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Blog log from P1 of 2023: Sydney vs Carlton

Blog log for Sydney vs Carlton, P1 of 2023

Hayward shovels a handpass to Heeney on the run, but his shot at goal is wide from 30 out (Q1 0:56)
Gulden marks just outside 50, spots some space to run into and then dashes around to unleash a monster kick that sails through the middle! (Q1 4:16)
Warner spots Reid down in the pocket and delivers a neat pass that is marked. Reid steadies before dropping the ball onto his left boot for a goal! (Q1 7:48)
Dow feeds the ball to Cowan who spots up Curnow in a favourable contest with a nice kick. Curnow’s kick from 35 out fades right though (Q1 11:49)
The Blues play a bit too cute inside 50, but eventually O’Brien’s centering kick is tapped by Acres to his own advantage allowing him to snap and goal! (Q1 14:32)
Sydney surge forward to the pocket where the ball spills before Plowman taps it out intentionally, rewarding McLean with a free shot at goal. He punishes the error (Q1 17:44)
McLean provides a contest inside 50 which opens up an opportunity for Cunningham to zig and zag through the navy jumpers, slamming through a beautiful goal! (Q1 18:47)
Florent spears a ball onto the chest of Heeney on the lead who marks 40 out on the flank. His kick starts right and ends wrong for a behind (Q1 22:44)
Sydney move forward again through Gulden, but the umpire picks out a free for Cunningham at the top of the square as he takes a shot. Cunningham converts for his second (Q1 25:53)
Acres kicks to a 2 on 2 as De Koning flies, but Curnow is dealt with unfairly and gets a free kick 30 out in the pocket. His kick slides across the face for another point (Q1 28:52)
Reid is shoved in the back as he disposes of the ball, and is rewarded with a set shot 45 out on an angle. He provides some left to right movement as he guides it home! (Q1 29:28)
Sydney roll out of the middle as the talls play hot potato eventually getting it to Franklin who casually crumbs it through from the pocket! (Q1 31:15)
Reid marks on the arc and decides to cross it to a massive congregation of players, but Gulden pops out the back with ball firmly in hand. Kick, goal, easy as you like! (Q2 1:33)
Tom McCartin shovels a throw up to Lloyd at the top of the square, Curnow receives the free kick and takes it quickly, getting one back (Q2 10:09)
Kennedy wraps up Warner in a strong tackle and is rewarded, Warner provides some lip-service to the umpire which allows Kennedy to walk to the 50, and put the ball through! (Q2 14:40)
McCartin gives Curnow a shove in the contest and gives away a free for it, that Curnow pops through from 15 out (Q2 17:32)
Cowan intercepts strongly 55 out on the flank, and barrels it to the square, but it gets out the back to bounce through for a behind (Q2 19:08)
Cincotta pumps it forward as the rain tumbles down, the Swans are sharp enough to knock it through for a point however (Q2 20:09)
Motlop spies an empty goal square and pops a ball up from 55 out on the run, the ball sliding in the wet, it bounces through for a point (Q2 21:33)
Motlop concedes a 50m penalty which lets Blakey jog to 35 out and put through a punishing goal as the coverage switches off (Q2 25:03)
Blakey launches in a contest as Owies tries to sneak a goal through, but it is intercepted by the defence for a behind (Q2 27:10)
Owies has himself another chance at goal, but cannot capitalise on this one either in the wet (Q2 27:41)
Rowbottom tries to centre the ball but it is firmly tapped through for a point (Q2 30:40)
Acres receives from Curnow 60m out, opens the arc and lets loose from just outside 50, it’s knocked back on the line allowing Motlop to tap it through for a goal! (3 Qtr Time)
Campbell marks in the middle of the ground and lets loose after a few steps! It’s Campbell from inside the centre square! Fahk! (Q3 8:05)
Fisher wraps Rampe up in a tackle and gets the HTB call he wants. He lines up from 35 out on an angle and guides it home (Q3 8:50)
Gulden is caught high by Saad 35m out, but his set shot sticks to the left (Q3 13:00)
Hayward competes well in a 2 on 1 to snap a kick down to the square that Heeney is able to hang onto. He takes a moment before slotting it through (Q3 16:27)
Heeney attempts a bit of magic from the pocket, but he misses (Q3 20:27)
McLean stays at the bottom of the pack to clunk a strong mark 15m out in front. He puts away the simple kick for another goal (Q3 20:27)
Fisher is held on the 50, he looks to bomb it to the square, but thinks better of it, stuttering in and giving it some go, but it falls just short and is knocked into the post (Q4 1:29)
Fisher taps it back towards Curnow cleverly, Curnow takes a moment to size up the running snap, before blasting it into the goal umpire for a behind! (Q4 3:51)
Reid chips a ball up on the lead to McDonald who marks 35 out. He jogs in and steers it to the right for a point (Q4 3:51)
Durdin gives away a front-on contact free against Buddy, he jogs around and pops it through from the pocket (Q4 8:04)
Paddy McCartin rushes through a wild hacked kick from Kennedy (Q4 9:49)
Silvagni almost completes a mark in the pocket but is paid a free kick regardless, he can’t straighten up the kick as it sticks right for a behind (Q4 11:20)
Roberts spears a ball inside 50 that Young cannot hang onto, allowing Gulden to swoop out the back and set up a goal for Parker (Q4 11:20)
Silvagni presents for a Kennedy entry inside 50 and draws another free kick, this time in a more favourable position. He makes no mistake this time for a goal (Q4 14:32)
Kennedy and Silvagni combine again, this time Silvagni taking a good mark on the lead. He can’t reward the effort with a goal though, as he hangs it to the right (Q4 17:49)
Gulden finds himself in space as he receives a handball from Cunningham, he spins around on his right and pops through goal number 3, capping off an extraordinary game! (Q4 25:57)

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