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Blog log from P1 of 2023: Brisbane vs Geelong

Blog log for Brisbane vs Geelong, P1 of 2023

Ashcroft roves a McInerney contest deep in the pocket and tries an unlikely snap from 20m out… just touched through on the line. (Q1 4:26)
After a lot of ball in the forward 50 for Geelong, the ball sits up for Neale to feed for a long ball over the back by Bailey for Gunston to run onto for the first goal. (Q1 9:24)
Credit to Wilmot for a smother to set up that first goal. (Q1 10:09)
Tunstill sets up Hipwood to mark near the hotspot for his first goal. (Q1 10:24)
Coleman lowers his eyes and passes to Bailey on his own 40m out in front, as the Geelong defence had been expecting a long ball to the square. Bailey goals as well. (Q1 12:54)
Close snaps across the face from hard on the boundary 20m out following a stoppage. (Q1 20:24)
Bruhn misses a quick snap, Geelong’s first score of the evening. (Q1 21:24)
Gunston’s set shot from 45m on the boundary screws across the face but McInerney dives and marks, then feeds Daniher for the goal. (Q1 22:42)
Gunston baulks after receiving on the HFF, tries a bouncing ball towards Cameron who can only fumble it for a point. (Q1 27:25)
A rare repeat inside 50 for Brisbane, but Rayner misses on the run from 50m on a slight angle. (Q1 27:42)
Oliver Henry gets caught HTB by Dunkley on the wing then flails and connects with the ex-Dog’s groin, 50m penalty but Dunkley misses from near the hotspot. (Q1 28:55)
Bailey bounces off a challenge on the HFF after a stoppage and gives outside to Neale who launches off a step from 50m for a nice finish. (Q2 2:31)
Gunston is somehow all on his own for a McCluggage pass to the pocket 20m out, but he misses again. (Q2 4:42)
A very slow rebound by the Lions ends with a high Prior speculator to the hotspot where Cameron flies over De Koning for a speccy… but he also misses. (Q2 7:17)
Rohan strokes through a lovely set shot from 45m on a slight angle after drawing a dodgy ruck free on Rich. (Q2 9:47)
Robertson’s handball clanger on the wing leads to a Simpson mark 40m out on a slight angle, but the set shot is a terrible shank OOTF. (Q2 11:22)
Cam Guthrie passes to brother Zach near the boundary 45m out, who misses. (Q2 13:06)
Simpson is pinged for encroachment to bring Daniher from half forward to the square for a charity goal. (Q2 14:37)
Dempsey marks a long Rohan ball from the HFF to the square over Prior who was outpositioned, he kicks the goal to little reaction from the partisan Queenslanders. (Q2 16:19)
McCarthy plays on to advantage after a free to Daniher in a marking contest 20m out but burns it horribly. (Q2 20:22)
Gunston is favoured by a long Daniher ball to the square but it bounces off his chest… he roves it himself but misses over his shoulder. (Q2 20:59)
The Cats rebound coast to coast, Cam Guthrie passes to Simpson 45m out in front… he gives off to Tuohy whose kick is short and does not score. (Q2 22:08)
Cameron centres from a pack in the pocket to Daniher on his own 35m out in front. Daniher not a soda from this point… and sprays it left. (Q2 24:47)
Stewart is pinged for a hold on McCarthy at the hotspot, he grins wryly as he watches the ball go over his head for a goal. (Q3 0:48)
Henry is dumped by Andrews to earn a 50m penalty to ensure a Stanley goal. (Q3 5:08)
Hipwood busts a pack open to allow McCarthy to rove and boot goal number two. (Q3 7:35)
Tunstill hits the post with a long set shot. (Q3 8:14)
Daniher passes from the wing to Coleman zoning up to 45m on a slight angle, who converts with consummate quality. (Q3 9:35)
Parfitt toepokes clear of a pack at half forward to Miers who uses good vision to spot up Dempsey 40m out on the opposite flank, who misses. (Q3 14:00)
McCluggage misses a running snap from CHF. (Q3 17:50)
Rohan turns and chases a kick over his head on the HFF, soccers it to the square past Andrews’s dive for De Koning to gather and goal. (Q3 19:48)
McCarthy misses another long set shot. (Q3 20:32)
Cameron rides a Ratugolea tackle in the pocket to give to Fort for a goal. (Q4 2:38)
Cam Guthrie passes over Prior to Stengle in the pocket 35m out, who shanks the kick for a rushed behind. (Q4 3:43)
Fort marks an Ashcroft pass on the lead 45m out on a slight angle and roosts a lovely finish. (Q4 5:13)
Rohan drops the ball in a tackle by Starcevich then drops the knees to draw a contact free. He misses from 40m out on a slight angle. (Q4 7:14)
Rohan marks in stride, turns and delivers a lovely long pass from the wing to Stengle on his own at the hotspot, who kicks truly. (Q4 10:18)
Dangerfield hooks a set shot from CHF for a point. (Q4 15:18)
Robertson runs with the flight to space in the pocket to mark a long Tunstill inside 50 kick, and converts from 25m. (Q4 17:13)
Cam Guthrie drops Ashcroft after disposal to concede a downfield free which leads to a Bailey goal from CHF. (Q4 20:13)
Stengle baulks Sharp nicely for a goal from the pocket. (Q4 22:38)

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