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Blog log from R10 of 2024: Collingwood vs Adelaide

Blog log for Collingwood vs Adelaide, R10 of 2024

De Goey feeds Pendlebury to waddle to the hotspot and pop through the first goal of the day. (Q1 1:58)
Nick Daicos misses Hill centring from the pocket to the square, ball pitches behind him and rolls across the face for a behind. (Q1 6:34)
Schultz snaps narrow to the left from a pack 25m out in the pocket. (Q1 8:14)
Butts intercepts Josh Daicos’ rebound kick over a pack on members wing and goes back to the boundary 40m out for Himmelberg to mark and miss near side right. (Q1 13:10)
Crouch kicks from the HFF in rather ugly fashion to the pocket 20m out but it swerves past Moore to Walker for the chest mark, who finally gets Adelaide’s opening major. (Q1 16:00)
Noble slips over on the HBF and coughs up the footy, Murphy roves and feeds Rachele who has Cook over the back for an easy mark and goal from 20m. (Q1 17:34)
Pendlebury snaps his second goal from the same spot as his first, this one from a ball up. (Q1 21:08)
Jones roves at a throw-in to 40m and gives to Murphy who slots the snap off the left with a drop punt, his first goal of the year. (Q1 25:56)
Pendlebury hits the lead of Hoskin-Elliott 45m out on a slight angle from the next bounce after a feed by Crisp. WHE kicks his first goal. (Q1 27:02)
De Goey marks 45m out in the corridor and shows no signs of lingering problems with his groin injury, he levers that one home. (Q1 30:13)
Hinge gets a terrible bounce chasing a crumb in the back pocket after a Sullivan centre clearance, Richards roves and goals. (Q2 0:41)
Hill leads out of the square into a phonebox in front of Hamill to mark a Noble pass to the hotspot for his first goal, occasioning a little dance to celebrate the round. (Q2 3:11)
A rare centre clearance for the Crows this time, Walker marks a Crouch pass over Maynard 45m out on a slight angle but misses to the right. (Q2 3:34)
Schultz dives to mark a Noble pass near the boundary 40m out in front of Hamill, hits his head on the turf but takes the kick, falls on the line, did O’Brien touch it? Late, goal! (Q2 9:24)
Schultz tries to roll a snap from 45m all the way, McInnes and Jones chase it to the square, again it’s a terrible bounce for Adelaide and McInnes goals with ease. (Q2 12:11)
Murphy roves a chaos ball near the hotspot and gives to Keays who hoofs it off his left wide, disappointingly. Needed a right foot, chose a checkside that didn’t bend. (Q2 14:11)
Keays and then Walker both snap OOTF from heavy traffic at half forward. It doesn’t seem to be Adelaide’s day in any way. (Q2 19:15)
Dawson marks outside CHF, waits then picks out a nice pass to Himmelberg 40m out in front. The peroxided Crow kicks the goal. (Q2 22:12)
Murphy roves in the pocket and gives inside to Fogarty who baulks away from a chaser and goals from the top of the square. (Q2 26:03)
Rachele marks an intelligent Murphy long ball from the HFF to the fat side 25m out on a slight angle, he slots the goal and the Crows are back in it! (Q2 28:12)
Walker plays on after marking a Sholl pass 45m out in front but misses to the right. (Q3 1:05)
Colligwood rebounds through the centre on a fast break, Hill marks 40m out and goes short to McInnes 30m out on a slight angle who converts. (Q3 3:26)
Walker goes over Quaynor for Murphy to feed Sholl for the goal from 20m after a rebound around members wing. (Q3 8:57)
De Goey gives inside in the centre to Noble who breaks a Smith tackle to run to CHF and slam through a big goal in his 100th game! (Q3 13:57)
Keays passes to the pocket for Fogarty to mark over Quaynor 25m out, he tries a curling set shot and nails it. Adelaide keeping in touch. (Q3 18:20)
Cox misses a snap from a stoppage in the pocket. (Q3 20:21)
Crisp snaps a goal from 20m after receiving from Harrison. (Q3 22:22)
Josh Daicos receives from brother Nick and jets away from the next bounce to hit the lead of De Goey 30m out, nothing Keane could do there… but he misses. (Q3 23:42)
Nankervis gets out of trouble at half forward, Crouch passes short to Keays 45m out on a slight angle, who runs past the man on the mark and misses to the left. (Q3 25:29)
Hill soccers a point from the boundary 20m after Michalanney fumbles a ground ball. (Q4 0:31)
Dawson sets Rachele off to run onto a kick to grass ahead of Sidebottom and roll through the goal from 20m. (Q4 2:49)
Rankine passes to Walker 50m out on a slight angle who gives off to Hinge, shot swerves left to right and over for a big goal to bring the margin back within a kick! (Q4 7:48)
Murphy passes short to Jones 40m out on the flank on the end of a flowing rebound switching from outer side to the Ponsford Stand pocket. Jones misses to the left. (Q4 9:48)
Rankine roves a stoppage in the pocket, busts through Josh and Nick Daicos and rolls through a Daicos special from 20m to give Adelaide the lead! And shushed the crowd! (Q4 18:29)
Seven minutes left and it’s Adelaide away to Collingwood, someone’s going to end up unlucky and usually it’s Crom. (Q4 19:46)
Hill passes short to De Goey who marks just outside 50m on a slight angle, goes back for the set shot but tugs it left. (Q4 20:18)
Nick Daicos snaps from a ball up 40m out on a slight angle but this one skews way to the left and OOTF. (Q4 22:49)
Rachele misses across the face from the HFF. 3:26 to go, still a kick in it. (Q4 23:49)
Keays has his snap smothered at half forward, Collingwood rebounds up the guts via Crisp, then Nick Daicos kicks to De Goey, Keane falls over to allow the mark 40m out, goal Pies! (Q4 25:05)
1:58 to go, and this is just the sort of game that Adelaide always lose and Collingwood always win. (Q4 25:49)
Rankine catches Nick Daicos HTB after the next bounce and kicks towards Walker, pack forms 40m out, 1:37 to go. (Q4 26:50)
Secondary ball up same spot, 1:29. (Q4 27:05)
Nankervis feeds Walker who handballs to grass, Noble roves and kicks to the wing but Cox is pinged for contact on Butts, 1:09 left… (Q4 27:29)
Hill relieves to the wing, Cox takes it out, ball in, 43 seconds left. (Q4 28:05)
Another throw in members wing, 26 seconds. (Q4 28:48)
Rankine roves and speeds away from Josh Daicos, long ball, big pack flies, ump pays a free kick against Rankine for running too far, that’s the ball game! (Q4 30:04)

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