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Blog log from SF of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, SF of 2023

Rioli gets caught high by Idun after slipping 35m out and earns a free somewhat luckily, he steers through the first goal of night. (Q1 4:23)
Lloyd baulks around Jones on outer wing and kicks over Burton to Greene on the boundary 35m out, fine play. Greene screws through a quality set shot for his first goal. (Q1 7:20)
Rozee burns up members wing and links up with Dixon, who passes over Buckley to Powell-Pepper 40m out on the flank. SPP already has a head glistening with sweat… misses. (Q1 11:23)
Rioli catches Himmelberg HTB on outer wing with excellent chase, and goes quickly to Horne-Francis 45m out on the flank who bangs through a big goal! (Q1 13:13)
Brown receives from Bedford but shoots wide on the run from the hotspot with a man in his face. (Q1 17:19)
Greene is slung around the neck going for a ground ball in the pocket, no whistle but Bedford arrives to rove and give back to Greene for the snap goal from the hotspot! (Q1 19:03)
The cream is rising to the top in this game, and these 22s both feature a lavishment of cream. (Q1 19:18)
Byrne-Jones centres from the pocket towards Rioli 20m out, three Giants nearby but Callaghan is pinged for contact to gift Rioli his second goal. (Q1 20:16)
Daniels screws through a low-percentage snap from the pocket 20m out off the left, curling the wrong way but Binga threads the needle! (Q1 21:50)
The game is being played on the Giants’ terms with big advantages in clearances and disposals, but the scoreboard is level. (Q1 23:06)
Bedford is all on his own on outer wing for a long ball by Whitfield from congestion at half back, he bounces to half forward and goes to Riccardi 40m out on the flank… poster. (Q1 24:15)
Port’s rebound starts slow but speeds up through the corridor via Bergman, he speeds up the guts and goes long to Marshall who outmarks Perryman at the hotspot and goals! (Q1 28:37)
Kelly goes long from the wing after the next bounce, Hogan leaps on the back of Aliir to take a massive specky! He shoots from 30m on a slight angle… it’s good! (Q1 30:18)
It’s a shoot out on a dry track, which favours the Giants in all sorts of ways, but so far the scoreboard hasn’t reflected their dominance in general play. Another xScore special? (Q1 31:19)
Brown beats Jones to take a link mark on members wing and plays on for another pass over Burton to Greene in the pocket 30m out just before the QT siren. The Tractor misses right. (Q1 33:22)
Drew started Q2 on a wing and he roves at CHF to bounce through a rare goal. Port doing them on front half turnover, unusually for them. (Q2 2:39)
Hogan beats McKenzie to mark Coniglio’s centre clearance next to the hotspot, another lead-changing goal. (Q2 4:07)
Greene loses the handle on a ground ball at the hotspot but Riccardi swoops and gives outside to Kelly, he snaps off a step from 45m on a slight angle… sails through! (Q2 6:26)
GWS has all the territory, ball up at CHF, Greene taps the crumb to Coniglio who screws through another one from 35m! (Q2 7:49)
Himmelberg bombs to half forward after the next bounce, Daniels snaps around the corner from 40m on the flank but it’s narrow to the right. (Q2 9:28)
Hogan is on the end of a handball chain to snap his third goal from 20m, this might be the most orange tsunami quarter in the growing history of GWSFC, they are irresistible! (Q2 11:39)
Powell-Pepper drags it back in to concede a HTB free on Cumming 50m out on a slight angle, Cumming bangs through another one for the Giants! Orange team on FIYAH! (Q2 14:39)
Boak breaks a double tackle on the wing and bombs from 55m on a slight angle, ball falls in the square where Taylor and Lord contest, did either touch it? Review shows yes, point. (Q2 16:24)
Coniglio pushes a set shot across the face from 40m on the flank. (Q2 18:36)
Coniglio hits the lead of Hogan 40m out on a slight angle with his 20th touch, nothing McKenzie can do with that sort of delivery. Hogan misses to the right. (Q2 19:39)
Hogan plays for and gets a fairly soft holding free on McKenzie in the pocket 25m out, just too much supply allowed by Port’s mids tonight. Hogan misses left. (Q2 21:00)
Greene curls a snap narrow from the pocket 20m out. (Q2 22:42)
Ward and Coniglio 10 clearances, Port Adelaide FC 10 clearances. Just one of many stats that tell the story of a complete flogging. (Q2 23:58)
Daniels curls another snap narrow to the left from a pack 40m out on the flank. (Q2 24:26)
Riccardi marks 40m out near the boundary but misses. (Q2 26:55)
Marshall catches a spinning Himmelberg HTB deep in the pocket 25m out. Amazingly given the obliteration in Q2, this gives Port a big hope… but he misses. (Q2 29:25)
Butters marks a Horne-Francis tumbler on the boundary in front of Whitfield 40m out but misses the tough set shot. (Q2 30:40)
Rioli stands up in a triple tackle 10m out and reefs out a handball to Rozee who snaps truly but the goal umpire saw a touch off the boot, confirmed on review. (Q2 31:55)
Buckley it was with the fingertipper. (Q2 32:04)
Powell-Pepper roves a Marshall contest, jinks onto the right and snaps high from 30m on a slight angle.. just wide left. (Q2 32:55)
Rioli roves a Boak kick to Powell-Pepper 40m out in front, has enough time to spin onto the right boot and tumble through the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:26)
Port is very much in touch in this game on the scoreboard and you’d think they will lift in Q3 to make this a contest, which it was most definitely not in Q2. (Q3 1:56)
Buckley is pinged for deliberate OOB 20m out, not much doubt about that one. Powell-Pepper sprays the free kick across the face and OOTF. (Q3 2:36)
Houston intercepts in the back pocket but the ump saw a block on Hogan by McKenzie, replay showed eyes on the man rather than the ball so it was there. Hogan kicks truly from 35m! (Q3 4:41)
Coniglio after a stoppage on members wing to Greene linking up, thence inside 50 to Hogan 40m out on the flank. Pretty football. But Jesse hits the near right goalpost. (Q3 7:41)
Houston runs around the man on the mark on outer wing and goes long to Lord’s backward diagonal lead behind Buckley near the hotspot. Lord levers it through. (Q3 11:11)
Port has had some success leading behind their defender, Marshall is the latest to work this play to mark a Boak long ball over Buckley 40m out on the flank. He converts. (Q3 14:42)
It’s a scrap now, Port’s contested work much better in Q3 as it had to be. (Q3 16:43)
Himmelberg is aghast at conceding a holding free on Lord 35m out on a slight angle after a Butter clearance, but Lord sprays it wide right. (Q3 17:41)
Ward delivers a lovely right-foot step to get past the onrushing Rozee at half forward, he passes to Coniglio 40m out on a slight angle who kicks the settling goal. (Q3 19:28)
Port crowd silent after that goal, they were up and about for what looked like a surging comeback against the orange tide. (Q3 20:11)
Whitfield sits under a high rebound ball in the centre to intercept, McEntee flies in but doesn’t take body, Riccardi marks 45m out on a slight angle but sprays OOTF. (Q3 24:41)
Green goes long to an outnumber in the square but McKenzie gives away a holding free on Hogan… but he misses from near the behind line. (Q3 25:41)
Another Port turnover on rebound and their defenders are caught up the ground, Coniglio passes short to Daniels 35m out on the flank, he also misses. (Q3 26:27)
Bedford pinches a loose handball at half forward and runs to 30m for what should be an easy kick on the run… but he fluffs it left! (Q3 28:28)
GWS has kicked 2.10 since going five straight during their Q2 run. (3 Qtr Time)
Dixon beats Briggs in the air drifting forward from ruck to clunk it 40m out on a slight angle, he may not be fully fit, remembers how to kick them though, sails that one through! (Q4 1:28)
Callaghan is pinged on the stand rule to bring Bergman from members wing to 40m on a slight angle. Bergman’s drop punt is wide left. (Q4 4:48)
Finlayson leaps in front of Buckley to take a contested grab 50m out on the flank from a pressured tumbler by Jones from midfield. Dorsal hooks it right for a behind. (Q4 5:48)
Powell-Pepper sets up Boak for a snap across the body off the right off a step from the boundary 20m out but it rams into the near goalpost. (Q4 7:38)
Cumming snaps OOTF from behind a stoppage 45m out on the flank. (Q4 11:04)
Port’s scoring opportunities are hardfought and low-percentage, but they’re the only ones who look like scoring. It’s turned into an arm wrestle. (Q4 11:44)
Horne-Francis bursts inside from a throw in on the HFF but can’t get the kick straight from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 15:49)
Q4 halfway done and it’s as tight as a barracuda’s ort. (Q4 16:02)
The Giants get a rebound going from half back to the fat side, Cumming passes to the boundary for Riccardi to mark 40m out in front of Duursma. Goal umpire crouches… huge goal! (Q4 17:22)
That was a quality finish from Riccardi, he’s earned a shoey. (Q4 17:44)
Port surges from the next bounce, Wines goes short to Powell-Pepper 40m out on a slight angle. This has to go through… hoofed in ugly fashion to the right. Crowd silent. (Q4 19:05)
Repeat inside 50 for the Power, Powell-Pepper gives to McEntee who blazes OOTF from 30m in the pocket. Just not happening for the teal army. (Q4 19:49)
Brown kicks very high from the HFF to Greene one out with Farrell, Greene marks rather too easily on the chest 20m out on the flank, Greene kicks the official sealer. (Q4 22:18)
Byrne-Jones misses a long-range snap and looks as dejected as everyone in the stands, except for the long-suffering GWS travelling fans. (Q4 26:22)

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