Bottoms up for Steele: Boys on the Bubble for Round 7, 2009

Fantasy coaches have had their fill of donuts, it’s time to harden up with kids called Cockie and Sidebottom.

A reminder on the premise of this column: the “bubble” is what fantasy coaches call it when a player has played two games and thus will start having his price fluctuate in the AFL Dream Team and Super Coach competitions after he plays his next AFL match. This column lists the rookie-priced two-gamers who played last week, but also goes through some of the promising rookies whom fantasy coaches are drooling over at the trade table.


There are no rookies on the bubble, and very little coming down the turnpike, which means that Jack Grimes is very much on the radar for fantasy coaches this week. Grimes’ first game back after preseason back problems produced a very healthy 80/92, and multiple injuries in the Demon backline means his JS (job security) is looking strong. At a price of around 180 grand in both competitions, there will be plenty of coaches hoping that Kyle Cheney gets another game this week so that he can earn enough money for a straight swap of Cheney to Grimes next week when Grimey is on the bubble. That is certainly my hope, especially in Super Coach. I can not make this trade myself, but especially for Super Coach I would also not rule out Cale Hooker, who has looked pretty good in his two games before being on the bubble this week, and like Grimey, Hooker is going to benefit from injuries, specifically to Dustin Fletcher. However, I think most fantasy coaches will look at Michael Hurley and Darcy Daniher lurking in the VFL and decide that Hooker’s JS is not nearly as good as that of Grimes. Then again, Cheney owners thought he was guaranteed a game a month ago, and he hasn’t played since. Beware Dean Bailey.


Adam Cockie, WCE CTR. DT: 12062 selections, $75,300, -43 BE, 50 avg. SC: 10388 selections, $83,400, -47 BE, 49 avg.
Sam Sheldon, BRL CTR. DT: 1673 selections, $86,600, -34 BE, 50 avg. SC: 2486 selections, $94,200, -36 BE, 46.5 avg.
Matthew DeBoer, FRE CTR. DT: 5646 selections, $75,300, -8 BE, 32.5 avg. SC: 5036 selections, $83,400, -27 BE, 39 avg.

Cockie is the most likely one to get picked up this week, for several good reasons. First is that he’s a good player, the sort of player who can mix a bit of outside work with a fair amount of tackles, always a good attribute for a fantasy rookie. Another is the injuries to Daniel Kerr and Matt Priddis meaning he’s likely to get a consistent run for at least another two or three weeks, notwithstanding that Tom Swift is still posting good stat counts in the WAFL. Third, he’s going to allow you to reach just that little bit higher in a double trade due to his rookie price. Don’t be fooled by the closeness of the ladder, the Eagles know they’re in rebuilding mode and they will play the kids.


Mike Pyke, SYD RUC. DT: 20247 selections, $75,300, -9 BE, 33 avg. SC: 22451 selections, $83,400, -28 BE, 39.5 avg.

Some of you like Mike Pyke, you’re psyched for Mike Pyke. I would spike Mike Pyke this week. Take a hike on a bike wearing Nike, Mike Pyke. Yikes, strike me Pyke, I mean pink!


The obvious rookie this week is Steele Sidebottom, still a week off the bubble. Malthouse has held him back too long, that much is clear. Many of us are still suffering from kenophobia (the fear of voids or empty spaces, aka the fear of donuts) in the forwards and a double trade of a Ryan Houlihan or Shaun Higgins along with a topped-out rookie for Frontbum plus a rolled gold forward premium is very much on the cards this week. Don’t expect to be trading Sidey out later in the year though, he’s a keeper benchwarmer if you’re trading him in this week. Just remember that. Unless you still have 17 or more trades left, in which case why are you reading this blog? You don’t need any help, rack off.


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