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Blog log from R17 of 2023: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R17 of 2023

Macrae waits after marking at half forward then goes deep to the pocket for Weightman to mark 30m out, he screws in the first goal of the evening. (Q1 2:28)
Poulter starts a rebound from half back around outer side, Weightman snaps his second goal from the pocket 30m out, pretty much the same spot as his first! (Q1 8:58)
Naughton leaps in front of Quaynor to clu8nk a long Williams kick to 25m on the flank, Moore giving him too much leg rope. He converts, Doggies have the jump! (Q1 10:36)
Bontempelli marks on another rebound around outer side, he plays on around Quaynor and hits Naughton leading to 20m in the pocket, who screws in a behind. (Q1 12:54)
Dale tumbles a dump kick OOTF on the rebound, Pendlebury’s repeat inside 50 kick is a peach of a pass to Elliott 30m out on a slight angle, Billy converts. (Q1 18:44)
The Dogs turn the ball over trying to rebound quickly with a Keath handball clanger, Pendlebury spots Hill leading to 35m on the flank who misses near side left. (Q1 22:43)
Collingwood’s clearance work has been crisp and it’s Crisp himself who engineers the latest one, switch leads to a Lipinski pass to Elliott 40m out near the boundary, miss. (Q1 24:24)
Ugle-Hagan’s first possession is a mark on the juggle in front of Moore 30m out near the boundary, he screws in a nice finish off the left. (Q2 2:45)
Elliott marks in front of Richards 30m out near the boundary, plays on and tries to emulate JUH’s finish but leaves it near side left. (Q2 5:34)
Ugle-Hagan’s link mark leads to a Naughton speccy 40m out on the flank, he also curls in a nice finish off the left. Forward efficiency is all the Bullies’ way so far. (Q2 6:46)
Daniel misses a snap from a ball up on the flank 35m out. (Q2 11:50)
Johnson has been quiet early, but his link mark and pass to Adams 45m out on a slight angle is useful. Adams’ set shot falls short… it’s Johnson who marks on the line, goal! (Q2 12:50)
McNeil passes to Ugle-Hagan deep in the pocket 20m out, another set shot suiting his left boot but this one turns too early and rams into the post. (Q2 14:56)
Quaynor turns the ball over on a rebound through midfield, Dogs work it again to Ugle-Hagan to mark behind Murphy on the right boundary 20m out. This kick is good for his second. (Q2 16:44)
De Goey’s centre clearance kick flips over the back for Johnson to lead O’Donnell into the open goal. (Q2 17:49)
Hill’s dribbler from the behind post doesn’t turn, Poulter rushes. (Q2 19:49)
The Dogs rebound at full tilt around members side, Ugle-Hagan gathers on the wing and passes to McNeil diving to 35m in front, he misses. (Q2 20:32)
Vandermeer is caught high by Moore at half forward, he lines up yet another target for Ugle-Hagan who marks with fabulous hands over Murphy 30m out… drop punt to the right. (Q2 23:47)
McCreery storms around outer wing through the HFF and passes to Elliott 25m out in the pocket, crowd roars for 50 as Keath encroaches, not paid but Billy kicks the goal anyway. (Q2 28:17)
Josh Daicos makes Vandermeer look like he’s stuck in treacle in a play on members wing, he passes to Elliott 40m out on the flank for his third goal! (Q2 30:12)
Liberatore is pinged for HTB under a double tackle in the back pocket, De Goey wins the raffle for the free kick and puts the Pies in front from 25m! (Q3 1:27)
Bontempelli intercepts Howe’s kick at half forward and passes to Ugle-Hagan 45m out on the flank, he tugs the drop punt near side right. (Q3 5:38)
Richards spoils at half back but straight to Nick Daicos, he doesn’t break stride and checksides a fabulous goal from 40m on a slight angle! Too good! (Q3 6:38)
Bailey Smith gets a rare touch linking up at half forward, again it’s Ugle-Hagan targeted inside 50, he draws a contact free on Moore 40m out on the flank… straight but short. (Q3 7:58)
Markov cuts off Ugle-Hagan’s repeat inside 50 kick and bursts out of defence, then receives back for a long bomb from outside CHF with is over Hill’s head for a behind. (Q3 8:59)
Scott Pendlebury has just broken the all-time disposals record in the AFL. (Q3 9:57)
Hill leads Smith on a sprint around outer wing with three bounces, Bazlenka can’t catch him, pass to Elliott who feeds Josh Daicos for the snap goal from 40m on the flank! (Q3 12:53)
Moore spoils a long centre clearance to the pocket, Ugle-Hagan roves and gives to West whose centring ball is marked by Naughton 20m out for a steadying goal. (Q3 13:57)
Weightman gives a crumb to Bontempelli who misses on the lope from 35m on a slight angle. (Q3 16:00)
Repeat inside 50 bounces towards Bontempelli, ball doesn’t sit but he eventually gets a handle, Moore flies in and tackles to prevent the goal! (Q3 16:43)
Mitchell tumbles a clearance from the wing, Keath is draped all over Cox but the big Yank holds a clever juggled mark 35m out on the flank… but misses. (Q3 19:29)
Nick Daicos chips in front of Daniel to intercept a kick across half back by Richards just inside true CHF. The set shot is a peach for his second! (Q3 19:58)
Nick Daicos and Cameron send De Goey speeding away from the next bounce, Frampton marks 20m out for another one for the Pies. (Q3 21:53)
The four umps are blindsided for a Cameron throw at half forward that ends up with a Johnson arm chop free on the boundary 20m out, he screws in another one. (Q3 25:34)
Nick Daicos to De Goey for the next centre clearance to Adams 50m out on a slight angle, but he tries a pass that doesn’t work. (Q3 26:59)
Lipinski lands a set shot from true CHF just over the goal line for the first goal of Q4, putting any thought of a Bulldogs comeback on the backburner. (Q4 1:16)
Another rebound through the corridor by Collingwood, Nick Daicos to De Goey for the long ball marked by Elliott on the behind line for another one. It’s all downhill. (Q4 2:37)
Cox misses after marking in the pocket. (Q4 6:16)
Naughton marks over Noble at the hotspot for his fourth goals, but it’s too late now unless something ridiculous happens. (Q4 7:46)
Naughton smothers Bianco on the HFF, gathers, fends off the younger man and passes inboard to Weightman 30m out who rushes the set shot and misses. (Q4 10:47)
Naughton smothers again in the forward pocket but his quick snap from 25m is just wide left. (Q4 11:51)
Repeat inside 50s for the Bulldogs, this one by Vandermeer is roved by Bontempelli who feeds Weightman for a wobbly but straight snap from 20m. (Q4 12:37)
Weightman roves an English contest and again kicks a wobbler from 30m on the flank, this one stays left. (Q4 14:14)
Lots of time left in Q4 if the Bulldogs make their charge, the question is how many more goals the Pies score that the Dogs have to claw back. Hard to stop them in this mood. (Q4 15:16)
De Goey bursts away from a pack on the wing after Bontempelli and English can’t clear, switch ends with Hill going to Cox on the boundary 35m out, his screwing shot is a poster. (Q4 16:46)
Clock now at 8:00 and the Dogs aren’t getting much closer. (Q4 18:01)
De Goey roves and spins in the square but dribbles into the post. (Q4 18:17)
Macrae gives off to Poulter after marking on the HFF, Poulter tries his luck off a few steps from 50m and nails a big goal off the left! (Q4 20:55)
Clock now down to 2:00, Dogs aren’t cutting through quickly enough. (Q4 26:17)
Scott goes to the square where the Dogs have a two-on=one, Ugle-Hagan roves and feeds Weightman for a goal. 1:08 to go and two straight kicks in it. (Q4 27:19)

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