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Blog log from R15 of 2023: Geelong vs Melbourne

Blog log for Geelong vs Melbourne, R15 of 2023

Tuohy gives to Hawkins for a snap across the body from 45m in front after a turnover inside 50, but the kick goes wide right. (Q1 1:05)
Stengle marks in front of Hibberd on the boundary 40m out in what might be called the Gary Ablett jnr pocket. The set shot is a peach for the first goal of the night! (Q1 2:01)
Jordon marks a Petracca clearance kick at CHF in front of Stewart after the next bounce, his long ball is roved by Joel Smith who hits the right goalpost. (Q1 3:49)
Hawkins roves at half forward and looks wide for Tuohy to mark 40m out on the flank, but his set shot is tugged left and short for no score. (Q1 8:09)
Bruhn receives behind a stoppage on the HFF and goes quick and long, the ball clears the contest at the top of the square and takes a nice off-break for a goal! (Q1 9:34)
Duncan tries another very long snap from 60m off a step after roving a Cameron contest at CHF, this one is an off-break as well but goes wide right. (Q1 12:13)
A lull as Jeremy Cameron is down in the middle, stretcher called for. (Q1 12:29)
The Demons get a few repeat inside 50s, Fritsch marks a Salem kick to 20m out in the pocket in front of Kolodjashnij for his first goal. (Q1 23:05)
Close roves a centre clearance bomb by Atkins and gives to Isaac Smith who shanks wide off the left from 20m. (Q1 25:03)
Langdon roves at defensive hotspot but his kick is straight to Tuohy 45m out on a slight angle, who misses to the left. (Q1 27:00)
Close roves a Blicavs spoil of a diagonal kick to the centre by Brayshaw, he passes to Rohan 45m out in front, who converts. (Q1 31:50)
Fritsch roves near the hotspot and rides a tackle to feed Joel Smith who snaps off a step across the body… falls inside the right goalpost. (Q1 35:38)
Light rain falling in Geelong making things a bit slippery, surge footy is the name of the game now. (Q1 36:05)
Rivers drifts across in front of Atkins to mark a Salem kick to 45m on the flank. His kick is wide right and touched through. (Q2 1:30)
Melbourne is attacking but its shallow entries are not working at all, pretty dumb footy. (Q2 3:50)
Chandler skids a snap wide on the run from the flank 50m out. (Q2 5:08)
Rivers runs from a stoppage and reaches the flank 50m out, he also has a lash but skids it across the face. (Q2 6:08)
Neal-Bullen marks a Salem pass near true CHF after Geelong again can’t rebound past half way, again the kick is wide right. (Q2 6:42)
Ball living at half forward for Melbourne but they can’t get clear to spot a target inside 50. (Q2 8:13)
The Cats finally get the ball forward of halfway on a fast break, Rohan blazes wide from 55m. (Q2 9:41)
Quick kick in turns over, Oliver Henry bounces another snap wide. (Q2 9:51)
De Koning sends a repeat inside 50 kick towards CHF, it drops short and it’s Rohan who is in front to mark 45m out… but he pushes it right again. (Q2 11:16)
Another turnover on the kick in, Close roves and feeds Rohan for a pass to Hawkins 35m out on a slight angle, who steers through the goal. (Q2 12:16)
McVee kicks long from the HFF to the top of the square, ball clears the main pack and lands in the breadbasket of Joel Smith in front of Bews, he goals. (Q2 15:01)
Petracca releases Viney from a stoppage on the HFF, his snap lands on the line for Stewart to reach over Joel Smith and rush it with a fist of justice. (Q2 19:02)
Rain continues to fall in Geelong, that doesn’t really excuse the poor goalkicking though as neither side has found deep targets. (Q2 19:59)
Pickett doesn’t bother with handling in the wet, he volleys from a stoppage 20m out for an opportunist goal! (Q2 20:51)
Fritsch roves a Duncan fumbles in the pocket 30m and bounces a quick snap off the left, skids narrow to the right for a point to level the scores. (Q2 29:17)
Melbourne forces the turnover on the kick in, Brayshaw screws a snap wide from near the hotspot, Dees lead by that point. (Q2 29:50)
Chandler ducks through a high tackle 15m out after a Petracca speculator to the pocket, ump calls play on advantage and his snap is wide. He swears, so do his fantasy owners. (Q3 2:09)
The Cats gets a fast rebound going, not much of that has been clean this rainy evening but Rohan steers through a running snap from 40m on a slight angle, set up by Miers. (Q3 3:39)
Stanley marks in a pack in the pocket 20m out but hits the post. (Q3 5:39)
Rivers centres for Pickett 35m out near the boundary, tough pocket away at Kardinia and Kozzie doesn’t get particularly close. (Q3 11:58)
Gawn drops an unpressured intercept at half back, McVee roves but gets caught HTB by Close 45m out, his kick is wide right. (Q3 13:10)
Van Rooyen clunks a big pack mark over De Koning from a Rivers speculator to 20m in front, he makes no mistake, Cat fans boo lustily as their team goes behind again. (Q3 16:34)
De Koning can’t get to a bit of a chaos ball at half back, Neal-Bullen bashes it forward in disciplined winter footy style, Pickett zooms onto it and goals from 20m! (Q3 20:34)
Oliver Henry misses a set shot from half forward. (Q3 23:02)
Pickett sets up Petracca for a curling snap under pressure from 25m on the flank but it doesn’t curl enough, just a point. (Q3 26:43)
Bruhn snaps wide right from half forward after the first bounce of Q4. (Q4 0:16)
Hibberd and Grundy look at each other after Oliver Henry leaps past both of them to mark a high ball on his chest 45m out in front. He kicks truly, scores level. (Q4 2:04)
Repeat inside 50s for the Cats, Zach Guthrie of all people roves 40m out on a slight angle and tumbles through a helicopter kick for the go-ahead goal! (Q4 3:58)
Tuohy is pinged for insufficient intent as he and Langdon chase a loose ball on the HBF, Langdon hits the square, big pack and it’s Spargo who snaps… wide. (Q4 5:29)
Isaac Smith avoids May on the HFF to kick to the pocket for Miers who plays on from 20m, but his grubber is rushed by Rivers in the square. (Q4 10:05)
Hawkins and Rohan take link marks on a rebound around outer wing, Blicavs leaps on the back of Petracca for a specky 20m out in the pocket for a huge goal! (Q4 12:00)
That goal was started by Atkins’ pressure to worry Fritsch off a snap at half back to start the chain. (Q4 13:05)
Miers and then Close tackle Demons without the footy but ump says play on in a wet game, Rohan burns off May to race into the open goal on the fast break! (Q4 14:20)
Another rebound around the wing, Stengle feeds Duncan who skids through another from 50m on a slight angle, the Cats are on FIYAH! (Q4 15:47)
Gawn down to Petracca at a ball-in to the pocket 20m out but the left-foot snap is wide left. (Q4 18:42)
After that burst by Geelong this game is just about in junk time now, amazingly. (Q4 19:11)
Oliver Henry feeds Bruhn who puts a left-foot step on Viney for another one from near the hotspot. Rohan involved again. (Q4 21:45)
Petracca roves a Petty contest in the pocket and threads a drop punt off a step from 20m. Crowd gives him nothing, 6:12 to go, still four kicks in it. (Q4 23:23)
Pickett has a snap from a stoppage in the pocket touched through by Stewart. (Q4 28:24)
Fritsch is over the back of Kolodjashnij to mark and goal at the top of the square from a long Petracca kick, but with 1:13 to go it’s too late. (Q4 31:08)
Stengle hits Rohan leading to the boundary 40m out, nothing Hibberd could do there. Chucky can’t score in the last minute, but he deserves BOG after KOing his teammate Jezza. (Q4 33:06)

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