haha
iZander: is danger playing in the forward line?
Ewoks: only the odd sprinkle of rain in the city atm
p_terg: Vince with the job on Danger: BV has 45, Danger 29
Dangermaus: I wonder if the crows would consider making Jenkins the sub to get another small fwd into the game for the wet weather
p_terg: That
p_terg: That’s SC as per Doc.Supercoach on Facey
Pokerface: snag a goal danger
Jwow: if the crows make the 8 ill eat my hat
Dangermaus: damn, vandenberg only 1 touch that quarter
Costanza: pouring rain on the way
Jwow: are the demons a chance today? or will they die in the arse
theKid: Someone answer Jwow that demons are a chance. I want a win!
ballbag: lol. demons are no chance
poolboybob: I wish I could get paid a half million a year to run around for 120 minutes once a week and do next to nothing (C Dawes)
Dangermaus: still raining here, so it’ll be raining for the rest of the game i think
spudaroos: Is salem alive?
Jukes82: Do you think Crows can win my 40 plus? I need it for my multi :/
Jukes82: *by
Ewoks: heres the rain heavy in the city now
Costanza: Hooogaaan (Col Klink voice)
Buzz67: Blue moon for Lumumba
waldeckr: love your cultural references @costanza
poolboybob: Has van Berlo been on the ground since Q1?
Jwow: nope @ Jukes82
sammyj83: I hate you Harry O. With a burning passion.
gers: is everyone stuck on 11:38 or just me?
AngryRyno: breaking news: van berlo’s family have filed a missing persons report
SaintsMan: me too
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Cameron gives up a terrible clanger to Dawes across halfback, he gives to Kent who goals with a snap from CHF!
spudaroos: lol at all the fellas who traded in Tex after 1 week.
Jair: Ok never put C on Danger again damnitall
wolfheart: Blue moon for Mackay. Having a blinder.
ballbag: what is sloanes SC pleae
poolboybob: AFL getting a bit richer after all these engaging in a melee fines
Woodie: Sloane 101sc
snake_p: 101 ballbag
AngryRyno: smith’s score was always gonna be lower this week, not sure why im so disappointed
SaintsMan: nvb, sc?
Dangermaus: Mackay playing for his spot in the team i’d think.
AngryRyno: opponent has mcdonald and walker, ill be right
colin wood: McDonald on 75Sc ryno
Jair: Turn on the afterburners Danger
deanie: Van berlo mate, what are you actually doing for the last 2 qtrs
Jukes82: Tex could still score 90 plus in SC.
SaintsMan: van berlo, sc?
thommoae: I think the rain put out most of the afterburners …
colin wood: Keep climbing danger!
AngryRyno: anyone have CEY and smith sc?
Wingard001: Is Van Berlo Alive?
Costanza: i usually dont mind a cold VB
ballbag: thanks- anyone going sloane for SC vC??? What is he’s current score please?
Wingard001: I see what you did there @Constanza
ballbag: anyone got sloanes current VC SC please?
Kenny27: Yo Man! nice goal
Jukes82: c’mon crows get that 40 point margin!
Costanza: weak effort Garlett
snake_p: Jeffy hard as butter Costanza
poolboybob: Hogan muppet!
Dangermaus: sloane was on 101 at 3QT so you’d expect around 120-ish for the game
deanie: get some junk touches please NVB
Dangermaus: I hope Yolmen keeps his spot when Crouch comes back, but I suppose by then he might be ripe for cashing in
frenzy: sauce SC?
Dangermaus: come on Labamba tonne up!
poolboybob: I don’t even understand where NVB is playing on the field, his name is never mentioned.
Catdog: why stress about nvb any team that matters has him as well
Ball_Hog14: Mumba-di-bumba!
meka100: Fuck you Danger you cunt
Costanza: rookies plumping up all round
dms774: Why does Lumumba say 108 supercoach here but only 76 on supercoach site? massive difference

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