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Blog log from R1 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Adelaide

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Adelaide, R1 of 2023

Rankine snaps from a stoppage in the pocket 25m out but it goes to review for a snick on the post… there’s a noise so it’s just a point. (Q1 1:38)
Greene passes to Flynn 40m out in the corridor for the first goal of a hot and sunny afternoon. (Q1 3:21)
Callaghan touches a mid-range Berry snap from 40m off the boot for a behind. (Q1 5:18)
A rather lucky OOTF free against an oblivious Taylor on the HBF results in Walker playing on for the first goal for the Crows from 40m. (Q1 7:18)
Himmelberg hits the lead of McAdam in front of Idun 30m on the flank, who kicks truly. (Q1 9:33)
Laird roves and shoots from 45m on a slight angle but it’s wide left. (Q1 12:51)
Dawson intercepts Ash’s rebound kick outside CHF, plays on and shoots from a slight angle… just wide left as well. (Q1 14:21)
Schoenberg fumbles at half back, the crumb falls for Greene who snaps wide off a step near the hotspot. (Q1 16:04)
Green’s kick clanger to the centre leaves his man Laird alone to receive and spot up McAdam at CHF, who misses. (Q1 17:59)
Coniglio snaps wide from the HFF. (Q1 20:36)
Rachele is the latest Crow to be on the end of a Crow attack, they are coming in waves now. He marks a Rankine pass to the hotspot and converts. (Q1 21:59)
Laird snaps wide off the left from behind a pack 30m out on the flank. (Q1 23:51)
Rankine zooms through a stoppage in the pocket and goals from 15m far too easily, speeding away from Whitfield. (Q1 26:59)
Coniglio bombs to the hotspot from the next centre bounce, ball flips over the back where Daniels roves and goals. (Q1 28:15)
Rankine marks a Sloane pass in front of Haynes on the boundary 30m out, but misses to the near side. (Q1 29:49)
Berry passes to Rankine 40m out on a slight angle just before the QT siren, but he misses badly again. (Q1 32:19)
Hogan feeds Greene who snaps wide on the turn from 30m on a slight angle. (Q2 5:38)
Pedlar hits the lead of Fogarty 30m out near the boundary on the end of a rather easy switch play. The Fog kicks straight as usual. (Q2 7:09)
Ward misses from a stoppage at the hotspot. (Q2 10:20)
Coniglio switches from behind centre to Callaghan who goes quick and long to Greene 20m out on a slight angle, that was the Giants’ best move of the day. Greene goals, just. (Q2 14:23)
Rachele roves at half forward, gets tackled and gives to Soligo who passes hard and low for Keays at the hotspot for the goal. (Q2 16:08)
Rankine continues the pain for the Giants with a goal from the hotspot after Keays roves a Rachele centre clearance and gives him a nice feed. (Q2 18:23)
Rachele runs out of the next centre bounce as well but his kick bounces wide for a behind. (Q2 18:53)
Adelaide rebounds up the corridor with too much ease, Rachele’s low bullet is marked by Rankine 45m out on a slight angle who misses again. (Q2 20:38)
Harry Himmelberg passes to Riccardi in the pocket 25m out who misses badly. (Q2 21:39)
Ward marks a Lloyd pass from the wing to 45m out in front but just misses to the right. (Q2 24:10)
Michalanney gets a turd of a kick in from Dawson bouncing at his shoelaces, Greene pressures him out of it then receives back from Daniels for the goal. (Q2 25:39)
Doedee is pinged for a rather soft hold on Daniels as they chase a loose ball 45m out on a slight angle, but the kick goes wide. (Q2 26:09)
Green passes to Kennedy 45m out in front. The Giants have missed a few of these, but Kennedy sees Daniels then Daniels goes to Callaghan 30m out on a slight angle… who misses. (Q2 28:25)
Elliott Himmelberg is favoured by a chaos ball towards the hotspot, he gives to Fogarty who doesn’t miss from 20m. (Q2 30:24)
Hogan marks near the behind post and checkside narrow. (Q3 2:37)
Keays sets up Rankine for another attempt with a snap from 30m on the flank but it floats across the face. (Q3 3:42)
Greene has a moment on the HFF but chooses an inside handball to Flynn, that doesn’t work but he eventually wins the crumb and goals from the line. (Q3 5:07)
Callaghan is involved twice in an attack from behind centre including the inside 50 kick to Hogan 20m out for the goal. GWS closing… (Q3 6:37)
Ash intercepts a dump rebound kick by Rankine and passes short for Ward 45m out on a slight angle. Cementhead kicks a long strong diamond! (Q3 9:11)
Lloyd gives to Whitfield in heavy traffic near the hotspot for a snap, he gets smashed with a high bump by Sloane, downfield free in the square and goal to Hogan. (Q3 12:01)
Himmelberg marks 65m out and gets a 50m penalty for Buckley’s encroachment to gift him a goal. (Q3 16:08)
Coniglio intercepts in the centre, Himmelberg marks 20m out on a slight angle and converts. (Q3 20:08)
Kelly jets away from the next bounce and chooses a short pass to Daniels that doesn’t work, but Daniels draws a high contact free and gives off to Lloyd who misses. (Q3 21:04)
Daniels lets fly with a snap from the HFF but it’s off hands for a point. (Q3 22:20)
O’Brien spreadeagles a pack going back for a Berry kick to the hotspot, but he misses. (Q3 23:38)
Green puts the Giants in front with a bouncing snap from a stoppage 40m out on a slight angle! (Q3 26:21)
Walker marks 30m out on the flank and misses. (Q3 29:38)
Pedlar rolls a short kick to Rachele who snaps high off the right from 30m on the flank… that one sails through. (Q3 31:38)
Greene puts his side in front with a left-foot snap from the hotspot after Coniglio engineers the next centre clearance. (Q4 0:19)
Green gets the next centre clearance, from the resultant stoppage Coniglio snaps another one for the Giants! (Q4 2:25)
Buckley bombs high towards the hotspot on a repeat inside 50, Greene has the sit and takes a screamer on the back of Dawson but misses. (Q4 5:40)
Greene gets a high contact free on Sloane 45m out on the flank, his set shot falls near the behind line where the crumb falls for Flynn who misses. (Q4 7:40)
Rachele has been the highest quality Crow on the ground today, he gets a chance with a Keays kick to grass at half forward, he baulks Lloyd and snaps truly from 40m on the flank! (Q4 18:41)
8:30 and a kick in it, GWS have made a mighty come back but they are down on soldiers and just about out of energy. (Q4 19:21)
Walker is pinged for a block off the ball with the Crows in possession, Haynes marks 40m out in front and avoids the cramp just long enough to roost a massive goal! (Q4 21:06)
Green to Ward for the next centre clearance, the crumb falls for Peatling but he’s off balance and his volley from 15m is wide. (Q4 22:21)
GWS still attacking, Dawson fumbles a rushed behind, 6:30 to go. (Q4 23:24)
Callaghan to Coniglio to clear from a stoppage on the wing, Hogan provides presence on Doedee for Greene to mark 45m out on the flank. This might seal it… misses. (Q4 24:41)
Two straight kicks the margin, 5:14 to go. (Q4 24:58)
After good work by Pedlar in the centre on the rebound kick, Laird passes short to Fogarty 40m out on a slight angle. The Fog normally never misses these… but he shanks it! (Q4 25:41)
4:20 and the Crows aren’t looking like it. But can GWS hold on? (Q4 26:22)
Coniglio passes to Hogan 35m out near the boundary. This would definitely seal it… it’s good! (Q4 27:21)
Dawson passes to Pedlar 45m out in the corridor and kicks a nice long set shot. 2:23 to go, two kicks in it. (Q4 29:01)
Green to Coniglio for the next centre clearance, Daniels catches a prone Doedee HTB in the pocket 20m out. and ices the game officially with his second goal. (Q4 29:01)
Keays misses from the pocket, but it’s too late now. (Q4 29:01)

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