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Blog log from R9 of 2023: Richmond vs Geelong

Blog log for Richmond vs Geelong, R9 of 2023

Richmond surge through the middle, Dan Rioli getting two bites at the cherry as he hits up Cotchin with a short kick. Cotchin plays on to Graham who marks and kicks the first goal!
Hawkins bodies Balta to pull down a nice mark 35 out on a slight angle, he makes the ball work for it, but he squeezes it through for a goal! (Q1 6:17)
Balta works Hawkins out of a contest this time, but is under pressure instantly and shanks a short kick to Tuohy who marks 30m out. He shuffles in and sends the ball to the left (Q1 9:01)
McIntosh pops an awkward ball into space inside 50 and it’s Dan Rioli who swoops to gather cleanly, steady himself and snap through the goal! (Q1 10:50)
Miers runs down Baker and wins a free for incorrect disposal, but he spots Atkins short and kicks to him. Atkins kicks from 35 out, but the ball is touched and tapped into the post (Q1 12:19)
Prestia stands and delivers from outside 50, as he kicks to a vacant square. 1 bounce, goal! (Q1 14:00)
Tuohy marks 70m out and spots Hawkins with space up forward, kicking quickly. Hawkins stays low to mark on his chest 25 out, as he puts through his second goal! (Q1 17:30)
Miers collects from Duncan and runs to 50, selling some serious candy as he runs. He dashes to 40 out before kicking for goal, but just misses left (Q1 21:00)
Richmond counter and surge forward along the wing. Hopper sends it inside 50, it eventually spills to ground and Mansell is there to pounce and sneak through a goal! (Q1 22:17)
Hawkins is there at ground level for a change as he crumbs a Henry contest, but his rushed snap bounces wide (Q1 23:50)
Knevitt marks a Miers kick 40m out and goes back for the set shot. He kicks very wide, but a review is called to determine the score. It’s called a behind (Q1 25:33)
Cotchin outmarks O’Connor from a Baker kick, he sucks in the big ones before splitting the middle for a goal! (Q1 27:31)
Bolton dumps a long ball inside 50, it drops out the back in front of Cotchin who throws a boot at the ball and volleys it through for his second! (Q1 29:48)
Cameron marks an Atkins kick about 60m out. He decides to go back and kicks a lovely ball, but it drops just short and it’s thumped over (Q1 30:52)
Cameron squares it up from the forward flank and it goes up in the contest. It falls into the hands of Blicavs who quickly snaps through a behind (Qtr Time)
O’Connor has a half chance from a forward stoppage and soccers off the ground, but kicks it wide (Q2 3:26)
Henry marks an errant Holmes kick right on the boundary line deep in the pocket. It takes two starts but Holmes snaps it through! (Q2 4:47)
Henry snaps it through I should say (Q2 5:02)
Dempsey and Rioli go hammer and tong inside 50 from a Tuohy kick, Demspey gets the handball away to Smith who snaps around the body and goals! (Q2 7:02)
Stewart gives away a pretty soft holding free and the Richmond faithful roar their approval! Mansell slots the goal and Stewart’s not happy about it! (Q2 8:48)
Mansell gets another free kick, this time for kicking in danger. He can’t kick this one though on a tougher angle and it slides wide (Q2 10:49)
Pickett kicks a ball into space inside 50 and Taranto and Guthrie chase after it, Guthrie doing enough to force a rushed behind (Q2 12:24)
Geelong put together a nice passage of play through the middle of the ground, ending with a Dempsey mark 35 out. Dempsey hangs it wide though (Q2 17:20)
McIntosh gathers a loose ball on the 50 and straightens up for goal, but puts it just wide for a point (Q2 20:22)
Cameron is allowed lots of space from a stoppage at half forward and dishes off to Miers who hooks a kick to Dempsey 35 out. One strange run-up later and he slides it wide again (Q2 22:35)
Richmond get some good linkage across the wing, with Ralphsmith spotting Martin in acres of space. Martin marks, plays on and goals! (Q2 25:05)
Simpson puts the ball up to the square where chaos ensues as bodies go flying! Eventually it ends up back with Simpson who snaps through the goal! (Q2 28:33)
Bolton stays low for a forward throw-in and is rewarded as the ball falls to him. He ducks and weaves, snapping through a goal to kick off the second half! (Q3 2:36)
Rioli marks and has space in front to run into. He kicks long and Riewoldt is free to jump and mark with no Ratugolea. The old hand kicks a goal to extend the lead! (Q3 7:57)
Martin tries to curve through a goal off the outside of his boot, but it spins wide for a behind (Q3 9:07)
Rioli sits under a rushed kick by Tuohy and marks 45 out on an angle, but he hangs it out right (Q3 11:22)
Hawkins palms the ball down the throat of Duncan who has enough space to snap through a much needed goal for the Cats! (Q3 15:07)
Dusty pumps the ball long and it falls to ground. Cotchin roves to perfection and snaps through his third goal! (Q3 23:06)
Henry is found all by himself inside 50 and marks while landing on his back. A big goal to kick, and Henry cuts the margin back with a major! (Q3 25:07)
Martin marks 1 on 1 against Kolodjashnij but decides to take the set shot from 40m out rather than play on. He sinks the kick and it’s getting dangerous now for the Cats! (Q4 5:37)
Cotchin feeds the ball to Prestia after a Holmes fumble, Prestia hitting up a storming lead by Riewoldt. Jack goes back and converts from 40 out in front, and the crowd roars! (Q4 7:16)
Ryan marks and spots Clarke in a good position. He kicks low, long and hard to find him in the square, Judson playing on and slamming through a goal! Party time! (Q4 14:15)
Hawkins marks an Atkins clearance and quickly heads back for his set shot. The oiled up veteran spears it through in a quick response to keep Geelong afloat! (Q4 15:01)
Bruhn storms down the wing with a couple bounces and finds Cameron in a bit of space, he plays on quickly with a snap set shot and after a quick review, gets his goal! (Q4 19:16)
Graham hits up Dustin Martin in space, he stretches the old legs and snaps around his body, he bends it through and that’s essentially game over! (Q4 23:36)
Bruhn emerges from the centre bounce with ball in hand, he takes a bounce, runs to 45 and blasts through a terrific goal to again, keep Geelong barely in it! (Q4 25:05)
Miers lets the pressure get to him as he rushes a snap and wastes a crucial chance (Q4 27:44)
Blicavs marks a Smith kick after a nice play in the ruck by Ceglar. He plays on instantly and snaps through a goal to bring the margin back! (Q4 29:37)
Martin gives O’Connor a nice old shove in the back of the shoulder which isn’t paid, allowing Martin to line up and snap through his fourth to finally seal the game. (Q4 31:00)
Riewoldt kicks a narrow ball from the boundary as the clock winds down for a behind (Q4 33:18)

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