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Blog log from R5 of 2024: Port Adelaide vs Fremantle

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Fremantle, R5 of 2024

A Johnson dump kick is sent to the pocket where Taberner is unable to hold onto the mark and taps the ball through for a behind to open the scoring tonight (Q1 9:49)
Rozee grubbers a kick inside 50 to the feet of Marshall who gathers and flicks it back to Powell-Pepper, he swings around on his left but shanks it through for a point (Q1 11:28)
A slick handball chain through the middle of the ground sees Clark find Amiss on the lead 30m out dead in front. It’s a simple kick, and Amiss kicks the first goal of the game! (Q1 13:59)
Rioli snaps a low dart out of congestion to find Georgiades on his own inside 50. He runs in along the flank to kick from 35m out, and slots the goal with composure! (Q1 18:55)
A 50m penalty sees Pearce jog to the centre of the ground before he too gives off to Clark on the run, Banfield is in best position to mark and does so, before kicking the goal! (Q1 20:56)
Butters streams through the middle of the ground after a slick 1-2 before looping a pass over the top to Byrne-Jones. He runs inside 50 and kicks, but hooks left for a point (Q1 23:23)
Byrne-Jones marks on the flank 50m out, he then spies a Marshall run into the pocket and kicks that way. Marshall marks and snaps it through with a cool finish! (Q1 26:24)
Butters hacks a kick out of the pack after a forward contest, it flies towards goal, but thuds into the post (Q1 29:12)
Rioli whips another blind kick inside 50 and finds the chest of Wines. His kick drops to the square and it’s Dixon who monsters the pack to mark! He slots the kick and is fired up! (Q2 2:24)
Pearce gives off to Clark as he streams down the forward flank. Clark lets rip from 50m out, but his kick wobbles through for a point (Q2 4:39)
It’s a chaotic scramble in the forward pocket for Freo, the ball is left for Amiss to chip a dinky kick into the square, Taberner and Aliir battle for it, but Aliir slaps it over (Q2 9:42)
Amiss beats out Zerk-Thatcher on the wing and wheels and goes inside 50 to Treacy who beats Aliir in a 1 on 1 to mark 35m out. Treacy converts the chance for Freo! (Q2 13:09)
Brayshaw is dumped after he disposes of the ball and a downfield free kick is paid to Treacy 30m out on an angle. He squeezes the kick through for 2 goals in quick fashion! (Q2 15:05)
It’s a game of hot potato inside 50 as Treacy chains up several handballs, just to end up marking the ball 30m out on the opposite flank. He goals, and he’s kicked 3 in 5 minutes! (Q2 17:40)
Serong kicks long to the square and the ball goes to ground where Zerk-Thatcher manages to rush it through under some pressure (Q2 26:41)
A Power surge sees Freo pushed backwards into their D50. Clark handballs to Hughes who dithers on the next move and is caught by Rozee. The captain kicks from 40 out for a point. (Q2 28:12)
Burgoyne sends the ball back inside 50 from the kick in, Clark has ball in hand but handballs into the chest of Dixon, McEntee gathers, and dribbles through a point. (Half Time)
Rozee is cleaned up late by Banfield and a downfield free is paid to Powell-Pepper as a result. He kicks from 25m out in the pocket, and shanks it right for a point (Q3 5:14)
Burton receives the ball in space at half forward and hoofs the ball from outside 50. It soars high, but off to the left for a point (Q3 6:50)
Draper coughs up a free kick to Marshall after a Rioli pop kick inside 50. He opts for the drop punt along the boundary line, and kicks it across the face for no score (Q3 7:54)
Port chip it across the 50m arc ending with Bergman along the boundary. He loads up on his right and powers through a goal to regain the lead! (Q3 16:10)
A loopy handball from Treacy finds Sharp on the wing and he kicks deep to a 2 on 2 where Emmett takes a strong mark. He kicks from 30m out and squeezes it through for a goal! (Q3 20:58)
Soldo throws the ball out at the following centre bounce and Serong kicks inside 50 as Taberner dumps his man to take a mark on the lead 35m out. He goals as the lead goes up to 10 (Q3 23:10)
Drew’s kick following a forward stoppage is impeded but Bergman is there to gather and snap from the pocket, it goes high and bends back, but not soon enough. Behind. (Q3 25:13)
Serong surges the ball forward to Switkowski who’s in space and puts the jets on, he blazes away but wastes his chance kicking wide for a point. (Q3 27:12)
Georgiades sends a ball deep into the pocket which Ryan spoils. Byrne-Jones gets away with a throw to Rioli who has the space to snap across his body and goal! (Q3 28:30)
Aliir is hung out to dry by Ratugolea as O’Meara pings him HTB on the flank. He kicks for goal to the boos of the Port faithful, and pushes it wide for a behind (Q3 30:41)
Port get on the counter, moving quickly in the shadows of 3QT. Powell-Pepper blasts it long but it gets out the back and Walker is able to rush it over (3 Qtr Time)
Amiss feeds a handball back to Johnson in the pocket who opts for a checkside kick. It curves into the point post for no score. (Q4 2:30)
Butters burns off Clark in the middle of the ground and streams to 50m out before taking a shot at goal. It hangs out right and drops late for Ryan to mark on the line. (Q4 3:49)
Fremantle rush from end to end, ending with a Treacy kick to Amiss who marks and wears the contact from Zerk-Thatcher. He takes a minute to compose himself and kicks his second! (Q4 5:53)
Mead dumps a ball to the square and Rioli, but Ryan spoils the mark before Butters darts through for the crumb, a quick sidestep, and goal! (Q4 7:15)
Zerk-Thatcher manages to rush through a behind following a throw-in in Port’s D50 (Q4 9:06)
Houston spanks a ball inside 50 and Georgiades has worked off his man to stand alone and mark. He kicks from 35m out on a tight angle, and his kick sticks right for a point (Q4 11:33)
Wines bullocks through a forward stoppage to get a shot away, but it’s touched off the boot and is a point regardless (Q4 14:56)
Farrell hacks a sky-ball in the back pocket and it flies out on the full. It’s Banfield who lines up for the shot, but he sends it directly out on the full. (Q4 17:51)
Brayshaw gathers a Taberner fumble following a Banfield mongrel kick forward, he has the space to take a shot and blasts through a massive goal as the lead goes up to 9! (Q4 22:32)
Bergman marks a long Aliir kick just outside 50. It’s within his wheelhouse and he loads up with a big kick, but it’s the Freo captain Pearce on the line who gets a hand on it! (Q4 25:36)
Bergman involved again as he sends it inside 50. Port need a hero and it’s Dixon who takes a massive mark 25m out from goal! He kicks true and it’s back to 2 points! (Q4 26:59)
Butters puts the wheels on out of the middle, his kick goes to ground and it’s Rozee who cleans up to find Horne-Francis in the pocket. It’s a massive moment, and JHF GOALS! (Q4 28:10)
A shocker from Byrne-Jones sees Freo regain possession with 2 minutes on the clock (Q4 29:33)
Throw-in at half forward for Freo. 1:45. (Q4 30:12)
Fyfe finds Serong with a handpass in congestion. Serong straightens up and kicks for goal, but his kick slides wide for a point. Under 90 seconds now, 3 points. (Q4 31:10)
Aish is caught cold by Rioli on the defensive flank. 1:08 on the clock as Port look to wind it down (Q4 31:56)
A free kick is paid to Dixon but Port take advantage and the ball is taken over the line at Freo’s defensive flank. 38 seconds. (Q4 32:29)
An out on the full sees Freo regain possession with 30 seconds left. One last roll of the dice (Q4 32:56)
A hack kick by Jackson is picked off by Farrell inside his D50. The seconds wind down, and it’s Port Adelaide who hold on in a thriller! (Final Siren)

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