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Chat log from GF of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, GF of 2015

Drak: cape for Bont
Drak: Was hoping for a PoD…. another one bites the dust.
snake_p: Goodes doing well also
Drak: Yeah was looking at that
Drak: If he keeps his spot would be an interesting PoD
Drak: Reckon Beverage likes him?
Drak: Collingwood are done this year…. Sorry cwood fans.
Drak: I just can not for the life of me understand Swans decline
Drak: Its monumental
snake_p: Drak are you talking to yourself?
DoctorRush: Keep the Goodes chat down peeps 😉
snake_p: Doc I think he’s on everyone’s radar already
DoctorRush: Not at all Snake. I created a thread About him and no one rated him.
DoctorRush: Well not many anyway
Drak: Not anymore!
DoctorRush: Yeah, I was hoping for a quiet 80.
snake_p: lack of cheap def options has brought him into play
Drak: Well if its only us three talking about it… its not like the cat is out of the bag or anything
DoctorRush: Haha. Good call Drak 😉
DoctorRush: Side note, what’s happened to the chat? Used to be full
p_terg: It’s only Wizzer .. was wondering the same during prev game DocRush
Drak: NAB mate…. Everyone else has a life apparently
Drak: losers
DoctorRush: Lol. Avg life for them!
m0nty: things will crank up for the regular season
Drak: Do you know whats really annoying
Drak: When you are typing and the stats change.. simultaneously wiping what you type
DoctorRush: So true Drak! Can u fix that Mont?
Drak: On a side note… Is Goodes really running at 100% de?
DoctorRush: Yep he is. Watching him closely.
Drak: Because you are a bomber. Ill give you another nugget. And the 3 other humans on here.
Drak: Have a look at Oxleys NAB scores.
DoctorRush: Yeah, had been looking there. A little too pricey for me though ATM.
DoctorRush: Actually scratch that. Was thinking Gault. He’s dirt cheap.
DoctorRush: 34s, 90. Not bad. But the 90 Was from 54 DT which won’t happen all the time.
DoctorRush: Good DEF option though.
snake_p: Pies a rabble tonight
Drak: Tell you what Im NOT doing though
Drak: Spending 650k on Pendlebury
DoctorRush: That can’t be serious Drak. He’ll score 130 tonight in a bad loss
DoctorRush: Goodes 6 touches this qtr
Drak: I reckon he will drop out of the top 10 this year
WizzFizz_: less competition then @Drak
J.Worrall: Carn Dave

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