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Chat log from W3 of 2015: Western Sydney vs Essendon

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Essendon, W3 of 2015

J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
J.Worrall: Go Bombers!
m-ry: go Drug-o
J.Worrall: Late changes for the Bombers, m0nty?
J.Worrall: These are the cleanskins, Drongo!
frenzy: gws given sheeds back
Kj_11: Tank-O Tank-O, still no Good-O
boofy: oh dear
boofy: aren’t there less ring ins playing this week?
J.Worrall: messy messy messy
frenzy: 15 goal smacken … nice
Durndy: Bombers on the rampage! 🙂
frenzy: safe 2 say belly no1 ruck 4 bombs
Durndy: Possibly. When fit he can probably play forward better than Giles.

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