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Blog log from R9 of 2023: Brisbane vs Essendon

Blog log for Brisbane vs Essendon, R9 of 2023

Langford mows down Lester with a jumper tackle, Perkins takes advantage and dribbles through the first goal of the game! (Q1 5:18)
Caldwell snaps through a behind after a chaotic few moments inside 50 (Q1 9:11)
McCluggage hits Daniher on a lead, and big Joe lines up from 40m out. He eases into the kick and gets Brisbane on the board with a goal! (Q1 12:35)
A loose ball rolls towards goal and the Bombers give chase, Zerk-Thatcher punching it through for a rushed behind (Q1 19:04)
Hipwood hits the behind post after a set shot from the boundary (Q1 20:55)
Zerk-Thatcher and Hobbs put in a power of work on the last line of defence to force a rushed behind (Q1 21:52)
Cameron is deemed held by D’Ambrosio, getting a set shot 15m out in front as a result, but he shanks it left! (Q1 22:52)
Daniher marks the ball 55m out and with a generous bit of space in front lopes into his natural arc and slots a textbook Daniher goal! (Q1 26:17)
Merrett pulls a shot to the right after kicking from open play (Q1 27:35)
A turnover on the wing sees a quick Essendon counterattack that ends with Weideman marking 35 out on an angle. He sends it out right, and that’s where it stays (Q1 28:47)
Daniher is allowed an easy mark inside 50, but he slides the ball down left for a behind (Q2 4:18)
Hipwood gets a free kick for holding by Baldwin, a similar spot to Daniher, and the exact same result for another point (Q2 5:41)
Daniher marks on a lead then rewards the lead of Zorko who marks 35 out, but it’s the same pocket as the last 2 kicks, and this one ends the same way! (Q2 9:03)
Langford squares it for Stringer from the pocket. He steadies himself before snapping it through, and it’s just a 2 point game! (Q2 12:19)
Ball drops into the lap of Langford who swings around and puts Essendon in front with a sublime goal from 40 out! (Q2 14:47)
Langford gets a soccer kick away as the pack falls over, but it rumbles through for a point (Q2 16:23)
Merrett gives away the ball in midfield and Wilmot kicks to a vacant square. Bailey tries to chase it down, but it rolls over for a behind (Q2 17:42)
Langford and Menzie combine for a lengthy 1-2 play along the wing, Langford copping one high at the end. Langford snaps from the boundary, but hooks it to the near side for a point (Q2 20:57)
McCarthy somehow reels in a one-handed mark under serious D’Ambrosio pressure. He snaps from the pocket, but the ball thuds into the post (Q2 23:22)
Menzie wraps up Starcevich in a strong tackle, and then a 50m penalty is given away by McKenna for kicking the ball away. Menzie snaps it through! (Q2 26:19)
Essendon’s defence is momentarily all at sea as Daniher is allowed to lead up and mark uncontested 30m out in front. He slots his third goal to kick off the second half! (Q3 2:21)
Daniher pulls down another mark, this time 15m out in front. He converts his fourth goal and it looks like the tide is turning! (Q3 5:06)
McCluggage lurks out the back of a contest and snaps at goal, but he floats it to the far side for a point (Q3 9:06)
Bailey slots a nice goal from the boundary as Brisbane continue to surge! (Q3 9:56)
Daniher pulls a kick back for McCluggage who marks 35m out, but he hooks it badly to the left (Q3 12:59)
McInerney outmarks Phillips in the pocket, and The Big O gets the crowd going with a goal! (Q3 16:07)
Hipwood gets the mismatch on Martin to take an easy mark 35m out, his kick is as straight as an arrow and Brisbane are completely in control! (Q3 19:27)
Cameron rises for a big mark but it goes through his hands, and over for a point (Q3 23:08)
Martin takes an uncontested mark 35m out, plays on to Langford in the pocket who runs into an open goal and pokes through his second to get Essendon back in it! (Q3 27:43)
Hipwood gets another simple mark on the lead, but his set shot glances off the post for a point (Q3 29:07)
Essendon surge forward as the clock winds down to 3QT, Weideman gets a shot away as the siren sounds, but it’s a point (3 Qtr Time)
Perkins gets the action going early as he kicks a low ball for goal, he gets it through, but it’s touched off the boot (Q4 0:58)
Hind runs into the brick wall of Zac Bailey, and then concedes a 50m penalty to allow him a set shot. Bailey kicks from 30m out and kicks his second! (Q4 2:23)
Daniher snaps through his fifth goal after Draper falls over in a ruck contest! (Q4 5:35)
Davey tries to sneak through a goal from congestion, but it bounces through for a point (Q4 8:39)
Cameron gets a rare chance at goal, but his set shot drops short and it’s tapped over (Q4 13:56)
Cameron pounces on a lazy Essendon kick and gets a set shot from 35m out, but he hangs it out left (Q4 16:40)
The Lions are queuing up now as Hipwood gives off to the man of the moment in Daniher, as he curls through his sixth goal! (Q4 18:14)
Draper has a set shot chance, but the ball fades to the right for a behind (Q4 22:19)
It’s a scrappy affair as Essendon work it forward, McDonald-Tipingwuiti snaps through an opportunistic chance! (Q4 24:39)
McCluggage snaps and misses from 30m out as he fails to cash in on this win (Q4 25:20)
Bailey goes searching for his third goal but he hangs it out to the far side for a point (Q4 26:44)
Lincoln McCarthy helps himself to a goal as he runs inside 50 and lets loose! (Q4 29:20)
Rayner marks with seconds remaining, he takes his time as he soaks it in, before ending the game emphatically with a goal! (Full Time)

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