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Blog log from R11 of 2023: Adelaide vs Brisbane

Blog log for Adelaide vs Brisbane, R11 of 2023

Zorko soccers the crumb from a stoppage on the HFF down the line where Daniher is playing in front of Murray to mark 25m out…. but Joe sprays the set shot left with a drop punt. (Q1 4:10)
Adelaide rebounds around outer wing at high pace with Fogarty providing link play, Pedlar gets caught high 20m out in front by Zorko to boot the first goal of the evening. (Q1 5:03)
Gunston roves a Daniher contest and snaps across the body off the right from 35m on the flank but the ball takes an off break into the near right goalpost. (Q1 6:57)
Walker snaps wide from a pack 30m out on the flank. Brisbane doing the bulk of the attacking early with low efficiency. (Q1 9:45)
Rich decides stuff this, if the forwards can’t kick it then I will, he loads up for bear from a few metres inside the centre square, it bounces through from over 60m! (Q1 11:11)
Adelaide gets a few repeat inside 50s of its own, Fogarty takes a contested grab on Andrews deep in the pocket 20m out and almost threads the goal, but doesn’t. (Q1 15:13)
Rayner marks in front of Doedee 60m out, Doedee goes to ground allowing Rayner to play on and tumble a kick towards an open goal… rumbles, bumbles and stumbles through! (Q1 18:43)
Cameron runs into the open goal after a stoppage on the HFF after roving a Doedee fumble deep in the pocket and breaking a Soligo tackle. (Q1 21:56)
Thilthorpe somehow marks untouched in a pack 20m out on the flank from a long ball by Rachele from the wing. He converts. (Q1 25:11)
Thilthorpe takes another pack grab over Starcevich after the next centre bounce, he is brought from 50m on a slight angle to the line after a penalty against Andrews, easy goal. (Q1 27:31)
Laird clears from the next bounce, Starcevich drops the intercept cold at half back, Rankine roves and misses from 40m. (Q1 28:31)
McCarthy scrubs a kick to the square from a stoppage on the HFF, Daniher tries a volley but it’s smothered, Cameron flashes in but can’t get a boot on it, over for a point. (Q1 30:56)
Dunkley intercepts on the wing, receives back from McCarthy and passes to Rayner in some space 45m out on a slight angle. Rayner hooks it into the left goalpost. (Q2 1:29)
Soligo kicks OOTF from the back pocket, Cameron shanks the free kick from 40m for no score. (Q2 3:29)
Rankine feeds Walker to snap across his body from the hotspot for his first goal. Crows now into the lead, have had most of the play since the Lions bossed the first ten minutes. (Q2 6:51)
Rich turns the ball over on the rebound to Rankine who sizzles a pass to Walker 45m out on a slight angle, Tex slams through another one. (Q2 10:34)
Starcevich catches Rankine HTB in the back pocket but his short pass misses Berry, Keays pounces and snaps off the left from 35m for the opportunist goal. (Q2 17:40)
Butts fluffs an intercept mark from a Neale inside 50, the crumb falls for Bailey who blazes wide from the hotspot. (Q2 20:15)
Rankine is paid a mark deep in the pocket after Lester smashes him a little late, he misses the curling set shot from 25m. Tough kick with a very wet ball. (Q2 21:55)
O’Brien taps a throw-in back to the boundary line 20m out, Rankine roves and performs a miraculous left-foot snap for a sensational goal! (Q2 25:37)
Fogarty is paid a mark from a ball that looked to everyone except the boundary ump to be a yard over the line. Set shot is across the face for a behind, footy gods raise eyebrow. (Q2 27:39)
Dunkley feeds Zorko at half forward who performs a fantastic baulk on the onrushing Keays and slots the running shot from 35m. (Q2 29:29)
McCluggage puts his body on the line to force a crumb deep in defence, Doedee fumbles and the ball pinballs for Cameron to goal from the square. (Q2 32:20)
Gunston roves a long Rich ball to a pack at the hotspot, spins onto his left but just misses a snap across the body in the last minute before HT. (Q2 33:55)
Zorko bounces a snap wide right after a stoppage near the hotspot. (Q3 1:58)
McCluggage doesn’t kick many goals but he looks like peak Dustin Martin with a rove at the hotspot, breaking the tackle of Sholl and jinking onto his right for a snap goal. (Q3 3:09)
Soligo goes to ground on the wing to allow Berry to run to the HFF after roving, kick to the square is off Daniher’s hands and fumbled by Cameron over the behind line. (Q3 4:41)
Murray’s dump kick from deep in defence turns over, Cameron feeds Ashcroft who snaps high and wide off the left. Ashcroft having another dirty night in an away game. (Q3 5:26)
Repeat inside 50s for the Lions, O’Brien is pinged for kicking in danger trying to volley a crumb 30m out on a slight angle, Ashcroft’s free kick is another miss. (Q3 6:38)
Thilthorpe sends a long speculator from the wing to a pack at the hotspot, crumb over the back which Fogarty fumbles but draws a contact free on McCluggage, he goals of course. (Q3 7:07)
Hipwood beats Butts to mark at the hotspot but tugs his set shot right into the post. (Q3 13:11)
Hipwood slaps a loose ball to Bailey who tries a Daicos special from the pocket 25m out but it doesn’t change trajectory and skids across the face. (Q3 15:13)
McCluggage misses a snap from deep in the pocket. Lions with all the play in Q3. (Q3 16:11)
Rankine snaps across his body from mid-range for a point. (Q3 21:56)
McCarthy skids a long snap wide. (Q3 25:41)
Fogarty scrubs a centring ball to the square from the pocket after contesting with Lester, Berry slips over to allow McHenry to gather, baulk Gardiner and goal. (Q3 30:08)
Rankine gives to Rachele who brings the crowd to their feet with a checkside from the boundary 20m out under Rich’s challenge, what a finish! (Q3 32:08)
Murray falls into the back of Dunkley 50m out on the boundary, who passes to Daniher 25m out in the pocket. Daniher’s drop punt is straight through! (Q4 3:15)
Fogarty can’t mark running back towards the square on a fast break but Rachele mops up and goes back to Soligo near the hotspot who kicks truly. (Q4 7:31)
Keays snaps from a stoppage near the hotspot but it lands in the square for Rich to rush. (Q4 11:33)
Kick in comes straight back in, Pedlar rams through another goal from 35m! (Q4 11:51)
Brisbane have kicked themselves out of this game, they had periods of dominance in general play but failed to convert. (Q4 12:46)
Coleman drops a mark in the back pocket, eventually Murphy snaps from 45m on a slight angle but Starcevich touches it for a point. (Q4 16:29)
Long kick in to the centre comes straight back in again, Walker marks Jones’ tumbler 40m out in the corridor and kicks the official sealer. (Q4 17:34)
Michalanney slips over to allow Cameron to mark a Bailey kick to the top of the square with ease. Charlie converts, 7:24 to go and the margin now four kicks. (Q4 20:44)
Lester spoils Thilthorpe near the hotspot, ball bounces towards the pocket where Rankine roves and spins for a nice finish from 25m. (Q4 27:00)
Cameron sharks Michalanney for another junk time goal from 15m. (Q4 28:45)
Daniher runs into an open goal but with 2:03 to go and the margin still three kicks, it would be insane if this one slipped away from Adelaide. (Q4 31:17)
A 6-6-6 infringement gifts the footy to Adelaide from the next bounce, that kills off any chance Brisbane might have thought they had. (Q4 32:03)

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