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Blog log from R17 of 2023: Fremantle vs Carlton

Blog log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R17 of 2023

Walsh to McKay for a bouncing snap from a stoppage 20m out in the pocket but Cox is there to rush ahead of Charlie Curnow. (Q1 3:39)
Acres roves Darcy in the pocket 25m out but tumbles a snap wide left. (Q1 5:13)
After the ball living in the front third for Carlton, Darcy provides link play and bombs long for Amiss to mark over Saad 50m out on a slight angle. Nev kicks short, rushed. (Q1 10:11)
Newman intercepts an aimless Jackson rebound kick at half forward, two short passes to Cerra thence Owies works the mark to 40m in front but the set shot is poor and OOTF. (Q1 14:10)
Repeat inside 50s for Carlton piling up like cardboard boxes at Visy, crumb from a big pack on the HFF flips over the back for Kennedy to rove and snap the first goal from 35m. (Q1 15:11)
Charlie Curnow marks in the pocket 20m out, plays on and screws through his first goal! (Q1 17:35)
Schultz tries a checkside off a step after roving a stoppage at the hotspot but it falls on the line for Newman to rush. Needed a left foot there. (Q1 19:37)
O’Meara sets up Schultz to snap high from the pocket 25m out, the ball falls on the line for Kemp to intercept for no score. (Q1 21:54)
Carlton goes coast to coast on the next play, Martin gives Owies a Joe the Goose special! (Q1 21:54)
The crowd are baying for blood as they thought Kemp’s mark might have been over the line, but a replay showed the goal umpire got it right… just. No review, courageously! (Q1 23:36)
Cerra strips Walters in the centre, no HTB free but it leads to Silvagni’s link mark and pass to McKay in the square to mark over Ryan and goal, just. (Q1 26:08)
Walters roves at half forward and sends a long forward handball to Amiss in space, but the kid fumbles and Weitering arrives to prevent what looked a certain fast break goal. (Q1 28:13)
Matchups in Freo’s attack are ??Amiss ??McGovern, ??Treacy ??Kemp and ??Jackson ??Weitering. (Q1 29:51)
Meanwhile in Carlton’s forward 50 it’s ??McKay ??Pearce, ??C.Curnow ??Cox and ??Silvagni ??Ryan. (Qtr Time)
Frederick races around members wing and goes long for Walters in the pocket over the back of Newman 25m out, he converts. (Q2 2:59)
Curnow roves and snaps off a step from 45m but it’s wide right. (Q2 4:12)
Aish strips Kennedy in a tackle 40m out, gathers and shoots off a step but it bounces across the face. (Q2 5:44)
Repeat inside 50s for Freo, Hughes goes up the guts to Jackson who gets a pushing free on Kemp 20m out in front and kicks truly. (Q2 6:44)
Walsh misses on the run from 40m on the flank. (Q2 8:47)
Cerra scrubs a kick from a stoppage on the HFF to the top of the square where Curnow dives in front of Cox to mark and goal, his second. (Q2 13:49)
Obvious throw by Cerra to Walsh at a stoppage on the HFF, that was rugby areas, but no free so McKay marks and goals with a drop punt from the hotspot. (Q2 16:18)
Ryan’s dump kick lands with Docherty outside the HFF, half a dozen Blues wave their arms inside 50, Doch chooses Kennedy who marks over Walker 40m out in front and misses. (Q2 18:42)
Amiss takes a strong contested grab in front of McGovern next to the behind line and plays on quickly for a centring ball to Schultz 20m out. But Schultz misses! Oh dear. (Q2 21:45)
Serong misses from a stoppage 35m out on a slight angle. (Q2 22:49)
Docherty roves and fends off Clark for a snap off a step from 45m on a slight angle, wobbler and across the face. (Q2 24:03)
Curnow marks 60m out, wheels and bombs long to the square but Pearce has position on McKay to rush a behind with the fist of justice. (Q2 26:06)
O’Meara is forward of the play for a bounce and run over the paint of 50, has Amiss going back to the square but goes himself from 45m for a disappointing miss. (Q2 28:25)
Cox’s dribbler from the back pocket turns over to Cottrell, McGovern passes short to Curnow 50m out on the flank who shoots across the face. (Q3 2:47)
Cottrell’s pressure forces Clark to shank OOTF on the HBF, quick Kennedy ball to the square, Fogarty roves and cops a Johnson chicken wing tackle but manages to snap the goal! (Q3 5:20)
On the end of a rebound through midfield, Cottrell receives from Cripps and passes to Owies 45m out on a slight angle. Owies gives off to McGovern, Brackets goes BANG! (Q3 8:04)
Curnow gathers on the HFF and tries a diagonal kick to space in the centre, bounces for Fogarty who feeds Cerra to run away from Serong and bang through another one from true CHF! (Q3 10:02)
Johnson arrives late and is pinged for tapping a marked ball out of the hands of Docherty, who is brought from the wing to 20m for another one for the rampaging Baggers! (Q3 13:02)
Young passes to Amiss 40m out in front off the back of a few rare repeat inside 50s for Freo this quarter. Nev doesn’t miss, but his kick is short and rushed. (Q3 15:12)
Ryan spoils Martin with his right fist but gets pinged for a jumper tug with his left hand 45m out on the flank, Martin misses across the face. (Q3 20:03)
Walsh marks on the lead in front of Brayshaw 40m out on the flank but his set shot is wide and rushed by Pearce. (Q3 22:03)
McKay tumbles a snap wide off the left from 15m after a stoppage. (Q3 23:49)
Silvagni roves a long ball to grass at the top of the square and feeds Owies a Joe the Goose special. (Q3 24:31)
Cerra speeds up members wing playing on to advantage for a free on Henry to Cripps, long ball to McKay who marks over Hughes 45m out on the flank, he delivers a drop punt goal! (Q3 28:03)
Holding free to Amiss at the top of the square against Newman leads to the first goal of Q4 junk time. (Q4 0:22)
Hewett feeds Cuningham for a miss from 20m. (Q4 4:16)
Curnow snaps his third goal from the pocket 20m out. (Q4 7:16)
Walters converts a mid-range set shot. (Q4 8:56)
Treacy sets up Switkowski for some junk. (Q4 16:02)
Cottrell gets himself some junk from 45m. (Q4 19:16)
McKay marks and misses from 45m on the flank. (Q4 23:16)
Walters dribbles across the face for a point from 15m under Saad pressure, burning Schultz who was waiting for the give. (Q4 25:27)
Newman intercepts Schultz in the back pocket but kicks straight back to him, this time Schultz spots up Frederick 25m out on a slight angle for some smelly junk on the siren. (Q4 27:58)

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