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Blog log from R15 of 2024: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R15 of 2024

Heeney passes short to Jordon to mark in front of Whitfield 50m out on a slight angle. Jordon tugs the set shot left. (Q1 3:18)
Hayward marks in front of Himmelberg 50m out on a slight angle and misses to the left. Rain coming down heavily already on a wet day in Sydney. (Q1 9:06)
Kelly marks 45m out on a slight angle but just misses to the right. (Q1 16:44)
A classic Blakey scoot up the guts with a bounce in the rain results in a McLean mark near the hot spot with Aleer out of position. McLean boots the first goal, belatedly. (Q1 16:52)
Heeney hoofs an ugly snap wide left from half forward. (Q1 19:32)
Bedford gets a high contact free on Campbell 50m out on a slight angle, he hasn’t got the toe so there is no direct score. (Q1 20:37)
Rampe fumbles a handball at half back, O’Halloran puts his head over the crumb to reef out a handball to Greene who bangs through the goal. (Q1 22:18)
Grundy lopes through CHF after the next bounce and gives wide to McInerney who just avoids the left goalpost with his snap from 40m. (Q1 23:22)
Kelly bombs long from the HFF to the square, Riccardi bumps Melican off the fall with strong hip work to mark on his chest for his first goal. (Q1 24:59)
Callaghan does a one-two with Green on members wing and bombs long to a pack at the hotspot where Hogan beats McCartin on a hook pattern to mark for the first goal of Q2. (Q2 0:58)
McDonald marks over Buckley 40m out in front and hooks his kick a little, but it falls inside the left goalpost for his first major. (Q2 3:41)
An ill-advised kick across half back by Ash allows Amartey to spoil, Gulden ends up skidding through the opportunist goal from the hotspot. (Q2 6:18)
O’Halloran beats Lloyd on the wing and sends a long ball to the hotspot, crumb falls for Greene who checksides wide left off a step. (Q2 7:08)
Brown passes to Gruzewski 45m out on the flank, the first-gamer hits the top of the square for no result. (Q2 8:43)
Hogan leads up the guts to mark a Thomas kick to 40m with McCartin trailing behind. He tugs the set shot left. (Q2 10:28)
Rowbottom hits a loose ball at full pace on members wing after Himmelberg gets a bad bounce, he gives inside to set up Papley to skid through the goal from CHF! (Q2 11:53)
Lloyd roves a dump kick by Briggs and bangs through a lovely snap from 45m on the flank! (Q2 13:20)
McLean gets a contact free in a pack 25m out on a slight angle, a ball that McDonald had marked anyway. McLean kicks to the right. (Q2 17:33)
Sydney surges around outer wing on a rebound, McInerney kicks a chaos ball to the HFF which McDonald taps smartly to Adams who goals from 20m. (Q2 20:28)
Another holding free to McLean inside 50, this one against Himmelberg at the top of the square for another one for Sydney. (Q2 21:18)
Jordon roves in the pocket and misses from 20m. (Q2 22:44)
Gulden roves on members wing and passes to Warner on the boundary 45m out, Chad threads the needle with a heavy ball! Swans can do no wrong! (Q2 30:41)
Jordon roves a Hayward contest and grubbers across the face from 20m just on the HT siren. (Q2 32:51)
Buckley coughs up a handball under pressure 20m out to Papley who snaps the first goal of Q3. Terrible signs for a comeback. (Q3 0:42)
Amartey takes a link mark on members wing and hits the lead of Warner in front of Bedford 30m out on the flank, he goals. (Q3 3:42)
Heeney volleys a clearance from a ball up at CHF, pack forms at the hotspot but Hayward goals. It is a procession. (Q3 5:32)
Bedford feeds Daniels who checksides a goal from 30m on a slight angle to halt the tsunami of Swan scores. (Q3 9:32)
Papley roves an Amartey contest at the hotspot but snaps wide off the left. (Q3 10:25)
Gruzewski gets a holding free on Blakey one-on-one 20m out on a slight angle. The first-gamer kicks his first senior goal, the Giants swamp him. (Q3 11:43)
Papley roves and skids a snap across the face from 30m on the flank. (Q3 13:57)
Aleer gets pushed over and coughs up a ground ball to Amartey on outer wing, Amartey passes to McDonald 40m out on the flank who doesn’t score. (Q3 16:27)
Hayward marks a Gulden pass just inside 50m on a slight angle for some junk. It’s going to be a very long garbage time in this one. (Q3 17:42)
Greene roves on members wing and passes for O’Halloran to mark in front of Lloyd 45m out on the flank. Heavy rain falling again as he shoots… falls on the line, rushed. (Q3 19:32)
Brown gives Gruzewski a Joe the Goose special for his second goal. (Q3 20:57)
Grundy takes a a contested grab in front of Green 40m out on the flank but his kick is short for no direct score. (Q3 22:56)
Grundy gives to Warner running around outer wing, he reaches the HFF and skids a snap narrow to the left. (Q3 26:41)
Callaghan passes inboard from members wing to Ward on his own 40m out in front, floating across from the opposite wing. Ward trudges in through the driving rain for some garbage. (Q3 28:07)
Thomas snaps the first goal of Q4 garbage time from half forward. (Q4 0:45)
Callaghan centres from the HFF to just inside CHF for Himmelberg, who hooks it left. (Q4 4:39)
Riccardi leaps over Blakey to mark a long Daniels ball to 20m on a slight angle for another one for GWS. (Q4 7:32)
Hogan flies against two for a long Himmelberg to 20m, crumb falls to the pocket where Kelly is on his own, he snaps another one for the Giants! (Q4 9:38)
From nine goals down the Giants are only four down now. Surely not. (Q4 10:00)
Centre clearance Sydney, Aleer fumbles the crumb under pressure 15m out and Hayward gives Cleary a Joe the Goose special with his first kick in senior footy! (Q4 11:25)
Idun spoils Amaertey on the flank, Himmelberg slips as he roves, is unlucky not to get a high contact free but then gets pinged for contact on Amartey… who misses. (Q4 15:39)
Jordon roves and bounces through the official sealer from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 18:03)
Briggs snaps wide from the hotspot. (Q4 26:03)
After Brown catches Blakey HTB on members wing, GWS switches to set up Ward to mark 45m out on a slight angle for some very smelly garbage. (Q4 27:45)
McCartin is pinged for deliberate rushing after a face off with Hogan on the behind line. Hogan shanks it, Greene marks in the opposite pocket 20m out and hits the post. (Q4 30:03)

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