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Blog log from R11 of 2024: Adelaide vs West Coast

Blog log for Adelaide vs West Coast, R11 of 2024

Jamaine Jones snaps on the turn off the left from 45m on a slight angle after the opening bounce, but it skews left and OOTF. (Q1 0:33)
Dawson is involved thrice on a rebound around members wing including a long ball over the Eagle defence to two Crows in the square, Sholl wins the raffle for the first goal. (Q1 2:02)
Dawson glides past Crouch for a feed after a mark at CHF, he strokes through the second goal for the Crows off the left. (Q1 6:23)
Schoenberg passes to Cook to mark in front of Hunt 25m out on a slight angle after a rebound around outer wing. Cook kicks straight, Adelaide has the jump at home. (Q1 8:29)
Walker marks in front of Hough 25m out on a slight angle but pushes the set shot to the right. (Q1 11:38)
Ryan misses on the run from 30m on a slight angle. (Q1 12:16)
Walker marks again 45m out on the flank, this set shot is more within the Texan’s wheelhouse and he bangs it through. (Q1 14:56)
Cook roves a Walker contest on the HFF and kicks to the fat side flank for Chayce Jones 20m out, he converts. One-way traffic early. (Q1 18:07)
Dawson runs from the next bounce to receive from Burgess and bounce through his second goal from 40m, this is a destroyation now. (Q1 19:33)
McGovern is pinged under the stand rule to bring Cook to the hotspot for another one. (Q1 21:21)
Burgess snaps off a step from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle off his left, but it floats wide right. (Q1 23:04)
Reid swerves at half forward and tries to snap off his left, rather weak but floats to the pocket for Maric to mark over Keane 20m out and miss. (Q1 29:19)
Hough intercepts a Keane free kick from the back pocket to CHF for the Eagles, but misses to the right. (Q2 5:01)
After roving on outer wing, repeat inside 50 kick by Kelly to Jack Williams 45m out on a slight angle who finally gets the first goal for West Coast. (Q2 6:01)
Chesser smothers Sholl at half forward, Waterman roves and gets caught high by Sholl 45m out near the boundary, but misses. (Q2 8:18)
Sholl passes to the lead of Fogarty 45m out on the flank whose set shot is short for no score. (Q2 9:46)
Walker baulks two onrushing Eagles in the pocket but snaps across the face from 25m. (Q2 11:45)
Reid passes to Cripps in the pocket 20m out who curls in his first goal off the right boot. (Q2 12:30)
Soligo roves a Cook contest 20m out and tumbles through a goal. (Q2 14:22)
Keays intercepts a short rebound kick by McGovern in front of Ginbey, he slots the goal from 45m on a slight angle. (Q2 17:02)
Rachele marks a Butts kick to the hotspot over Rotham who was supposed to be in the hole. The Rash converts. (Q2 20:17)
Schoenberg marks 40m out in front for another one and gets mobbed by teammates, after a long time out with injury. (Q2 25:47)
Waterman takes a pack mark at the hotspot for his first goal, belatedly. (Q2 26:02)
McGovern bustles over Murphy at half back but is pinged for a throw. Murphy lines up from 40m on the flank and kicks the goal. (Q2 27:57)
Fogarty screws in a set shot from the pocket 20m out with seconds to go before HT. (Q2 30:17)
Burgess marks a Walker kick to the top of the square and gives a Joe the Goose special to Keays to kick off second half junk time. (Q3 2:00)
Waterman roves a BJ Williams contest in the pocket and snaps narrow to the left off his right. (Q3 6:02)
Keays snaps across the face from 30m on the flank with Walker watching it sail over his head in the square. (Q3 7:05)
Fogarty passes across half forward to Rachele 45m out on a slight angle, who misses. (Q3 9:45)
Chayce Jones roves a long ball to a pack 30m out on a slight angle and goals under a Kelly tackle. (Q3 13:30)
Dawson feeds Chayce Jones for another one from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 17:51)
Crouch misses a mid-range snap. It’s ducks in a shooting gallery. (Q3 18:33)
Maric feeds Jamaine Jones for a snap off the left across the body from 40m in the corridor, that one flies wide left. (Q3 20:50)
Fogarty keeps his feet after contesting against Barrass on outer wing, crumb over the back and he saunters to 40m on the flank for some more junk. (Q3 24:26)
Reid goals from a stoppage 20m out on a slight angle to a chorus of boos from the home crowd. (Q3 26:11)
Duggan receives from Reid to kick from the next centre bounce, Keane complains about Darling shepherding him out but the ump pays the mark to Maric… who misses from 20m. (Q3 27:59)
Walker marks 40m out on a slight angle just before the 3QT siren for another one. (Q3 32:03)
Yeo hits the lead of Darling in front of Borlase 40m out on the flank, set shot is a peach. (Q4 1:06)
O’Brien marks a Keays kick from outer wing to 30m on a slight angle for a rare goal. (Q4 8:18)
Crouch feeds Dawson for a miss from 55m on a slight angle. (Q4 13:21)
Rachele sends through some more garbage from 30m. (Q4 15:17)
Keays feeds O’Brien who snap wide left from 30m. (Q4 17:08)
Reid leaps over a pack on the HFF for a contested grab, his kick falls short for Cripps to rove and miss. (Q4 21:50)
Walker passes to Burgess at the hotspot, Sheed barrels into him from behind to break his own nose, 50m penalty to add to the pain with the goal. (Q4 24:52)

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