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Blog log from R19 of 2023: Port Adelaide vs Collingwood

Blog log for Port Adelaide vs Collingwood, R19 of 2023

Powell-Pepper roves a Dixon contest at half forward before shoving Moore away with contempt. He bursts to 40m out and then slams through a banana-checkside to open the account! (Q1 5:47)
Collingwood surge forward quickly from the middle of the ground and the ball goes to ground. It’s McStay who gathers the ball and snaps at goal, quick reply from the Pies! (Q1 6:35)
Dacios kicks a grubber along the deck towards the pocket, but Mihocek is there to collect. He tries to kick a cheeky goal, but misses (Q1 8:47)
Rozee and Wines chain up the handballs across the flank which allows Rozee to stream inside 50 and kick a brilliant goal from 40m out! (Q1 10:45)
Sidebottom hits a bullet pass to the lead of Elliott who then hangs it out to the left for a point (Q1 15:38)
Horne-Francis cuts off a Sidebottom kick and sparks a counter attack, as Dixon lets the ball goes past him which allows Rozee to pounce and goal! (Q1 17:40)
Collingwood surge down the wing through Adams and Cox who then passes to McCreery. He decides to go it himself with a massive snap from 40m out, and it sails through for a goal! (Q1 22:46)
Elliott leads up again and marks 45m out on the flank. He starts the ball out left but it bends back to the right brilliantly for a goal! (Q1 28:18)
Nick Daicos gives away a silly insufficient intent free 50m out from goal, which allows Drew to chip it inside to Marshall easily. Marshall goals for the lead! (Q1 30:19)
McCreery dumps a really really high ball from congestion, the pack forms, and Mihocek is allowed to mark at the bottom of the pack. Mihocek goals for another lead change! (Q1 32:45)
Burton scoops the ball off the deck 50m out from goal, he takes a shot at goal, but can only manage a behind (Q2 2:07)
The ball skids on through out the back for Collingwood who have three in the square. Elliott grabs it and then gives to the milestone man in Adams who slams it through! (Q2 4:38)
Burton chops off a kick in the centre square, he pumps it inside 50 where Dixon is able to stay grounded and mark as everyone else leaps. Dixon goals from 20m out! (Q2 7:06)
Drew tackles Mitchell over the line in the forward pocket, forcing an OotF. Drew lines up the snap from 30m out, but bends it back too far for a point (Q2 14:06)
Rioli receives the ball from Evans in the pocket, and he skies a kick to the other pocket where Duursma out marks Josh Daicos. Duursma goals, and the bow & arrow is unleashed! (Q2 17:42)
Cox is pinged for a throw, which allows Evans a shot on goal, but he’s unable to make the most of it (Q2 20:23)
Marshall marks 50m out but then spots Drew in space on the inside. He takes a strong mark 30m out in front of goal, and misses badly to the right for a point (Q2 29:06)
Rioli extracts the ball from a forward stoppage and kicks to Marshall in the square. It’s called as touched, and Marshall gets away with a blatant throw to Evans who goals! (Q3 2:06)
Rioli now barges headfirst into a Josh Daicos tackle and wins himself a high free kick. He can’t make the distance from 40m though and Moore taps it over (Q3 3:21)
Adams wins the ball cleanly on the wing now and pumps it to half forward. Four men go up and it’s Mihocek who was at the back of the contest who grabs the ball and goals on the run (Q3 4:25)
A quick centre clearance from De Goey and Crisp results in a towering McStay mark 15m out from goal. He puts it through and the Pies hit back! (Q3 5:31)
Rioli roves a Marshall contest at half forward and has the composure to hit Dixon on a short kick. Dixon blasts it through from 45m out! (Q3 8:25)
The umpire plucks out a high free kick against Lycett which sees Cameron line up from 50m out on a slight angle, and as a result he hooks it to the left for a minor score (Q3 13:20)
Finlayson enables a McEntee kick that finds Marshall in the pocket. He misses badly from 25m out, kicking a behind (Q3 19:31)
Burton loads up from range but hangs it out to the right for a point (Q3 21:06)
Evans rushes a snap at goal but misses the lot (Q3 22:26)
Horne-Francis runs down Maynard with real heat, and is rewarded with a set short opportunity 40m out from goal. He loads up, and splits the big sticks! (Q3 24:26)
Pendlebury gets away with a sloppy kick as Duursma cannot capitalise on a chance from 45m out on the run. A quick review later rules it as a throw-in though (Q3 26:21)
Evans ends up with ball in hand from said throw-in, but his rushed snap misses everything (Q3 27:02)
A Powell-Pepper grubber rolls through for a point as everyone scrambles after it (Q3 28:26)
Butters tries to chip it up for Marshall but Murphy is able to tap it over for a behind (Q3 32:26)
Crisp flashes a handball back to Sidebottom from a forward stoppage, and the veteran is up to the task as he steps up to 45m and slams through the first of the last! (Q4 1:32)
Jones makes a horror kick that soars out of bounds and allows Josh Daicos a free shot on goal from 40m out. The son of Peter screws through a lovely finish and it’s game on! (Q4 4:12)
Josh Daicos fancies himself with another shot on goal but hangs it out left this time for a point (Q4 4:49)
Finlayson plays on quickly after taking a mark deep in the pocket. He misses (Q4 5:50)
Dixon and Finlayson combine in the contest with Finlayson having another shot, but he misses this one too (Q4 6:56)
Rioli sneaks out the back of the play and marks the Marshall kick 35m out. He slots the goal to steady the ship for Port! (Q4 9:12)
Nick Daicos is caught high by Farrell, and lines up from 40m out as a result. He converts the chance and we’re back toa 6 point game! (Q4 12:17)
McCreery bursts away from the contest on the wing with ball in hand and spots the lead of Bobby Hill who marks 25m out dead in front. Hill goals and we’re level at Adelaide Oval! (Q4 14:57)
Farrell rushes through a behind under serious McCreery pressure (Q4 17:33)
Port get a slick counter attack going that sees Marshall chip it to Evans in the pocket. Evans handballs off to Finlayson who snaps through a big goal to retake the lead! (Q4 18:58)
Mihocek tumbles a ball towards goal with Elliott and Farrell giving chase. Farrell dives and taps it out of bounds which sees Elliott line up in the pocket. Elliott goals! (Q4 22:13)
An Evans kick inside 50 goes to ground and it’s Powell-Pepper who hits the ball at top speed, disposes of Noble and steps past Sidebottom to smash through a massive goal! (Q4 25:27)
Mihocek and Pendlebury link up along the wing, Pendles spears a kick to Elliott who marks on the boundary line. With ice in his veins, Elliott goals for Collingwood! 1 point lead! (Q4 29:48)
Mihocek gathers a loose ball on the flank and squares it up but Aliir knocks it over. 2 point lead now. (Q4 32:06)
Ball up in the centre square with 45 seconds remaining (Q4 34:23)
Another stoppage with 22 seconds left (Q4 34:33)
7 seconds left and we’re still in the centre square (Q4 35:03)
Adams clears the ball, siren sounds, and it’s Collingwood with another thrilling win! (Q4 35:34)

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