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Blog log from R18 of 2023: Collingwood vs Fremantle

Blog log for Collingwood vs Fremantle, R18 of 2023

Walters snaps while falling from a pack in the pocket 20m out off the left but it’s across the face. (Q1 3:34)
O’Meara is pinged for early contact on Pendlebury in a marking contest just inside true CHF, Pendles strokes through the first goal of the day off the left. (Q1 8:04)
Maynard’s chaos ball to CHF rolls nicely past Hughes to Elliott who wheels and shoots from 45m for a classy finish. (Q1 11:15)
Match ups in the Magpie forward line are ?Frampton ?Pearce, ?McStay ?Hamling and ?Johnson ?Ryan, with Mason Cox in ruck. (Q1 12:29)
Meanwhile in attack for Fremantle it’s ?Amiss ?Murphy, ?Treacy ?Howe and ?Jackson ?Moore, a mountain of intercept marks already for the Collingwood key defenders. (Q1 13:36)
Aish and Nick Daicos started on each other at half forward for the Magpies but it’s a case of shake hands at the start and spend the rest of the time chasing kicks up the ground. (Q1 14:06)
Banfield marks an Erasmus pass 45m out, looks uncertain about whether he has the leg and gives off to Ryan who blazes OOTF from 50m. (Q1 17:06)
The Magpies rebound right up the centre crease, Crisp to Johnson then a short pass to Adams 40m out in front, he converts. (Q1 17:49)
It’s a game of turnovers at the moment, not many tackles or stoppages but if you play that game then the Pies are going to carve you up sooner or later. (Q1 18:49)
Centre clearance to Fremantle, Murphy spoils but Markov coughs up the crumb to Amiss who snaps truly… but did Markov get a hand on it off the boot? Review… goal. (Q1 20:35)
More turnovers exchanged after the next bounce as both sides try to flood the corridor, Pendlebury handballs to grass forward of congestion, Johnson snaps the goal from 35m. (Q1 21:55)
Clark with a scrubbing kick from the centre inside 50, ground battle ensues, Amiss comes from the square to give outside to O’Meara to snap the goal from the hotspot. (Q1 23:35)
Aish passes to Banfield 35m out in front on a slow play, he kicks straight as well. Freo showing they can score from stoppages if they lower their eyes. (Q1 25:25)
De Goey is pinged for insufficient intent 20m out in the back pocket, Walters screws his set shot into the post. (Q1 29:20)
The Magpies rebound around members wing, McStay takes a link mark and goes long to Cox who marks over Pearce 30m out on the flank but misses to the left. (Q1 30:15)
After Banfield is not paid a mark on centre wing with a very late spoil by Maynard, McStay marks a centring ball by Crisp to the hotspot and converts. (Q2 1:45)
Jackson marks a Banfield pass in front of Moore 35m out on the flank and steers through a lovely drop punt. (Q2 3:25)
Nick Daicos runs free to CHF after the next bounce and goes to the square where Johnson marks over Hamling for the goal. (Q2 4:46)
Crisp mows down Switkowski after the next bounce and the Pies sweep forward, Howe passes to Johnson in the pocket 30m out, he kicks across the face for no score. (Q2 7:00)
Cox dominates Walker to mark an Adams pass to 35m on the flank, with Darcy zoning off. Cox’s kick starts left but swings right and in! (Q2 8:45)
You have to be so good to beat Collingwood at the moment, can’t have any passengers on any play or they will hurt you. (Q2 9:25)
Banfield turns the ball over with a diagonal kick to the centre from the wing, Pies sweep forward through the corridor, Frampton marks a Josh Daicos pass 45m out, goal. (Q2 11:31)
Elliott takes a pack mark in the square for another one, Freo gave a yelp in Q1 but the Magpies are putting a big space in this contest now. (Q2 15:11)
Henry is pinged for holding Josh Daicos who had fumbled a crumb at a stoppage 45m out in front, he plays on and shoots, umps confer on the goal line, review… confirmed goal. (Q2 19:37)
Walker falls over to allow Adams to mark a Nick Daicos pass to 25m on a slight angle, another straight set shot. Collingwood can’t miss. (Q2 21:36)
Quaynor bombs long after another turnover behind centre starts a rebound through the corridor, McStay can’t mark in the square but the ball sits up for Hill to volley home. (Q2 24:09)
Nick Daicos with the next kick inside 50, it’s to Adams again 40m out but he misses. (Q2 25:31)
Elliott roves a Quaynor speculator to the square and gives outside to Lipinski who shanks it to 15m out, big pack… McStay takes a speccy and goals as well! (Q2 27:36)
Darcy kicks off the left on the spin from the next bounce, Treacy marks in front of the pack 45m out in front and sails through a nice set shot. (Q2 29:16)
Jackson hits the far left goalpost with a set shot from 45m on the boundary. (Q2 31:31)
Walker roves his own spoil of a Quaynor ball up the guts to Elliott at the hotspot but Elliott smothers his handball and feeds Crisp who snaps truly just before the HT siren. (Q2 32:30)
Walters roves an Amiss contest 40m out in front after an Aish centre clearance, he feeds forward to Jackson who rolls it home. (Q3 0:40)
Walters finishes a rebound around outer wing with a nice kick inside 50 to Sturt to mark uncontested 35m out on a slight angle, who converts. (Q3 3:35)
Markov receives outside a stoppage at half back from Pendlebury, speeds through midfield and goes long over Walker to Elliott 20m out. Billy kicks his third major. (Q3 6:40)
A lull as Walker is assessed for a nasty-looking knee injury, likely to be carted off. (Q3 9:30)
Nick Daicos misses a running snap from half forward. (Q3 18:45)
All the juice has been sucked out of this game since the Walker injury, we are in the junkiest of junk time already. (Q3 19:26)
Nick Daicos roves 20m out in the pocket and misses again. (Q3 20:20)
De Goey receives from a speeding Markove and goes long over Hamling to Elliott 15m out in the pocket, that play has worked a lot for the Pies today. Billy’s fourth goal. (Q3 22:40)
Schultz gets a holding free on Noble going for a loose ball 40m out on a slight angle, bit of afters between those two then the crowd hoots as the free kick flies wide left. (Q3 28:46)
Quaynor blazes wide and OOTF from 40m up one end, eventually Freo rebounds and Brayshaw feeds O’Meara 40m out who does the exact same thing as Quaynor. Garbage time, garbage footy. (Q3 33:19)
Rain now falling at the G to further lower the standard of play. (Q3 33:55)
Treacy beats Murphy to mark a centring ball by Henry to 10m for the first goal of Q4 junk time. (Q4 1:27)
Maynard and Murphy jaw at each other after Sturt marks behind a pack 40m out on a slight angle. Sturt kicks the goal, his second. (Q4 12:23)
Treacy marks again on the lead at the same spot as Sturt’s last shot, he repeats the dose for his third. (Q4 15:48)
Nick Daicos finally snaps his first goal from a pack at the hotspot. (Q4 17:54)
Treacy pokes a pass to Schultz 40m out in front who hooks to the left. (Q4 21:53)
Johnson marks in front of Pearce 40m out on the flank for his third goal. (Q4 26:18)
Jackson spots up Henry leading up the corridor to 40m in the last minute, he shanks it left for no score. (Q4 29:42)

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