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Blog log from P1 of 2023: Fremantle vs Port Adelaide

Blog log for Fremantle vs Port Adelaide, P1 of 2023

Horne-Francis pumps it to the top of the square where a mad scramble ensues at ground level. It’s Powell-Pepper who emerges to snap through the first goal of the game! (Q1 3:51)
Treacy rips the ball from a ruck contest on the near wing that he tumbles forward. Henry swoops on the loose ball and tries to grubber it through, but misses right (Q1 8:49)
Powell-Pepper collects a loose ball in the pocket that he attempts to snap through, but it’s touched off the boot and rushed over (Q1 10:50)
Jonas attempts to knock the ball out of play but Freo keep it alive which allows Fyfe to scoop the ball up and curl it through beautifully! (Q1 12:31)
Teakle attempts to cross the ball in defence but it’s cut off by Sturt on the arc. He chips short to O’Meara, who then slots the goal from 35 out on a slight angle (Q1 16:57)
Fyfe marks on the 50 and decides to kick to the pack, allowing Aliir to palm it through for a behind (Q1 18:54)
Wines and Georgiades combine to feed it to Burgoyne on the flank who rushes a kick, but misses the lot (Q1 20:32)
Hughes tees up a ball for Fyfe to launch, but it goes to ground and Duursma runs it over under pressure for a point (Q1 23:43)
A free off the play is called in Fantasia’s favour, and he punishes the error by slotting through a goal from 30 out! (Q1 24:53)
Bergman kicks to the pocket where Marshall tries to pull down a mark, but Pearce is able to disrupt and knock it over for a minor score (Q1 26:58)
Aliir absolutely bottles a kick out of defence that lands OOTF. Fyfe is the player to take the kick from 30m out, but he keeps it to the near side for a point (Q2 2:39)
Brayshaw kicks to the pack where Treacy stands tall and pulls down a strong contested mark 20m out from goal. He converts the simple set shot! (Q2 4:03)
Darcy and Switkowski combine from a forward stoppage to execute a perfect team goal! (Q2 5:55)
Powell-Pepper charges through some Fremantle defenders before trying to tee up Georgiades, but the ball goes long and rolls through! (Q2 9:00)
Brodie kicks to Taberner in a 1 on 1, but the ball spills and Banfield roves to perfection before snapping at goal from 35 out, but the ball slams into the post (Q2 10:14)
A free kick is called for Port Adelaide but Wines takes advantage and kicks to the top of the square where Bergman is waiting to mark and kick a goal! (Q2 16:40)
McEntee gives away 50 which allows Serong to dish off to Wilson who finds Schultz in the pocket. Schultz’s kick bounces off the post though (Q2 19:43)
Rozee emerges from play and tries to fashion a goal, but his kick is wide (Q2 21:55)
Taberner marks on the flank and kicks to the pocket where Schultz is able to put on a burst of speed to mark. He opts for a checkside this time, but misses all the same (Q2 23:41)
Banfield tries to hit up Treacy, but the ball goes out the back and Burton is able to guide it through for a point (Q2 25:35)
Fremantle run it out of defence with ease as Treacy kicks into space which allows Fyfe to collect and slam through a lovely checkside finish! (Q2 29:15)
Serong is taken high by Byrne-Jones in a forward stoppage on the flank, he takes his shot as the siren blares, but his kick is off to the left (Half Time)
Horne-Francis is caught dragging the ball under himself and Schultz gets another set shot chance. This one he floats to the left, for another behind (Q3 2:41)
Horne-Francis collects a loose ball on the flank and dashes to 50 before letting loose, but is inaccurate and can only manage a point (Q3 4:55)
Bodies fly everywhere at the top of the square as the talls go to ground and it’s Schultz who pokes a toe at the ball goalward, but Farrell makes the save for a rushed behind (Q3 6:44)
Jones feeds a ball back after a forward stoppage to Duursma who slams it on the boot, but he misses to the right (Q3 7:42)
Horne-Francis receives 50m out and dashes forward for another attempt at goal, but kicks too much to the left (Q3 10:42)
Horne-Francis gives away a free and Freo are quick to punish, finding Sturt out the back on the boundary. He splits the middle with a neat kick! (Q3 13:57)
Fantasia skies a high ball from the pocket, it’s on-line but Henry manages to get a hand onto it for a point (Q3 17:13)
Taberner presents strongly to take a strong mark off a piercing Aish kick. He runs in from 35 out on an angle, but his kick sticks to the left (Q3 18:57)
Lycett takes a tumbling mark that the umpire rules out and he’s set upon instantly, Fyfe emerges with the ball, shoves off the defence and screws through his third goal! (Q3 21:16)
Dixon receives a Fantasia handpass on the run and continues to 40 out before putting through a very nice finish! (Q3 22:50)
Butters fancies himself from 50 out, but his kick is offline and goes through for a minor score (Q3 24:15)
Freo surge on the counter as the ball gets to Switkowski who then flicks a handpass to Treacy on the run, he steadies and goals! (Q3 24:25)
Powell-Pepper demonstrates his skill and strength to invent a chance in the pocket, but the ball is knocked back out before Clark is taken over the line for a point (Q3 27:16)
Serong gathers from a forward contest and tumbles the ball towards goal, but it rolls through for a point (Q3 28:52)
Evans marks on the 50 and he spots McKenzie lurking around for the give. He gets it and cannons through a long goal! (Q4 2:56)
Horne-Francis bursts through a stoppage and feeds the ball to Evans who then tries his luck from 40 out in front, but the ball thumps off the post (Q4 4:32)
Evans is involved again as he can’t complete a mark, but recovers to slot a goal on the run 25 out! (Q4 5:14)
Lycett is caught napping as he goes to play on, Sturt robs him blind and launches a bomb from outside the arc that sneaks through for a goal! (Q4 7:14)
Young sets up Pearce with a hospital handpass that allows Evans to gather the spilled ball and slot his second! (Q4 8:57)
O’Meara’s kick inside 50 is marked by Switkowski 40m out with minimal angle. He strides in and splits the big sticks! (Q4 10:34)
Dixon casually collects the ball with one hand before a deft kick to Marshall finds its mark. Marshall sprays the kick to the right for a behind though (Q4 11:59)
Bergman lopes down the wing and takes a shot at goal from 50 out, but it drops just short and Walker thumps it through for a point (Q4 13:45)
Aliir is caught from behind and Fremantle are able to quickly chip it forward down to Taberner who runs into a vacant goalsquare (Q4 16:58)
Evans collects on the 50 and spins around before slamming the ball as long as he can goalward. It falls just short and is touched however (Q4 20:32)
Port Adelaide cough up two 50m penalties which allows Cox to jog down to the square and put through a rare goal (Q4 23:35)
Henry bursts out of defence to link up with Johnson on the wing, his kick is favourable for Fyfe who flicks it on to Taberner for another late goal (Q4 29:15)
Freo surge forward once again with the ball ending up in the hands of Fyfe 45 out on a slight angle. His kick fades to the right for a behind (Q4 32:33)

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