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Blog log from R5 of 2024: West Coast vs Richmond

Blog log for West Coast vs Richmond, R5 of 2024

Lefau leads from the square in front of Barrass to mark a Dow kick from the centre at the hotspot for the first goal of the Western Australian afternoon. (Q1 1:32)
McIntosh runs around outer wing and goes long to the square where Rioli marks… but plays on and gets smothered by Witherden… then Bolton cleans it up for the goal. (Q1 4:12)
Daniel Rioli props on outer wing after Baker’s centre clearance and hits the lead of Bolton in front of Hough 45m out on the flank. The set shot stays right. (Q1 5:36)
Waterman beats Miller to mark a long ball to a pack 35m out on the flank but misses to the left. (Q1 6:32)
McIntosh passes to the dive of Maurice Rioli jnr 45m out on a slight angle, this time he goes back for the set shot and hooks it left and OOTF. (Q1 9:32)
Rotham misses a target by foot at half back on a very slow rebound, Martin sets up Bolton to snap the goal from 30m in front. Crowd was hooting, now they’re grumbling! (Q1 12:12)
Mansell roves Graham’s clearance at half forward and feeds Baker zooming past from a stoppage on outer wing, he baulks clear and snaps an impressive goal from 30m in front! (Q1 15:32)
Maurice Rioli jnr marks 40m out on a slight angle, closer to his range here but the kick fades to the right. (Q1 19:17)
Short nicks the near right goalpost with a flying snap from 50m on the flank. (Q1 20:14)
Darling marks a Cole clearance kick 30m out on the flank in front of Young and kicks straight. (Q1 24:33)
Reid boots the second goal for the Eagles, about time they woke up from a very quiet start. (Q1 28:34)
Waterman beats Miller to mark and kicks the goal from 40m on a slight angle in the last seconds before QT. (Q1 29:18)
Jack Williams clunks a nice pack mark 50m out on a slight angle from a long Ginbey speculator from the centre, his set shot is a peach! (Q2 2:29)
Reid runs away from Nankervis on outer wing and goes long to the teeth of goal, Waterman marks over the back near the behind line and goals. (Q2 3:59)
Baker passes towards the boundary for Bolton to mark in front of Hough, he slots the goal from 40m. (Q2 8:41)
Chesser passes up the guts to Cripps 45m out, whose set shot starts right of the post but swings inside late for the goal! (Q2 11:08)
Petruccelle goals on the run from 50m on a slight angle after Yeo roves in a pack on the wing to start an attack. (Q2 14:44)
Pickett misses a snap from half forward on the spin. (Q2 15:40)
Ralphsmith marks behind Hunt running forward to 40m on a slight angle, but his high set shot drop punt is wide left. (Q2 17:37)
Darling receives from Reid and passes to Yeo in the pocket 25m out, he curls in the goal off the left boot. (Q2 18:42)
Waterman makes Young look like a tree with a contested mark of a long Petruccelle 30m out, turn and hare into the open goal. (Q2 21:59)
Mansell roves and spins in the pocket to feed Lefau, who has Sonsie on his own in the square for a goal. (Q2 24:10)
Maurice Rioli jnr hits a crumb at full pace at half forward, fends off like he’s Gary Ablett snr and goals on the burst from 40m on a slight angle! What more can you say?! (Q2 25:55)
Waterman beats Young one out to mark a long Yeo kick from the HFF to the top of the square for his fourth goal! (Q2 28:00)
Ginbey runs to CHF after the next bounce and kicks long… Darling marks over Broad on the behind line but shanks the kick OOTF off the left. (Q2 30:27)
Darling feeds Petruccelle who curls a snap from the pocket 25m out, was it off hands of Miller in the square? No, another goal to the Eagles who are on FIYAH! (Q2 32:25)
Graham comes in hot at a stoppage and catches Yeo high in possession, bit of a knee drop but it was there. The kick from 50m on a slight angle is short for no score. (Q2 35:40)
Bailey Williams gets a ruck free on Nankervis for a block from the resultant ball up near the goalsquare, but misses from five metres on a tight angle. (Q2 36:57)
Reid feeds behind a stoppage in the pocket to Kelly who misses from 35m. (Q3 1:47)
Yeo snaps his second goal from 45m on a slight angle after roving a stripping Long tackle on Baker. (Q3 4:02)
Cripps spots up the lead of Waterman 35m out on a slight angle, who shanks a behind to the right. (Q3 6:02)
Reid fends off Martin in a pack on outer wing, long ball to Waterman who again beats Miller 40m out near the boundary but his kick is short for no score. (Q3 9:01)
Waterman marks a Yeo clearance kick in front of Vlastuin next to the behind post. Going for goal number five, tough angle… it’s good. (Q3 10:57)
Duggan wobbles a kick inside 50, Cripps goes back with the flight to reach it before two Tiger defenders and claim the mark 40m out in the corridor. He converts. (Q3 12:42)
Waterman draws a holding free on the hapless Miller 20m out on a slight angle and shoots for his sixth major… chips it through. (Q3 15:42)
Darling marks in front of Young in the pocket 25m out but shoots left. (Q3 19:42)
Broad is pinged for holding on a tackle too long after a stoppage in the pocket, Cripps lines up from 35m and shanks, ball carried over for a behind. (Q3 22:33)
Bolton marks a Mansell pass in the pocket and quickly centres for Martin 35m out on a slight angle. Dusty kicks a junk time goal. (Q3 23:58)
Reid sets up Cole to run across CHF to 40m for a miss. (Q3 26:45)
Cole passes to Brockman 45m out on a slight angle after Reid engineers yet another clearance in midfield. The ex-Hawk hooks left. (Q3 28:38)
Bolton passes while being pushed over by Hough on the HFF, almost an impossible kick but it goes straight to Lefau in the pocket 15m out who hits the post. (Q3 30:09)
Lefau marks a long Graham kick up the guts to the hotspot for the first goal of Q4 garbage time. (Q4 2:39)
Campbell roves and misses near the hotspot. (Q4 8:12)
Bailey Williams feeds a Joe the Goose special to Chesser. (Q4 10:04)
Mansell gathers a loose footy on the HBF and tries to barrel over Hunt but gets caught HTB, kick is off hands for a behind into the post. (Q4 12:42)
Lefau takes another contested grab 20m out for some junk. (Q4 16:24)
Lefau marks on the lead in front of Witherden 30m out on a slight angle but misses to the left. (Q4 25:10)
Long passes to Cripps in lots of space on the HFF, he burns Waterman inside and goes himself on the lope from 40m… and misses across the face. (Q4 27:44)

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