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Blog log from R14 of 2024: North Melbourne vs Collingwood

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Collingwood, R14 of 2024

Hill marks a Cameron pass from outer wing on a hard lead in front of Archer 40m out on the flank and fades in the set shot from right to left for the first goal. (Q1 0:51)
Zurhaar marks in front of a pack in the pocket 20m out and screws his set shot narrow off the right boot, disappointingly. (Q1 2:43)
Davies-Uniacke strips Lipinski in a tackle in the centre, butters up and feeds Wardlaw to pass to Larkey 40m out on a slight angle, he converts. (Q1 3:50)
Curtis takes a link mark in the centre and goes quick and long to the pocket for Larkey to mark behind Moore 20m out. Larkey curls in his second goal with seeming ease! (Q1 6:16)
Scott sends a long speculator to the top of the square from the HFF on a slow play, crumb falls to the front for Curtis to rove and goal. North starting brightly! (Q1 8:32)
Sheezel takes a contested grab in front of Jiath at half forward and goes to the flank 40m out for Zurhaar, whose kick falls on the behind line for Larkey to mark and goal! (Q1 13:18)
Josh Daicos baulks away from Wardlaw and tries a low-percentage left-foot snap across the body from 45m near the boundary, that one is well wide left. (Q1 15:32)
North getting bulk repeat inside 50s now with pressure, Taylor centres from the pocket for Wardlaw to leap in front of Harrison to mark 30m out on a slight angle for another one! (Q1 17:32)
Sheezel catches Jiath HTB on the boundary 20m out and curls in another one, the Kangaroos are on FIYAH! (Q1 21:00)
Frampton receives for a snap off the right from the top of the square but wobbles it to the right. Collingwood needed that! (Q1 24:32)
Tucker sends a long speculator to a big pack at the top of the square from the HFF, six talls fly, crumb to the front where Curtis swoops and goals off the left! (Q1 27:32)
Davies-Uniacke swerves around Crisp at half forward and kicks to the fat side pocket for Larkey to mark in front of Moore 20m out. This for four for the quarter… it’s good! (Q1 29:02)
Corr roves a bouncing ball near the behind line but dithers and is stripped in a tackle by Kreuger, Schultz pounces for a red time special with seconds to go before QT! (Qtr Time)
Crisp snaps the first goal of Q2 from 40m in front after a rove by Sidebottom and feed from Harrison. But did Scott get a finger on it? Review inconclusive, goal stands. (Q2 6:11)
Hoskin-Elliott curls in a lovely left-foot snap running sideways on the flank 20m out after baulking away from the chasing Comben. (Q2 8:06)
Ford roves and snaps very high from 20m in the pocket, the ball floats to the line and drops for Sidebottom to rush in a contest with Shiels. (Q2 9:39)
Zurhaar marks 45m out on the flank in front of Quaynor. He needs to get one of these on target… this one is a peach! (Q2 10:42)
Josh Daicos’ kicking efficiency has been notably terrible today, a sign that Collingwood are feeling North’s all-ground pressure. (Q2 12:29)
Corr spoils Schultz on the flank 25m out but took his eyes off the ball, perhaps unlucky since the ball hit his body but the ump always pays those as a free. Schultz converts. (Q2 13:07)
Wardlaw passes to Scott near true CHF, both of those Roos have had good days so far and Scott thumps through another big goal for North Melbourne! (Q2 16:46)
Shiels roves 40m out and gives outside to McDonald who blazes off the left… but it flies left and OOTF. (Q2 18:26)
Jiath is pinged for some rather soft contact on Xerri as a loose ball bounces over the boundary 40m out, red hot decision on the first gamer… but Xerri threads the goal! (Q2 21:02)
Hill has the sit at the top of the square and takes a towering speccy on the back of Comben, that was Ashley Sampi areas, then kicks the goal as well! Bobby dazzler! (Q2 24:12)
Maynard is pinged for a slam tackle on Powell on the HFF for North, centring ball to Xerri 45m out on a slight angle. He can kick them from anywhere, the ruckman… this one too! (Q2 26:37)
Sheezel marks a centring ball by Zurhaar in front of Harrison at the hotspot, North is dominating in general play now. Sheezel pops that one through as well, Roos in control! (Q2 29:16)
Teakle bombs long from the HFF to the top of the square, Zurhaar gets a run up and takes a strong chest grab over the pack for another one! (Q2 31:27)
Maynard almost cuts off North’s surge from the first centre bounce of Q3 but coughs it up, Ford has time on the HFF to hits the top of the square for Zurhaar to mark and goal! (Q3 0:48)
McInnes stays low after roving in a pack 35m out and cops an arm over the shoulder by Scott to earn a free, he kicks truly. (Q3 2:23)
Cameron goes back with the flight to intercept at half back and sets Quaynor away to attack up the guts, handball chain ends with Crisp who sizzles a pass to Schultz 35m out, goal. (Q3 5:04)
Wardlaw sharks Crisp’s handball at a stoppage 40m out on the flank, he gives to Phillips who snaps off a step, Curtis shepherds it through for a nice goal! (Q3 7:48)
Josh Daicos misses a flying snap from half forward. (Q3 9:23)
Sidebottom gives behind a ball up to Lipinski who shoots off a few step from 45m on the flank… across the face and OOTF. (Q3 11:05)
Sullivan gathers a bounce handball at 30m on a slight angle and shoots but a late tackle by Xerri pushes the kick wide right. Excellent pressure by the big man. (Q3 11:51)
Collingwood getting a few repeat inside 50s, on the latest one Fisher is pinged for a block on Schultz 40m out on a slight angle. Schultz boots goal number four. (Q3 13:07)
Nick Daicos drops the knees to draw a contact free on McDonald going for a loose ball 40m out on the flank. His kick flirts with the left goalpost but falls in. (Q3 15:21)
Schultz marks 20m out on a slight angle but leaves his set shot narrow to the right, disappointingly. (Q3 17:33)
Pink is perhaps unlucky not to get a HTB free on Moore but from the resultant ball up he does get one on Dean 30m out on the flank. His set shot is a swerver that goes through! (Q3 20:03)
Wardlaw clears from the next bounce, Curtis passes from half forward over the head of Larkey but the ball rolls to Taylor for another one! (Q3 21:33)
Hill marks outside CHF, waits and goes to the lead of Howe in front of Comben deep in the pocket 35m out. Howe’s kick is across the face and rushed. (Q3 22:33)
Jiath lopes through the centre after a releasing handball by Sidebottom and delivers a touch pass to Kreuger 40m out in front, who converts. (Q3 25:23)
Corr is pinged for some more very soft contact on Kreuger going for a Harrison kick to his bootlaces, Kreuger misses from 40m on the flank. (Q3 28:38)
Nick Daicos catches Fisher HTB in the centre, Powell is pinged for timewasting to bring the mark to 40m in front, the set shot is of typically high quality. (Q3 30:36)
Nick Daicos snaps wide from a pack 40m out. (Q4 0:58)
Zurhaar passes to Stephenson to mark in front of Josh Daicos on the boundary 25m out who misses near side left. (Q4 2:57)
Hill marks a Josh Daicos pass 45m out on a slight angle, he tries a pass to Howe that McDonald spoils but the crumb rolls past Fisher for Harrison to goal from 20m. (Q4 4:27)
Hill chips in front of Xerri to pinch a mark 40m out on the flank that the big ruck looked to have covered. Hill’s set shot fades in from right to left for his third goal! (Q4 7:46)
Nick Daicos feeds McCreery for a snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle, that one sails through, Collingwood has a wet sail under the roof! (Q4 9:27)
Sidebottom tumbles a left-foot snap just wide left from the flank 40m out after some frenetic play. (Q4 13:44)
Nick Daicos storms up the centre and goes long over Comben in the hole to Hill at the top of the square for another one for the Pies, just a kick in it now! (Q4 16:43)
Xerri is pinged for a poke in the eye on Kreuger in ruck 30m out on a slight angle, but the kick goes wide left. (Q4 18:28)
Nick Daicos gets a contact free on Stephenson in possession at half forward, his kick to the hotspot is a dirty floater but it’s clunked by Howe for the go-ahead goal! (Q4 20:55)
Larkey marks a Ford pass to the top of the square and gives Teakle a Joe the Goose special to restore North’s lead! (Q4 24:28)
4:42 to go and it’s a ding-dong battle now after being all dong by the Pies in Q4. (Q4 24:38)
Howe marks 50m out on a slight angle, plays on around the mark but just nicks the right goalpost. 3:51 to go, North holding on. (Q4 26:28)
Repeat inside 50 for the Pies after a Fisher kick clanger on rebound, Sidebottom centres to the hotspot where Hill leaps over Archer for a strong chest mark and goals! (Q4 26:58)
Holding free to Davies-Uniacke on McCreery from the centre, no mark and it’s a ball up at the Roo hotspot, 2:39. (Q4 28:28)
Secondary stoppage same spot, 2:34. (Q4 28:58)
Throw a blanket over 20 blokes, another ball up and another one, 2:17. (Q4 29:27)
Hoskin-Elliott dumps a kick from the last line, it falls rather luckily for Harrison who kicks long to the wing, big speccy by Kreuger, clock ticks past 1:35… (Q4 29:56)
Corr intercepts at hits the corridor, Sheezel roves and moves it on but the attack breaks down at half forward, ball up 70m out, 1:10. (Q4 30:42)
Zurhaar roves Scott’s long ball and gives outside to Tucker in the pocket, his kick curls away from the goals, ball in, 20 seconds… (Q4 31:52)
Fisher has the chance off the left on the turn from 25m but his snap wobbles across the face, three seconds left! (Q4 32:33)
Collingwood holds on by a point! (Q4 32:44)

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