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Blog log from R22 of 2023: Carlton vs Melbourne

Blog log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R22 of 2023

Owies finds Curnow in the square but he can’t complete the mark crashing into the post and the ball is rushed over (Q1 13:46)
Curnow leads away from May and makes it to a high ball inside 50. He kicks from 40m out, but shanks it badly missing the lot (Q1 14:26)
Fisher sets it up on the wing and Charlie Curnow again gets his mitts on the ball. He kicks truly and we finally have a goal! (Q1 16:46)
Hollands hacks a kick to the middle of the forward 50 where Hewett is able to drag down a mark. Hewett’s kick goes wide
(Q1 24:27)
Owies tries to dribble one through, but misses (Q1 24:57)
Melksham rewards the hard run of Langdon to the square. Ed marks, Ed goals! (Q1 26:12)
Another Melbourne break sees space open out the back and it’s Melksham who can find Chandler in the square. Chandler gathers the ball and pokes it through, Dees lead! (Q2 3:50)
Docherty tries to sneak one through from the pocket, but the ball slides across the face for a point (Q2 5:20)
van Rooyen is shoved out of a contest by Weitering and wins a free kick 30m out, but JVR pushes it wide (Q2 9:52)
Cuningham leads up to mark a Motlop kick 35m out from goal on a slight angle. His kick starts out left though and that’s where it stays (Q2 14:20)
Pickett finds Petracca with a neat kick 30m out on an angle. He sucks in the big ones and jogs in, splitting the big sticks with a goal! (Q2 16:45)
van Rooyen beats out Weitering to take a sliding mark in the pocket. He pushes the kick to the right though (Q2 18:47)
The Blues cook up a slick counter attack down the near wing, ending with a Hollands kick to Martin 35m out on the 45. He eases into the kick and converts! (Q2 19:35)
Motlop dumps a deep ball to the pack and it’s Acres who floats in from the side to take the mark. Blake kicks from 20m out in front and puts the Blues ahead! (Q2 25:17)
A Petracca set shot flies deep into the pocket and is rushed over (Q2 28:51)
Oliver is pinged for a throw in a bad spot, Cripps lining up from 15m out in front of goal as a result. The captain salutes for the first goal in this second half! (Q3 5:51)
Chandler misses a rushed kick under pressure (Q3 8:14)
Carlton go coast to coast from the resulting kick-in and it ends with Matt Owies all by himself in the square. Owies marks, plays on and prods it through! (Q3 9:05)
Chandler flicks a handpass to Sparrow who kicks from 55m out on the run, the goalsquare is vacant and Pickett is able to shepherd it through for the reply! (Q3 10:06)
Curnow kicks deep to De Koning and the ball goes to ground, TDK gets the ball away and Docherty is the one to pick it up, he kicks quickly and jags a goal! (Q3 11:31)
Melksham spills an easy mark 40m out from goal but recovers and spanks it towards the square. It goes to ground and after a scramble Petracca soccers it home! (Q3 15:42)
Langdon finds Neal-Bullen leading up to the pocket and kicks to him. Neal-Bullen takes time to steady himself as he goes for the drop punt and coolly converts! (Q3 21:17)
Sparrow has a set shot chance 45m out on the flank, but drags it left for a behind (Q3 24:17)
Petracca tries to invent a goal from the pocket, but it bounces through for a point (Q3 29:41)
Hollands shovels a handball out to Owies who throws it onto his right 40m out on the flank, the ball sails into the air, it’s on-line, it’s there! (Q4 0:50)
Fogarty dumps a kick inside 50 and it’s De Koning who leads forward to beat everyone to the ball. TDK kicks from 25m out dead in front, the Blues have another! (Q4 2:10)
A storming Curnow lead onto a Cripps kick leads to a mark 45m out. Charlie walks in and with a pure strike edges the Blues further ahead! (Q4 7:00)
A pack forms inside 50 and the ball spills off hands, Pickett gathers and surges through congestion, managing to snap through a goal and we’re back to 12 points! (Q4 10:55)
Cuningham slings Rivers to the ground and as such Joel Smith receives the free kick in the pocket. He goes for the drop punt and makes it look easy from 30 out! 1 goal game! (Q4 15:32)
Neal-Bullen breaks from the pack and grubbers one towards goal but misses (Q4 18:10)
Petracca marks 55m out from goal, he blazes away and goes for home, it bounces on the goal line and might have snuck through! Review is called, it’s called touched! (Q4 31:14)
Carlton keep smashing it out of defence, the Dees keeping pumping it back inside 50, the clock is running down, there’s no time left. Carlton hang on! (Q4 32:12)

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