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Blog log from GF of 2023: Collingwood vs Brisbane

Blog log for Collingwood vs Brisbane, GF of 2023

Nick Daicos roves a stoppage at the Pies hotspot and drops the knees to draw a high contact free on Berry for the first goal of the grand final. (Q1 4:19)
Clearances already piling up for Collingwood, Elliott taps to McCreery who goes to Hill 25m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly! (Q1 6:03)
Moore comes in hot to catch Hipwood high chasing a ground ball deep in the pocket 20m out. From the Dom Sheed pocket… Hipwood shanks OOTF across the face. (Q1 8:43)
McInerney taps wide of a ball up on the HFF straight to the lap of Bailey who scoots around the boundary to 40m and slots the first major for Brisbane! (Q1 10:56)
Berry just does enough to stop McCreery marking the pocket, McCreery butters up and tries to baulk inside but Wilmot’s chase forces his grubber wide from 20m. (Q1 15:43)
Elliott marks 50m out near the boundary but tugs it left and OOTF. (Q1 16:34)
Robertson soccers from a stoppage on the wing, ball bounces up for Hipwood to gather in front of Moore and feed McCarthy going past, running snap from 50m on a slight angle, goal! (Q1 20:33)
Bailey receives from Daniher on the HFF, runs to the boundary, has two Pies chasing, breaks through a tackle and screws through another pearler from 35m! (Q1 24:55)
Murphy it was with the missed tackle, plus Cox as the bollard that Bailey ran around. (Q1 25:25)
Cox drifts from the side of a pack to take an impressive contested grab 30m out on the flank, but he misses near side right. (Q1 27:49)
McCreery bodies Gardiner off a kick to the pocket, Mihocek roves and shoots off a step from 25m on the boundary… that’s good! Pies regain the lead in red time. (Q1 30:30)
Credit to Markov for a tackle to force a Rayner turnover in midfield leading to that goal. (Q1 31:44)
Crisp receives from Pendlebury to scoot away from a stoppage on members wing, he reaches 50m on a slight angle but tugs the running snap wide right. (Q1 32:42)
Pies owning territory late in Q1, Quaynor passes short to De Goey 50m out on a slight angle. QT siren goes, De Goey roosts the big goal! (Q1 33:47)
Dunkley gets a holding free on De Goey after the first bounce of Q2, McInerney provides a crumb from Lester’s speculator, Cameron roves and his first touch is a goal from 40m! (Q2 0:52)
Cameron scrubs a chaos ball to the hotspot where Ah Chee roves and gives outside to McCluggage who also had a quiet Q1, Clug wobbles through the go-ahead goal off the left! (Q2 2:37)
Neale roves a Cox fumble and swerves onto his right from 45m on a slight angle… but tugs it left. (Q2 3:47)
Mitchell passes to Hill 40m out on the flank after a rebound around members wing, with Coleman giving him too much leg rope. Bobby kicks truly. (Q2 5:07)
Slingshot play caused by a turnover on outer wing, Cameron does a one-two with McCarthy and races into the open goal! (Q2 8:12)
Rayner’s smother on Markov caused that goal. (Q2 8:32)
McCreery kicks very high and just wide left from a pack near the hotspot. (Q2 9:55)
Wilmot’s chase again forces a McCreery snap wide, this one from 55m in front to an empty square. (Q2 15:13)
Surge footy for Brisbane from half forward with strong work by Robertson sets up Daniher to stroll into the open goal! (Q2 16:47)
Bailey mows down a dithering McCreery 45m out on a slight angle to win a HTB free. He tugs the set shot way wide left, though. (Q2 19:24)
McCluggage roves and gives wide to the Cameron Mooney pocket for McCarthy who threads the goal from 25m! (Q2 20:12)
Crisp earns a contact free 45m out on the flank and roosts a fine set shot for a goal ahainst the flow! (Q2 21:44)
Markov runs free on a switch play but blazes wide from 55m on a slight angle with a lot of options inside. (Q2 23:24)
Starcevich puts his hand up as Howe’s kick inside 50 is coming straight out of the sun, Hill takes a screamer on his back 30m out in front, Bobby boots his third goal! (Q2 24:48)
Another quick Collingwood centre clearance, Ginnivan marks 40m out on the flank and tries a screwing set shot that falls short to be rushed off the pack. (Q2 26:41)
Dunkley has a moment to measure a kick on the HFF outside a pack, he chooses a pass to Cameron but Quaynor wrestles and the ball bounces wide for a point. (Q2 28:02)
Kicking the ball in Hill’s direction is good areas today, he can’t mark a long ball to the pocket but gathers and spins onto his left for goal number four from 20m! (Q2 30:53)
Daniher leads to the pocket ahead of Moore to clunk a McCluggage pass from outside CHF. Joe shoots from 20m to a chorus of boos to once again level the scores… good. (Q2 32:34)
Hoskin-Elliott passes to Crisp 45m out on a slight angle just before the HT siren. Red time goals have been sensational for Collingwood in this game… this delivers the HT lead! (Q2 35:35)
Frampton soccers wide after wrestling with Andrews for a ground ball near the behind line. (Q3 0:53)
Lester’s roves Cox’s contest to Elliott’s pass to the pocket but his dump kick is straight back to Elliott 45m out on the flank. Billy has been quiet… kick is short, no score. (Q3 4:58)
Maynard comes in hot to take Dunkley high but somehow is paid a HTB free, his set shot drifts into the post from 45m on the flank, footy gods grimace. (Q3 10:21)
Markov is pinged for 50m for encroachment after a McCluggage mark to take the spot from outer wing to the flank 35m out. Clug just avoids the right goalpost, big goal! (Q3 11:53)
Mihocek taps a bouncing ball in the pocket to Ginnivan who tries a Daicos special off the left from 20m… bounces into the near left goalpost. (Q3 17:48)
Lipinski roves and shoots off a step from a stoppage 20m out on the boundary but it’s way wide right and OOTF. (Q3 19:07)
Daniher takes a big link mark on the wing and rolls a kick forward to Ah Chee, slingshot play ends with Robertson to mark in the square and goal! (Q3 19:37)
Cox misses from the behind line off balance after a stoppage. (Q3 21:59)
Collingwood rebounds up the guts, Elliott takes the link mark and passes to Hill 40m out on a slight angle. This to wrest the lead back… hangs it right. (Q3 22:57)
Hill speeds behind Starcevich to mark a Mihocek pass near the boundary 35m out. Another chance for a Pies red time score… Bobby goes short inside to Pendlebury! Who goals! (Q3 27:02)
Rayner receives from Neale and passes outside a stoppage on the HFF to McCarthy who dives to mark 30m out in the pocket. This for the lead back… narrow right. (Q3 29:57)
Andrews touches through a Nick Daicos snap from the boundary 20m out. (Q4 2:52)
De Goey sends a repeat inside 50 pass to Hill 40m out in front… but again the set shot goes wide. (Q4 3:45)
Another long range set shot for the Magpies after De Goey marks 50m out near the boundary, set shot falls in the square and is rushed. (Q4 5:58)
Starcevich starts a rebound from outer wing, McCarthy takes the link mark and passes to the easy lead of Daniher 30m out on a slight angle. Joe shanks it wide left. (Q4 7:57)
Howe takes a chance with a diagonal rebound kick to one on three, turns over but Coleman’s flying snap from just outside CHF swerves wide right. (Q4 12:55)
Hipwood has done not much today but he takes a strong contested grab 50m out on the flank. He goes back for the set shot and hooks it near side right. (Q4 14:03)
7:00 to go and Collingwood are playing slow on offence, Lions trying to score on counter. It’s like Man U defending a 1-0 lead out there. (Q4 17:00)
Series of stoppages on members wing, eventually Starcevich clears via Lyons then Berry with a spin and kick to the pocket, Cameron beats Maynard and kicks the go-ahead goal! (Q4 19:17)
5:31 to go and this game is anyone’s. Now Collingwood have to attack. (Q4 19:32)
Pendlebury clears from the centre to CHF, Mihocek contests, Nick Daicos roves and gives wide to De Goey who snaps the goal from 45m on a slight angle! Pies lead again! (Q4 20:32)
Berry is pinged for bringing Sidebottom to ground after a mark on outer wing, it was there but there were 90,0 Magpie fans letting the ump know. Rusty from 50m… huge goal! (Q4 22:17)
Less than five minutes to go now and Brisbane are up against it. (Q4 23:55)
Free against Cox to Neale in the centre as 2:00 ticks by… (Q4 26:55)
McCluggage centres to Daniher at the hotspot who plays on and kicks the goal! Lions back within a kick! (Q4 27:10)
1:33 to go at the bounce and it’s still anyone’s. (Q4 27:52)
Neale is legged at half forward but the ump pays advantage for a blind kick that turns over, very unlucky Brisbane there. (Q4 29:01)
Mitchell drops the knees to draw a high contact free to milk the clock. (Q4 29:15)
Pies play tempo to drain seconds, they will win now. (Q4 29:33)
Hoskin-Elliott roves on the wing, siren goes, Collingwood hangs on for a squeaker! (Q4 30:02)

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