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Blog log from R11 of 2024: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R11 of 2024

Hawks get the first centre clearance but Zorko zips away to start a fast break rebound that ends with Ryan to goal from 20m over the back of Jiath. (Q1 1:07)
Lohmann bounces a snap wide left from half forward after the next bounce. (Q1 2:09)
Daniher passes over Amon to Cameron 25m out on a slight angle, who shanks OOTF to the right. (Q1 4:53)
Sicily turns the ball over shanking from the back pocket, McCluggage handballs but gets caught high by Day 45m out in the corridor, Clug hoofs it left. (Q1 6:23)
Day receives outside a stoppage on the HFF and spears a pass to the pocket for Gunston to mark leading in front of Andrews 20m out, he screws in the first major for the Hawks. (Q1 10:18)
D’Ambrosio roves a Ginnivan contest and snap across the body off the left from 30m on a slight angle but curls it across the face. (Q1 12:53)
Ginnivan gives to a flat-footed Mackenzie at a stoppage 45m out on a slight angle, Mackenzie realises he has a path to get onto his right for a snap, it falls in! (Q1 16:35)
Zorko roves a Weddle spoil at CHF and kicks to the square, Cameron contests but Mitchell manages to spoil it for a point. (Q1 19:26)
The Hawks go coast to coast around outer wing at pace, Day feeds Macdonald to steam down the flank to 35m but miss. (Q1 20:02)
Mackenzie sends a repeat inside 50 long ball to the top of the square for Chol to contest, crumb to the front where Ginnivan roves and draws a high contact free on Zorko, goal. (Q1 20:50)
Day marks the next centre clearance by Mackenzie just outside 50m, Zorko is pinged for timewasting by not clearing the mark, another easy goal from the square for Hawthorn. (Q1 23:08)
Zorko burns the ball on rebound by foot, Gunston’s set shot from 45m falls on the behind line to be rushed. (Q1 25:08)
Jiath intercepts Payne on the HFF and goes inside for Amon just inside 50m out on a slight angle, Karl is a lovely kick normally but he shanks OOTF to the right. (Q1 26:05)
Lester smothers Moore deep in the pocket to prevent another Hawthorn score. (Q1 28:24)
Cameron misses a snap from CHF to the left. (Q2 0:21)
Dear misses a long-range set shot after some quality disposal by D’Ambrosio. (Q2 2:21)
Sicily roves an Ah Chee contest at the hotspot but handballs straight to Morris, who breaks a Scrimshaw tackle and snaps a fine goal across the body. (Q2 3:37)
Day feeds Mackenzie on outer wing who kicks to a phonebox 40m out on the flank for Chol to lead into for the mark, he kicks straight. (Q2 6:53)
Worpel clears from the next centre bounce for Moore to leap and mark in front of McKenna 40m out in the corridor, he slots the goal as well! (Q2 8:38)
Worpel fends off Berry and exits the next bounce out the front as well, short pass to Chol to mark easily in front of Payne 35m out for another one! (Q2 10:03)
Lohmann kicks from a pack on members wing to Cameron who beats Scrimshaw to mark 25m out in the pocket…. but he leaves the set shot narrow to the right. (Q2 12:33)
Sicily has tried a few long passes today that haven’t worked but he delivers a trace bullet from members wing to Dear 45m out on the flank who goals! (Q2 14:23)
Answerth goes long from outside CHF to Cameron over the back of Jiath in the pocket 20m. Charlie tries a screwing set shot this time, and curls it in. (Q2 17:41)
Impey blazes wide from 50m on a slight angle with a sack of a kick, playing on to advantage. (Q2 19:35)
Daniher feeds behind for Bailey at half forward, he baulks past two Hawks and snaps a lovely goal from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 21:52)
Morris marks and converts from 40m on the flank, Lions now back in the game. (Q2 25:15)
Chol strips Wilmot at a stoppage deep in attack for Hawthorn, Gunston roves and gets tackled by two Lions but Lester is pinged for high contact, goal Gunston just on HT! (Half Time)
Berry marks a Neale pass near CHF and gives off to Daniher who hooks it right. (Q3 1:47)
Scrimshaw is pinged for a hold on Cameron to prevent him flying for a mark 40m out on a slight angle, but again the set shot flies wide right. (Q3 3:01)
Hawthorn rebound by hand around outer wing, Weddle receives from Newcombe but blazes from 50m on a slight angle over the head of Gunston for a point to the left. (Q3 7:01)
Neale intercepts Scrimshaw on the HFF and goes quickly inboard to Lohmann 30m out on a slight angle, who kicks straight. All Brisbane to begin the second half. (Q3 7:55)
Lohmann beats Frost to a loose ball and snaps across the body off the left from 40m on a slight angle, but it wibbles to the right. (Q3 11:00)
Ah Chee roves a Daniher contest and tries a Daicos special from the boundary 15m out but it turns too early, Weddle was there anyway. (Q3 12:13)
Berry kicks over a pack from the HFF to Lohmann out the back at the hotspot who slots back to back goals. Lions back within a couple of kicks. (Q3 13:57)
Frost has a gallop after intercepting Neale at half back, D’Ambrosio passes to Gunston 45m out on the flank who kicks over the goalpost for a behind. (Q3 17:59)
Fletcher should have been pinged for HTB in the centre but Daniher gets an arm chop free on Sicily 40m out on a slight angle for the goal. (Q3 20:02)
Rayner feeds Reville for a flying snap from 45m on a slight angle after the next bounce but it flies wide right. (Q3 21:02)
Macdonald roves at the hotspot but hoofs it to the left. (Q3 22:57)
McKenna snaps across the face for a point from the HFF after a feed by Lohmann. (Q3 26:48)
Impey puts the afterburners on for a scoot towards CHF, he chooses a pass to Gunston leading out the square to 20m, who curls in his third goal off the left boot. (Q3 27:50)
Ah Chee has both Sicily and Amon to contest again for a long ball to the square but it’s spoiled for a point. (Q4 3:30)
Dear is over the back of Andrews for a long Newcombe ball to the top of the square for a steadying goal for the Hawks, his second. (Q4 5:07)
Zorko has had a target on his back from the umpires all day and he gives away another free in midfield, advantage paid and Macdonald marks 40m out on a slight angle for a big goal! (Q4 8:30)
McCluggage receives from Lohmann with back to goal on the flank 45m out, hurries a blind kick towards goal but ends up going over Rayner’s head and OOTF across the face. (Q4 13:11)
McInerney down to Lohmann at a throw in to 20m but Weddle’s tackle forces the dribbler to roll narrow to the left. (Q4 14:05)
Nash has done bugger all today but he kicks long under Dunkley pressure from the centre for Chol to juggle a mark in front of Payne 20m out, he converts. (Q4 15:05)
Hawks looked out of juice early in Q3 but the Lions couldn’t convert their dominance into enough scoreboard nourishment, now Hawthorn is scoring with a second wind under the roof. (Q4 16:10)
Rayner gives to Bailey who snaps on the turn from 20m in front after the next bounce, but Bailey’s cobwebs pull the ball wide to the left. (Q4 16:50)
Bailey rolls through a goal from a stoppage in the pocket, roving McInerney at full pace on a set play with Amon on his ginger. (Q4 19:50)
Seven minutes to go and Hawks are three kicks up, they could still lose by ten goals if the last thirty seconds of last week’s game are any guide. (Q4 20:50)
Newcombe feeds Breust for a snap from a stoppage in the pocket 25m out but it’s wide right. (Q4 21:52)
Lester turns the ball over on outer wing on a rebound, Breust passes to Gunston 40m out on the flank. This would be the sealer, he slots it! (Q4 23:53)
Daniher marks on the lead 40m out in front and kicks straight with a drop punt. Three straight kicks in it, 2:30 to go. (Q4 27:36)
Mackenzie marks 40m out on the flank but hits the post. Handy point? (Q4 29:21)
Breust goals from 40m on a slight angle after the final siren for a cherry on top! (Q4 31:36)

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