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Blog log from R8 of 2023: Collingwood vs Sydney

Blog log for Collingwood vs Sydney, R8 of 2023

Moore sets it up to thew top of the square, and Johnson floats up through the middle to mark! He pops it through to kick off proceedings!
Papley sets it up to Heeney who flies up on Sidebottom to pull down a mark 25 out in front, but he hangs it out wide for a point
Florent flicks a handball out to Clarke who has space ahead to run inside 50 and goal and the Swans get right into Nick Daicos as a tussle ensues!!
Josh Daicos gets a free kick as more spot fires breakout, he kicks to the square and Blakey fists it over (Q1 8:29)
Hoskin-Elliot scoops a loose ball and snaps through a goal from 25 out and this time it’s the Pies who get into Clarke and the Swans! Oh boy! (Q1 9:30)
Crisp blasts through the middle of the ground and kicks to Elliott who can’t get enough on it, it spills in front of Mihocek who takes a few steps and snaps through a goal! (Q1 13:37)
De Goey soccers a ball to the square and Hoskin-Elliot collects, handballing to Mihocek who tries to sneak a goal through, but misses (Q1 21:50)
Johnson receives a front-on contact free kick 40m out, but he can’t make the distance and it’s tapped over (Q1 25:49)
Ladhams gives the ball back to the wrong Collingwood player and concedes a 50m penalty to Moore as a result. Moore kicks from just outside 50, but kicks wide for a point (Q1 28:06)
Cunningham falls into the back of Adams and gives away a free kick, but Adams can’t make the most of it as he hangs it left (Q1 29:59)
Mills pumps it inside 50 with seconds remaining and Ladhams marks one out on Frampton. It’s a 15m kick, and he shanks it left for a point after the siren!! (Qtr Time)
Florent hooks a quick kick inside 50 and McDonald is the first one to it. He hangs the ball out to the left for a behind though (Q2 3:31)
De Goey ends up with the ball and snaps out of traffic, with a Johnson shepherd enough to see it through for a goal! (Q2 6:15)
Papley receives from Clarke and streams inside 50 to the boos of the Collingwood faithful, the boos turn to cheers as he blasts it wide (Q2 8:10)
Papley squares it up to the opposite pocket and Gulden is there to mark. It’s a tough angle and he opts for the drop punt, keeping it too narrow for a behind (Q2 9:13)
Markov cleverly rushes through a behind with an attempted handball (Q2 10:38)
Crisp easily marks a Pendlebury kick 30m out as the Swans defence is caught napping. Crisp kicks it wide for a behind (Q2 13:05)
Quaynor is caught out in a 2 on 1, and it’s a scramble in the square as Sheather throws a leg at the ball, after a review Sheather gets his first AFL goal off his shin! (Q2 15:36)
It’s a mad scramble in the middle of the ‘G as Sydney get free out the back! Papley to Franklin who the gives it back to Papley who snaps from range, but bends it too much (Q2 18:33)
Hayward pops up in open space inside 50, marking 35m out on a slight angle. He also can’t convert the set shot, sliding the ball to the left (Q2 20:34)
The Swans get loose out the back again, with Heeney and McLean combining to get a kick deep to McDonald, who waltzes into goal and sends it to the upper tiers! (Q2 22:20)
It looks like we’ve switched codes here as McLean soccers through a goal past Maynard from the top of the square as though it were a penalty spot kick!! (Q2 25:33)
Hayward manages to pull down a mark between Markov and Murphy and snaps through the goal after a set shot! Swans by 8! (Q2 28:05)
Quaynor rakes in an intercept mark as the clock winds down, he kicks from just inside 50 as the siren sounds, and misses the lot (Q2 31:06)
Josh Daicos gets a shot away but it grubbers along the ground into the post (Q3 1:32)
Collingwood work it around the 50m arc, eventually getting it to Elliott 45m out on an angle. He makes no mistake and the margin is back down to 1 point early in this second half! (Q3 4:38)
A similar procession for Collingwood as they get the ball to Josh Daicos in the same spot, but he floats it to the right for a point (Q3 6:50)
Francis takes a strong mark going back with the flight, but his set shot glances off the post (Q3 13:15)
Hayward marks a very short kick about 30m out in front, the umpires say it’s a mark, but the ball don’t lie as Hayward sends it sharply to the left and misses everything! (Q3 15:32)
Adams bumps the ball forward and it rolls out in front of Mihocek who has the time and skill to bend the ball through in spectacular fashion! (Q3 21:28)
Crisp snaps a kick out of congestion, but it goes through for a point and was probably touched regardless (Q3 24:55)
Francis pulls down a pack mark, but his set shot belies the attempt, as he kicks a behind (3 Qtr Time)
Franklin hooks a set shot badly to the right as he searches for range from 50m out, a point the result (Q4 3:06)
Cox is held by Blakey but Ginnivan takes advantage and chips short to the lead of Elliott. His kick drops short and Mihocek marks! He steadies himself and snaps through his third! (Q4 4:19)
Pendlebury kicks direct to the pocket and Frampton stands tall to mark. He hangs it out wide though, as is the standard of today’s game (Q4 6:32)
Frampton kicks from 50m out towards Mihocek at the top of the square. It gets past everyone twice as Blakey and Mihocek scramble after it. Goal review determines a Frampton goal! (Q4 10:19)
The Swans defence is in a shambles as a high loop ball floats in. Ginnivan is allowed a clean run at the ball and snaps through a goal to get the crows on their feet! (Q4 11:49)
Papley stays low and draws a high free kick on Sidebottom 45m out. He opens the arc and sends through a big goal for the Swans to keep them alive! (Q4 16:04)
Ginnivan is held by Florent outside 50, and he spots a lead from Mason Cox. Cox lopes in to mark easily, but puts the kick wide for a behind, 4 goal game (Q4 20:24)
Papley dribbles the ball back inside from the pocket, it gets to the hands of McDonald who snaps at goal, but misses (Q4 21:48)
De Goey dumps a high ball towards goal, it drops on the goal line and Mihocek is there to jump up and kick it over his head like he’s Ronaldinho!! Goal Collingwood! (Q4 30:05)
Collingwood get out the back as the clock winds down, Sidebottom kicks out in front of Mihocek who marks, plays on, runs into the square and bangs through his 5th goal! (Q4 34:00)

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