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Blog log from R20 of 2023: Richmond vs Melbourne

Blog log for Richmond vs Melbourne, R20 of 2023

A quick inside 50 to Melbourne sees Petracca with an early chance, but his snap bounces through for a point (Q1 0:29)
Pickett lopes along the flank and floats a kick in perfectly for Van Rooyen to mark 20m out on a slight angle. He kicks, and slots the first goal of the game! (Q1 1:36)
Jordon marks 45m out from goal, but he pushes his kick to the right for a behind (Q1 5:34)
Bolton marks 55m out and then rewards a very wide Riewoldt lead to the flank. He kicks from 45m out but the ball slides across the face, smashed into the point post by Gawn (Q1 7:17)
The resulting throw-in sees Soldo collect Gawn in a headclash, which allows Ivan to grab the ball and snap through a goal! (Q1 7:51)
Soldo taps down to Martin and Dusty bursts out of the centre bounce, kicking straight down the throat of Riewoldt. Jack kicks from 40m out directly in front and converts! (Q1 9:16)
Marlion Pickett dumps a long ball into the square and the ball goes to ground. McIntosh is there to pounce and jag a goal! (Q1 11:16)
Petty rises to clunk a massive contested mark in the square! He pops it through and gets a steadier for the Dees! (Q1 12:35)
Bolton snatches the ball from the centre bounce and dashes from the centre square before bombing it from 50m out, but the ball pings off the post (Q1 14:17)
Petracca sizes up the kick from 55m out on the run, he bombs it long, but wide for another point (Q1 16:20)
May finds Petty 50m out and he kicks inboard to Harmes about 30m from goal. Harmes kicks, but misses a simple shot (Q1 19:44)
Petty takes another good contested grab not far out from goal! He guides it home from 25m out and has his second goal! (Q1 22:01)
Dan Rioli streaks inside 50 and fancies himself a shot, but misses to the right (Q1 22:37)
Cotchin finds Ross in space at CHF, who then spies Martin standing in the goal-square. A slick kick leads to a mark, and a simple goal from point-blank range! (Q1 24:17)
The ball is pumped deep for Richmond and goes to ground, it’s Baker and then Petty who handballs but it only goes as far as Dusty who snaps through a goal, but Hunter gets a touch (Q1 27:35)
Rioli wins a HTB free kick and Martin is able to take advantage. He spears it down to Baker who takes a double-grabber before steering it through for Richmond! (Q1 28:27)
Brayshaw receives from Woewodin at half forward and slams it back inside to Harmes 35m out in front of goal. But again, Harmes misses to the left (Q1 30:17)
Miller marks handballs quickly to Martin who fancies his chances with an open goal-square, he loads up from 55, but is barely offline (Q2 1:22)
Rivers kicks in hope towards the square and Petty leaps to pull down the mark 15m out from goal. He eases it through for his third goal! (Q2 3:58)
An errant Young kick to Balta sees the Tigers vulnerable to the surging Demons, Melksham smacks it on to Chandler who then passes it to Van Rooyen in the square. The Roo has two! (Q2 6:03)
Ross smashes the ball towards goal, with Marlion Pickett and May giving chase, Pickett manages to keep the ball alive, which allows Bolton to just tap it through for a goal! (Q2 6:53)
The Tigers get repeat entries inside 50 which culminates in a Martin pass to Riewoldt deep in the pocket. He kicks across the face and it’s hit through by Lever (Q2 9:00)
Petracca relentlessly goes after Grimes and forces him to cough up the ball to Melksham who streams into the square and goals! (Q2 12:23)
It’s scrappy play in the forward 50 by Richmond, Riewoldt to Pickett to Petty briefly but he can’t stop Baker from snatching the ball and snapping through the goal! (Q2 15:48)
A wild Prestia snap misses everything (Q2 20:39)
Rioli collects and dashes through traffic, he passes off to Martin, to Hopper and back to Rioli as he straightens up and snaps through a magnificent goal! (Q2 24:03)
Graham snaps across the face to the pack but Riewoldt cannot complete the mark and the ball is rushed over (Q2 25:21)
Bolton chips a kick to Baker who then kicks inboard to Prestia. The Meatball kicks from 30m out directly in front and goals! (Q2 27:04)
Neal-Bullen wins a HTB free kick, and the umpire plucks out a 50m penalty for Hopper dropping the ball. Neal-Bullen jogs forward and kicks the goal to a chorus of boos! (Q2 29:29)
Viney bullocks the ball forward witch enables Petracca to pounce and slot back to back goals for Melbourne! (Q2 30:34)
Bolton streams to 50m out before spotting up Martin with a low kick. Martin takes a tumbling mark and steadies, before snapping it through! (Q3 0:58)
Jordon is brought down by Taranto and concedes a free kick 25m out in front of goal. Taranto pops it through and the Tigers are asserting their lead! (Q3 3:43)
Gawn smashes the ball forwards and it goes off hands to Balta and Vlastuin, Balta only taps it down to Chandler though and the smart forward snaps over his head for a response! (Q3 5:41)
Richmond respond quickly, the ball spills to Baker in the middle and he flicks it to Dusty who then streams to 55 and unleashes a bomb through the big sticks! (Q3 6:18)
Neal-Bullen hacks a ball forward to Van Rooyen who marks in the pocket. With the rain streaming down now, Van Rooyen slots it! (Q3 6:18)
Cotchin gathers and takes a shot from a forward throw-in, but misses left (Q3 14:45)
Van Rooyen marks deep in the pocket, but as he’s lining up to kick Gawn is collected off the ball. Van Rooyen walks forward and goals as a result! (Q3 17:04)
Hunter kicks long into the pocket and Petty leaps up to take a hanger on Broad! He kicks truly for his fourth goal and we’re back under a goal now! (Q3 20:43)
Petracca stops and props 50m out before straightening and kicking to Melksham in the pocket. Melksham marks on the goal line and snaps through a goal for the lead! (Q3 23:39)
Petty spills a mark in the pocket but immediately clamps up Grimes who has no choice but to handball out of bounds. Insufficient intent is called and Melksham capitalises! (Q3 28:19)
Prestia smashes the ball forward to Reiwoldt who can’t complete the mark, but Coulthard is there front and centre to gather and the super sub snaps through his first AFL goal! (Q3 30:42)
Petracca dumps a ball towards goals but Ross folds back to hit it over (Q3 35:19)
Petracca roves a Melksham contest and snaps a high ball towards goal, but can only manage a behind (Q4 1:50)
Petracca taps to Viney who snaps at goal, but Grimes is there to rush a behind (Q4 3:58)
Soldo wins a ruck contest on the wing and gets his ball back as he finds McIntosh 30m out from goal. The winger kicks truly and scores are level at the ‘G! (Q4 7:35)
Bolton pumps it deep to Balta who has moved forward, he scrambles with Smith on the goal-line but gets away and snaps it over his head for a goal after review! (Q4 9:30)
Petracca wins a free kick against Taranto and spears it down the throat of Petty who marks 35m out from goal and levels the scores with his fifth goal of the afternoon! (Q4 12:11)
Rivers kicks deep to the pocket where Melksham marks right on the boundary line. He steadies himself before snapping through his fourth goal of the game! (Q4 14:07)
Vlastuin coughs up the ball to Langdon in the pocket, he flicks it to Petty who spins around and snaps through number SIX! (Q4 18:31)
Broad gathers in the square and tries to fend off Kozzy Pickett who clubs him in the head. The umpire judges it as prior though and Pickett wins the free, kicking the goal. Ouch. (Q4 21:16)
Kozzy Pickett lurks front and centre of a forward contest and tries to dribble through a goal but misses (Q4 24:43)
Melbourne get a counter attack going and are loose out the back, Petracca marks on the wing and kicks direct to Pickett in the square. Pickett marks, Pickett goals! (Q4 26:51)
Melbourne are loose up forward again as Richmond throw everything at them, Pickett kicks deep into the pocket and finds Big Maxy Gawn, who misses his snap (Q4 31:33)
Hunter helps himself to some junk, kicking a goal as the clock winds down (Q4 33:51)

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