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Chat log from GF of 2015: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, GF of 2015

Drak: Mitchell, if you do a Bontempelli on me… Ill destroy you
Drak: The was flush on the jaw m0nty
snake_p: cheekbone Drak
frenzy: want my mummy back
snake_p: Buddy will be OK, he’s used to crashes
SydneyRox: swans look slick besides the clash
m0nty: nice one snaks
SydneyRox: if you havent got griffen your nuts
SydneyRox: greene playing for frees is ridic
snake_p: thanks Monty…the master of Dad jokes
Woodie: Who’s up forward for sydney?
SydneyRox: goode jpk robinson
SydneyRox: and towers
Woodie: Pull you finger out Mitchell
SydneyRox: he is subbed, came on then went off again
SydneyRox: liking the look of naismith, just needs to get upgraded
AngryRyno: as evil as it sounds, i wouldnt mind seeing mummy miss a big chunk of footy this season
AngryRyno: for fantasy reasons only, of course
Redraptor: sen reckon Hampton is subbed out
AngryRyno: anyone got parker this year?
SydneyRox: ive had him, still contemplating jpk though
AngryRyno: did titch bring his own footy? sheesh
SydneyRox: he has also spent 15min off the ground
Cicjose: go giants
colmullet: come on boys!!
AngryRyno: nearly another draw ay? bad luck giants
Grazz: Heeney a lock. 🙂

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