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Blog log from R8 of 2023: Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Western Sydney vs Western Bulldogs, R8 of 2023

Giants pressure forces a turnover in the forward 50, Ward grabs the loose ball and handballs to Green who has the time to snap through the first goal of the game! (Q1 4:19)
The Bulldogs move quickly from the centre bounce, Liberatore blasting a clearance forward. It goes to ground and Ugle-Hagan snaps through a reply! (Q1 5:14)
Idun gathers a loose ball in defence but is immediately under pressure and gang-tackled by three Bulldogs players and drops the ball. Lobb gets the free kick and he kicks the goal! (Q1 8:29)
Baker falls on his Bake-side which allows Himmelberg a clean run at the ball. He hits up Hogan on the lead, and he converts the goal from 25 out! (Q1 14:57)
Daniel and Dale combine just inside 50 with Dale looping a high ball towards goal. Ugle-Hagan flies, but Whitfield is the one who hits it over (Q1 17:04)
Green’s got an eye for goal early as he snaps from the pocket, but keeps it too narrow (Q1 17:47)
Arthur Jones roves a contest in the square, weaves past a couple of defenders and gets his name on the board with a goal! (Q1 20:02)
Arthur Jones gets around Whitfield to mark a Macrae entry inside 50. Jones kicks from 45 out and sends it through the big sticks for his second goal! (Q1 24:13)
Lloyd dumps it inside 50, there’s a scramble at ground level which eventuates in a Brent Daniels snap, but he hooks it wide (Q1 27:01)
Bedford drops a kick inside 50 that gets behind to Hogan on the lead. The siren sounds and Hogan kicks, but he hangs it out left to signal quarter time (Qtr Time)
Ward dribbles through a tight gap and snags a goal from nothing to start the second quarter! (Q2 2:28)
Coniglio chases the ball towards the boundary, he sells a bit of candy and takes the shot, but bends it back too much for a behind (Q2 9:11)
Bontempelli powers through the pack to take a simple contested mark in the pocket. He goes for the snap set shot and bends it beautifully! (Q2 10:29)
Dale intercepts a rushed clearing kick and sends a bullet back to the chest of Lobb who marks just inside 50. He opens the arc and kicks straight as an arrow from outside 50! (Q2 12:16)
A risky kick through the middle pays off for GWS who spread wide to Himmelberg. He cuts back inside to Lloyd who marks and goals from 30 out in front! (Q2 15:26)
English barely gets the ball away while being tackled, Smith cleans up his mess and kicks to Scott who’s all by himself in front of goal. Scott walks in and goals! (Q2 21:13)
Cadman skies a ball from the pocket, it’s high, it’s really high and Ward steams in to mark! He steadies himself and snaps through a big goal for the Giants! (Q2 22:51)
It’s a mess out there as the rain continues to pelt down, Macrae and Kelly lumber after the ball, Macrae trying to keep it in play, but Kelly kicking it over for a rushed behind (Q2 26:12)
Ugle-Hagan snaps through a behind from the pocket (Q2 27:11)
Bontempelli throws a boot at the ball as it skids goalward, but the Giants manage to rush it through (Q2 30:29)
Liberatore has enough time to get a shot on goal away, but it wobbles wide for a point (Q3 1:54)
Weightman drops in to mark 30m out, he slides the ball past the goalpost and kicks the goal! (Q3 4:04)
Johannisen intercepts a rushed clearing kick on the 50m arc. He eases into the kick and splits the middle! (Q3 7:24)
O’Halloran takes a shot from near 40m out, but it hangs it to the left for a behind (Q3 10:49)
Hogan rips the ball from the ruck and snaps at goal, but the ball thuds into the post (Q3 11:49)
Naughton roves a contest for a change, prising the ball from congestion and snapping through a goal that would make any small forward proud! (Q3 18:49)
Hogan brushes off Jones and tries to tumble a ball forward, but it bounces into the post (Q3 20:48)
Naughton, Weightman and Liberatore combine in a triangle formation, with Liberatore slotting the goal (Q3 22:07)
Dale handballs through a behind and helps himself to the kick-in (Q3 25:07)
Peatling is on the ground and involved instantly as he kicks a short one that finds Flynn 30m out on an angle. Flynn’s kick hangs out left and hits the post (Q3 27:49)
Idun chases down a rolling Liberatore kick and taps it over (Q3 29:22)
Coniglio dashes down the flank and dishes off to the run of O’Halloran, he has plenty of time to line the kick up and goals on the run to start the final term! (Q4 2:32)
Naughton takes a kick on the run, it drops short and bounces around in front of goal, but Scott goes down with Haynes and Whitfield sees it over (Q4 5:27)
Green collects the loose ball after some forward pressure forces a mistake, he runs to 45 and blasts through his second goal! (Q4 8:10)
Green is in the right place at the right time as he receives a Hogan handpass, he puts a step on and kicks his third goal! (Q4 8:31)
Hogan marks a Perryman pass on the 50, but he gives off to the run of Himmelberg who kicks into his natural arc and bags the goal to cut the margin back down to 10 points! (Q4 10:54)
Peatling gathers and handballs to Coniglio who takes a running shot, but it slides to the left for a point (Q4 13:16)
Perryman extracts from a forward stoppage and feeds it to Kelly who snaps at goal, but can only manage a behind (Q4 17:52)
Ugle-Hagan squares up the ball awkwardly after taking his time in the pocket, Naughton throws a boot at it, but kicks a point (Q4 21:58)
Naughton rises and drags down a one-handed mark 15m out directly in front. He makes no mistake and the margin is back to 15 points with 5 minutes remaining! (Q4 22:55)
Naughton manages to get separation on Buckley to mark easily 35 out on an angle, he slots the goal to potentially make it one too many for GWS! (Q4 26:23)
Hogan snags a late goal to make it three for the evening (Q4 29:30)

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