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Blog log from R16 of 2023: West Coast vs St Kilda

Blog log for West Coast vs St Kilda, R16 of 2023

Free kick against Shuey on Steele from the first bounce, play on to advantage, long ball to the hotspot flips over the back for Owens to goal from 10m. (Q1 0:47)
Allen has a ground ball bounce over his head in the square, he turns and tries a Jackie Chan kick but it’s touched through by Webster. (Q1 4:57)
Hurn roves Sinclair’s kick in to the centre and goes back to Allen 45m out on a slight angle to mark leaping in front of Howard. Allen bangs through a lovely set shot. (Q1 6:12)
Caminiti gives away a high contact free on Darling at a stoppage 25m out in the Eagles forward pocket, Darling curls in the set shot in professional style. (Q1 17:49)
All stats are even across the board, the Eagles are playing well above their level from last week. (Q1 18:28)
Long swerves through a fantastic snap from the boundary 40m out, it may not win goal of the week but it gave the home Eagles faithful something to marvel about! (Q1 19:28)
Owens beats Hunt in a ground battle in the pocket, blind turns, does a one-two with Caminiti in the square and snaps an impressive goal from 10m. (Q1 23:13)
After a long Owens kick from the HFF is out for a throw in, King snaps his first goal off the left after bullocking Bailey Williams from the drop 15m out. (Q1 29:28)
Shuey out of the centre after the next bounce in classic fashion roving Williams, pass to Cripps 40m out in the corridor who kicks truly. Old school West Coast! (Q1 29:54)
Allen takes a screamer over Battle on the HFF and passes to the pocket for Darling to take another contested grab 30m out, his screwing set shot is narrow. (Q2 3:16)
Bailey Williams rams through a booming set shot from 50m on a slight angle. (Q2 6:59)
Shuey switches from wing to wing on a rebound, Ginbey runs forward in space and spots up Maric 40m out on a slight angle. Maric sneaks in the set shot, Eagles skipping away! (Q2 12:16)
It’s been the old Luke Shuey today, he bursts away from Gresham at the next bounce and hits the left nipple of Hewett leading to 30m on the flank, he goals as well! (Q2 14:03)
Hewett celebrates his first senior goal as if he just won Wimbledon! (Q2 14:16)
Higgins snaps from a stoppage in the pocket 20m out but it bounces up for Barrass to rush. (Q2 16:02)
Butler roves at the hotspot and gives to Byrnes who baulks onto his right and snaps… too low, Barrass cuts it off for no score. (Q2 17:19)
Cripps marks in the centre on a fast break and has Jack Williams over the back in the square for another one! Saints are giving up too many of those plays today. (Q2 19:42)
Williams’ first goal is not quite as joyous as that of Hewett, but everyone in blue and gold is in a good mood today after some long years of pain. (Q2 20:17)
Caminiti gets an arm chop free on Barrass in a contest 45m out on the flank and roosts a lovely finish. (Q2 23:22)
Shuey has been the firestarter today, he kicks inside 50 after a stoppage on the wing towards the hotspot, handball chain of the crumb ends with Maric, goal from 20m! (Q2 25:42)
Sinclair kicks off the side of the boot under a Sheed tackle after a stoppage at half forward, clever kick lands with Gresham 45m out on the flank. Short… Caminiti mark and goal! (Q2 27:56)
King marks over Barrass 45m out on a slight angle and kicks very high, lands near the behind line for Hurn to rush. (Q2 29:32)
Sharman intercepts on the wing and goes inboard for Howard who kicks very long but wide right from 55m. (Q3 3:14)
Higgins bounces through a goal from 20m after the Saints apply forward pressure and Hurn coughs up a handball straight to Caminiti. (Q3 4:34)
Barrass’ spoil goes over the back to the square where Butler soccers the goal. Eagles lead down to single figures. Ominous. (Q3 9:18)
Owens snaps his third goal from a stoppage at half forward, Saints are on the march! (Q3 11:13)
Allen draws a contact free on Stocker in a contest 40m out on a slight angle, just a slight hold of the shoulder. Allen steadies the Eagles with his second goal. (Q3 14:30)
Another long ball to the top of the Saints goalsquare almost works but after Gresham roves and feeds Higgins it’s Hough whose despairing lunge forces the grubber into the post. (Q3 16:34)
This time it’s a long Ginbey ball into the Eagles forward line, Marshall spoils but the crumb goes over the back for Petruccelle who runs to 20m and chips the goal! (Q3 17:42)
Butler snaps wide off a step from 30m on a slight angle. (Q3 20:32)
Hewett celebrates again after streaming through a stoppage 25m out on a slight angle and snapping across his body off the right! (Q3 21:43)
Butler is front and centre for yet another long ball to the top of the square after a fat side rebound by St Kilda, he goals easily off the left. (Q3 24:13)
Gresham roves another long kick near the behind post but snaps across the face off the left. (Q3 26:35)
Sheed is pinged for HTB on the boundary 20m out from St Kilda’s goal at a stoppage, Gresham wins the raffle with Owens for the free and screws in the goal off the right. (Q3 27:43)
Hill roves at half forward and feeds a bounce handball to Wood who snaps off a step off the left from 35m on a slight angle… that one tumbles through! (Q3 31:13)
Caminiti misses a long range set shot with seconds to go before 3QT. (Q3 32:54)
The Saints rebound around outer wing, King snaps from the HFF and it lands on the goal line where Owens got behind Hurn to mark for his fourth goal! Saints hit the lead, finally. (Q4 1:24)
Mad scramble deep in attack for the Saints, series of smothers but after one of them Barrass is pinged for a slam tackle on Higgins… who misses from 10m out. (Q4 3:03)
Higgins bounces another pressured snap wide form half forward. (Q4 6:15)
Wood leaps in front of Chesser to clunk a Sharman pass 30m out on the flank but misses. (Q4 8:15)
Jack Williams wobbles a snap wide from a ball up 30m out on a slight angle. (Q4 13:20)
Duggan flashes through half forward to rove and shoots but it’s smothered, ricochet lands with Petruccelle who rather wastes it from 25m under not much pressure. (Q4 15:30)
Webster passes to Higgins 45m out on the flank on the end of a switch play from members wing to outer wide. Higgins misses to the left. (Q4 16:32)
Hunt runs across the paint and lets fly from 40m on a slight angle after receiving outside a stoppage but it’s too low and Howard cuts it off in the square, no score. (Q4 19:12)
Jack Williams gets a set shot 50m out on the flank but kicks into the man on the mark, no score results. (Q4 22:42)
3:09 left and the Eagles look out of ideas, albeit they have a stoppage inside 50. (Q4 23:10)
Barrass wins a free at half back to prevent what looked like a fast break to ice the game. 2:30 to go. (Q4 23:59)
Marshall intercepts behind the wing to stop another Eagle thrust. (Q4 24:29)
Saints playing tempo, they have mostly looked in control for the past five minutes. (Q4 24:59)
Crouch catches a very short kick by Sinclair and snaps on the spin from 40m on a slight angle… wobbles wide. (Q4 26:04)
Hunt roves in the centre, this is the last chance… Cripps marks 40m out on a slight angle, 20 seconds left so he rushes… and misses. That’s the ball game. (Q4 26:46)

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