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Blog log from R11 of 2023: West Coast vs Essendon

Blog log for West Coast vs Essendon, R11 of 2023

Stringer receives the ball and streams inside 50, kicking to the square. Langford outmuscles his opponent to clunk it, converting the set shot for the opener! (Q1 1:36)
Weideman beats out Bazzo to mark in the pocket, but his set shot keeps skinny for a behind (Q1 7:21)
Merrett shovels a kick towards the goal square where Langford is waiting, but it spills off hands to Redman who’s roamed forward and he snags himself a goal! (Q1 9:31)
Ridley grabs the arm of Waterman and concedes a free kick as a result. Waterman runs in to 30m out but he stabs the kick out left (Q1 12:04)
Hunt spills a high ball and Perkins stays low to gather and snap at goal. It also flies high, and after a slow bounce sneaks home! (Q1 14:11)
Foley sends a low ball inside 50 and Allen is allowed a free run at the ball. He marks, steadies himself and sinks the set shot from 20m out to get West Coast on the board! (Q1 16:16)
West Coast get loose out the back and are allowed to chip and handball to Allen in the square who pokes through his second! (Q1 19:32)
Draper catches Williams for incorrect disposal 25m out in front of goal. He splits the big sticks with a goal! (Q1 21:22)
West is caught high by Hobbs in a strong tackle, his kick shanks off to the pocket and Williams reads it best to mark. Williams also shanks it and kicks a behind (Q1 26:20)
A turnover in the middle of the ground sees Hunt stream inside 50 and kick for goal, but it rolls through for a point (Q1 29:04)
Snelling gets the ball from Stringer who feeds the ball out, he snaps the ball very high and it barely sneaks over the line for a goal! (Q2 2:58)
Petruccelle barrels into the arms of Draper and wins a free kick, he slots it from outside the arc and there’s a bit of push and shove to go with! (Q2 5:38)
Stringer gathers just outside the arc and spins around, spotting Langford in space. Usually a good kick, Langford stabs it to the left (Q2 9:35)
Draper juggles the ball down to Stringer who checksides the ball into the pocket. Menzie takes a ripper mark at ground level, and finishes the job with a nice snap! (Q2 10:58)
Allen outmuscles Zerk-Thatcher to get on the end of a quick Rotham kick. Allen kicks truly for his third goal! (Q2 12:58)
Redman sends a peach of a ball inside 50 to the advantage of Guelfi. He steers the kick to the right but it just sneaks home! (Q2 15:58)
Perkins goes for goal but it was always off to the left for a behind (Q2 17:39)
Draper gets to run and jump at the ball and pulls down a strong mark. The kick isn’t so good though as he shanks it left for a point (Q2 19:42)
West charges headfirst into Bryan and wins a free kick for his troubles. He starts his set shot out right though and that’s where it stays (Q2 21:24)
Guelfi kicks to a 2 on 2 inside 50 and it’s McDonald-Tipungwuti who takes a tumbling mark, but he places the kick out right for a behind (Q2 24:39)
Foley pumps a long ball inside 50 that gets past everyone, but Hind takes it over in the end (Q2 26:56)
A neat little play by Merrett sees Redman swing a kick into Stringer off his left. Stringer marks as the clock winds down, ‘The Package’ delivers at half time! (Half Time)
Allen is allowed an unimpeded run at the ball to pull down a mark 40m out on the flank. His set shot drops short though and Ridley fists it over (Q3 5:24)
Merrett and Martin combine to kick inside 50 where Hobbs pinches the mark off Weideman. He kicks from 45 out and it’s straight as an arrow for a goal! (Q3 7:23)
A kick directed towards Allen spills off hands and rolls through for a point (Q3 9:26)
West Coast build up nicely on the wing and Hurn roams up to find Waterman on a lead. Waterman kicks from 40m out on an angle, but misses everything (Q3 11:48)
O’Neill milks a free kick on Heppell for in the back, but the ball don’t lie as he wastes his chance from 25 out (Q3 13:11)
West Coast link it up across the middle of the ground, and it ends with Waterman slotting a big goal from 50m out! (Q3 14:46)
Durham slides a snap across the face of goal for no score (Q3 16:27)
Guelfi snaps off a step, but can’t get enough bend on the ball as he kicks a point (Q3 18:22)
West presents to mark 40m out on an angle, but he hangs his set shot out to the right for another behind (Q3 19:41)
Essendon go coast to coast as Guelfi commits for a contested tap-on that rolls into the path of Draper. Draper gathers and handballs long to Langford in the square who goals! (Q3 21:23)
Langford marks a neat pass on the 50m line. He opens the arc and flushes the set shot as Essendon look to break the game open! (Q3 22:39)
Kelly stabs a kick inside 50 and it’s Allen again who’s allowed to run at the ball and mark easily. He starts the kick out right though and it sticks (Q4 1:38)
O’Neill marks on the 50m arc and chips it forward to Hough. His set shot drifts wide and short and is picked off (Q4 5:18)
Essendon progress slowly with a kick-mark style which ends with a Snelling mark. He decides to play on though and finds Weideman, but Barrass gets back to spoil the fun (Q4 9:10)
Bazzo drops a mark in defence and handballs it straight to Menzie who takes a few steps before snapping through a nice goal! (Q4 9:45)
Snelling drops a sitter but Hind is there to clean up and get it down to Weideman in the pocket. The Weed’s snap is too narrow for a behind (Q4 11:47)
Hobbs snaps a goal out of nothing from a forward stoppage! (Q4 12:41)
Redman selflessly gives off the ball by kicking to Langford at the behind post. A tough snap, and he kicks into the post (Q4 16:38)
D’Ambrosio gets off and running down the wing, he opts to go for glory himself from range, but barely misses to the right (Q4 17:01)
Perkins misses the lot from 30m out (Q4 17:56)
Barrass concedes a rushed behind after a forward stoppage (Q4 18:59)
Durham takes a nice mark on the lead but is called to play on as it was touched off the boot. He gives to Snelling who snaps it through for a goal! (Q4 20:01)
Waterman misses the lot from 35m (Q4 22:45)
McDonald-Tipungwuti tries to jag a late goal but fluffs the set shot (Q4 27:29)
Heppell gives away a high fend-off in the dying seconds which means Allen lines up with a set shot after the siren. He gives the fans something to cheer about as he signs off! (Full Time)

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