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Blog log from R21 of 2023: North Melbourne vs Melbourne

Blog log for North Melbourne vs Melbourne, R21 of 2023

Curtis roves a Xerri contest 40m out on a slight angle and wobbles a snap off the left wide to the left. (Q1 0:48)
Scott bombs long from 60m near the boundary to the pocket towards Larkey, ball clears the pack and rolls through, did Gawn or Lever get a finger on it? Review… soft call stands. (Q1 4:21)
And the soft call was a behind. (Q1 4:46)
Davies-Uniacke roves a thrown in to the pocket 20m out, baulks and shoots wide right. (Q1 6:21)
Pickett bounces through the first goal of the day from the boundary 40m out off a step from his left boot, after a rove and feed outside from Van Rooyen. Sensational! (Q1 7:51)
Sparrow runs from the next centre bounce to CHF but blazes wide left. No wind today in Hobart, surprisingly, so no excuse. (Q1 8:36)
Goldstein snaps the opener for North Melbourne after roving May’s short kick clanger from full back and receiving back from Phillips. (Q1 13:07)
Lever is pinged for an early block on Ford near the hotspot, took his eyes off the ball before it arrived so a simple umpire’s decision. Ford converts. (Q1 15:22)
Lever does not go with Ford this time and allows him to leap and mark in front of a pack at the hotspot, another goal to North Melbourne! (Q1 17:17)
Xerri fights on the ground at the HFF to cause a spillage after contesting, Davies-Uniacke receives from Stephenson and pokes a kick to the hotspot for Scott to mark and goal. (Q1 21:20)
Could we have yet another top four team losing this round? Al Clarkson is pressing the right buttons so far, matchups are favouring the Roos. (Q1 22:17)
North is leading by large margins in uncontested possessions and tackles with most other stats even, indicating a lot of hard work without leather in hand. (Q1 21:50)
23 marks to 5 is a big lead for the Roos. (Q1 23:15)
Van Rooyen screws a snap wide after a stoppage from 35m on a slight angle with an assist by Viney. (Q1 26:03)
Thomas centres from the outer wing to Larkey leading up the flank to 35m in front of May, the set shot goes wide right. (Q1 30:17)
Goldstein spoils May’s kick in on the HFF back inside 50, Ford roves and curls in his third goal of the quarter with a fabulous finish off the right! (Q1 31:47)
Archer holds his head in his hands after being pinged for legging Petracca on the boundary 25m out. Trac looks disgusted after he shanks a behind. (Q1 34:23)
Ford beats Lever with early body work to take a link mark on the wing, quick long ball to Larkey who beats May with early body work to mark 20m out for another one for North! (Q2 0:47)
Not much Simon Goodwin can do when his defensive spine are getting thrashed like that. (Q2 1:47)
Melksham takes a contested link mark on outer wing and hits Pickett on the HFF, Goater corrals him and Kozzie shoots OOTF from a low percentage spot near the boundary. (Q2 3:12)
Pickett gets away from Goater again to mark untouched from a long Petracca ball to 25m in the pocket. Again, unfortunately, Kozzie kicks OOTF with a shank. (Q2 4:45)
North’s rebound looks like it’s going downhill, but Hansen jnr snaps across the face from 20m on a slight angle trying to clear Salem on the line. (Q2 5:47)
North needs to get value on the scoreboard for this current flow of play before the Demons wake up to themselves. (Q2 6:47)
McKay drops an intercept at the Demon hotspot under Petty pressure, Petty roves and draws two for the give to Pickett who tumbles through a much-needed major for Melbourne. (Q2 8:42)
Phillips slips while kicking in the centre and turns it over, Pickett passes to the pocket for Petty 30m out who threads a lovely set shot! (Q2 11:48)
The tide was always going to turn in this game, and Melbourne are now converting some territory. (Q2 12:28)
Stephenson misses a snap from half forward. (Q2 14:38)
Smith looks to have a long Phillips ball to the square covered but Larkey arrives late to spoil then provide a crumb on the ground, Curtis soccers the goal! (Q2 16:03)
That goal was a bonus for North, who had been looking like they were about to get swamped. (Q2 16:28)
Langdon worries Tucker off the crumb in the square from a contest at the hotspot, the ball sits up for Neal-Bullen to volley an easy goal ahead of Sheezel. (Q2 17:48)
Lever has taken two intercept marks in the last minute, North kicks forward of centre under more pressure now which is more Melbourne’s game. (Q2 19:29)
Chandler marks a Langdon short pass 40m out on a slight angle and sails through another nice set shot, windless day at Hobart and the kicking has been decent. (Q2 20:13)
Melbourne keep turning the ball over in their back half, from the latest clanger by Gawn, Larkey snaps wide from 40m on a slight angle. (Q2 21:49)
Thomas runs to 50m on the boundary after a stoppage and let fly off the right, ball swings and lands on the line… Curtis is pinged for contact on Smith, no score. (Q2 23:46)
Another turnover on rebound by the Demons plus a 50m penalty against Petty to bring Goldstein from members wing to 30m on a slight angle… Goldie delivers the goal! (Q2 24:26)
Chandler marks in front of Ziebell 40m out on the flank following the next bounce. He goes bing… goal number two! (Q2 26:28)
Ziebell spoils at the top of the square to the pocket but Pickett roves and causes the old man to slip with some dance steps, Pickett curls in the goal from 20m. (Q2 30:48)
Stephenson is on the end of a handball chain from the next bounce but May smothers his snap from the hotspot, Dees sweep forward, Van Rooyen marks 45m out, HT siren goes… goal! (Q2 32:21)
The pendulum has well and truly swung back towards Melbourne on the scoreboard after a scintillating Q1 by the Kangas. Pickett and Chandler with the goals, mids have worked harder. (Half Time)
You would expect the Demons to dominate from here, but the past couple of weeks have had plenty of surprises. (Half Time)
Petty leaps on the back of Ziebell in the hole and marks a Pickett pass to the pocket 30m out in front of Corr. His drop punt is a peach for the go-ahead goal for Melbourne. (Q3 10:00)
Pickett roves in the pocket, spins past Sheezel with a fabulous left-foot step and centres to Petracca near the hotspot for the goal. Classic X-factor stuff. (Q3 12:30)
Simpkin feeds Phillips at a throw in who baulks to 40m on the flank and misses off the right. (Q3 16:45)
Petracca leaps on the back of Archer to take a speccy in the pocket 20m out and curls in a professional set shot for the goal. (Q3 19:01)
Neal-Bullen snaps under pressure from 45m in the corridor after the next bounce, that one sails through as well. It’s not one-way traffic, but only one team is going to win. (Q3 20:25)
Simpkin marks a short Taylor pass 45m out on a slight angle and delivers a nice set shot for the goal. (Q3 24:32)
Gawn fends off Phillips for the next centre clearance kick to the top of the square, Van Rooyen draws a holding free on McKay for the quick replying goal. (Q3 25:44)
Chandler sets up Neal-Bullen to screw through another goal from 35m in the corridor, Petracca involved again. (Q3 28:14)
Corr reaches over Melksham to spoil but is pinged for high contact 45m out near the boundary, gobs off at the ump but no penalty. Milk misses near side left. (Q3 29:36)
Lazzarro roves at CHF and gives outside to Stephenson who screws a snap across the face from 45m. (Q4 0:16)
Van Rooyen marks a short Hunter pass to the boundary 35m out in front of McKay, who misses. (Q4 3:57)
Lever spoils a long Thomas ball to Ford in the teeth of goal but it’s directed to the corridor, Taylor roves and snaps the goal from 15m. (Q4 9:42)
Jordon receives from Pickett on the edge of the centre square and spots up Petracca 45m out on a slight angle. This to put the contest to bed for good… Trac tugs it wide left. (Q4 11:57)
Viney rides a Davies-Uniacke tackle to bounce a pass to Pickett at CHF, he goes across half forward to Neal-Bullen 40m out who misses. (Q4 13:57)
Melksham has a set shot from 40m near the boundary fall in the square to be rushed. No comeback on the cards from North. (Q4 20:19)
Curtis volleys the crumb from a long Thomas centre clearance into the post from point-blank range, heard footsteps. (Q4 23:38)

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