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Blog log from R7 of 2023: Adelaide vs Collingwood

Blog log for Adelaide vs Collingwood, R7 of 2023

Pedlar marks outside CHF on a fast break rebound, has Fogarty in space but goes himself from 55m… well wide left. (Q1 3:30)
Keays sprints to a loose ball on the HFF and toepokes it to Fogarty who tries to hit Walker in the square but skids a shank for a behind from 45m. (Q1 7:52)
Nick Daicos’ kick in to Mitchell is spoiled, Walker gets his chance from the hotspot and snaps across the body for the first goal of the evening. (Q1 10:07)
Rankine roves on the HFF and baulks inside with a lovely right-foot step, he checksides a lovely finish from 35m! (Q1 13:02)
Josh Daicos roves a stoppage hard on the boundary 30m out and snaps wide. (Q1 19:47)
Sholl passes to Rachele 45m out on the flank after a slow but effective Adelaide rebound with Laird involved twice. Rachele shoots right. (Q1 21:27)
Again Nick Daicos turns the ball over on the kick in to Soligo, he goes to Dawson who passes to Pedlar 35m out in the corridor. Pedlar shoots left. (Q1 22:42)
Thilthorpe passes past Sidebottom to the lead of Rachele 45m out on a slight angle. One of these has to go through for Adelaide… not this one. (Q1 25:37)
Pedlar marks a floater 45m out on a slight angle… this is the one that sails through. Well deserved for the Crows who are all over the Pies early. (Q1 27:02)
Nick Daicos gives the footy up by hand to Jones at the first bounce of Q2, he kicks quick and high for Thilthorpe to mark over Quaynor 40m out… but it’s another gettable miss. (Q2 0:33)
Rachele roves a Walker contest and snaps across the body off the left off a step from 40m on a slight angle… wobbles wide left. (Q2 1:57)
Rankine marks a repeat inside 50 kick by Doedee on the HFF and centres for Soligo at the hotspot. Surely this goes through… shank left, terrible kick for a point. (Q2 2:33)
Rankine misses from a stoppage 15m out in the pocket. (Q2 5:19)
O’Brien is pinged for a hold on Frampton in ruck 25m out on a slight angle, crowd hates it but arms were around the torso. Frampton converts. (Q2 11:04)
Moore handballs to no one on the HBF and is pinged for deliberate OOB, Murphy takes the free 40m out but shanks it for no score. (Q2 16:37)
Three soccer kicks from the Magpies put the ball in the hands of Hill on the HFF but he grubbers across the face from 40m. (Q2 17:18)
The Pies force the turnover on the kick in, De Goey scrubs a kick towards Mihocek who snaps the goal from 35m on the flank! (Q2 17:48)
Mihocek picks off a Butts rebound kick to 45m on the flank on a slow play, chipping in front of Milera. Checkers boots his second goal with a minute to go before HT. (Q2 26:55)
Moore tries to switch on a rebound but kicks to a contest and the repeat inside 50 comes in, Rachele roves Rankine and snaps… did Murphy touch it? Review says yes, a point. (Q3 4:24)
Dawson wins a high contact free at CHB, Smith plays on to advantage and the Crows get a loose man, it’s Pedlar on the end of Keays’ kick to score an easy goal. (Q3 6:08)
Ginnivan scrubs a kick from a stoppage at the hotspot, Butts spoils but the crumb sits up behind him for Mihocek to soccer home! (Q3 7:26)
Hoskin-Elliott mows down Doedee to win a HTB free 30m out on a slight angle, he kicks truly. (Q3 9:05)
Dawson has Rankine all on his own on the HFF, he trots to 25m out and burns a perfectly good chance! (Q3 12:50)
Sloane wins a big HTB free on McCreery at the hotspot, bit red hot that one but the crowd is in full bloodthirsty voice. He converts, Crow fans roar! (Q3 17:24)
Maynard is pinged for kicking in danger, Pedlar wrings his hand then takes the set shot… short and left for no score. (Q3 26:41)
Murphy kicks OOTF 30m out, Jones takes the kick and plays on for a miss. (Q3 27:27)
Jones goes in hard for a ground ball at half forward, Sidebottom catches him high. Jones lines up from 45m on a slight angle, wet ball, greasy night… he roosts the goal! (Q3 28:39)
Murphy feeds Jones who misses off a step from the hotspot after a Walker contest. (Q3 32:11)
Pedlar bombs long to the teeth of goal for Walker to contest, Jones is at the fall to checkside another goal from 20m! (Q4 1:48)
Johnson marks a Ginnivan pass leading down the flank to 30m. His set shot is a peach. (Q4 2:57)
Nick Daicos receives from his brother at half forward, gets chased by Keays and gives off to Maynard whose kick down the flank is to Hill 30m out. Bobby pushes it left. (Q4 6:13)
Josh Daicos roves a loose ball that squirts centrally from a pack on the HFF after a stoppage, Pedlar was responsible but trailed badly on that play. (Q4 9:20)
Elliott passes to Mitchell just inside 50m in the corridor. Tired legs from a bloke with not much length to start with… short and rushed. (Q4 12:55)
Pedlar chips in front of Moore to contest the kick in on the HFF and wins a contact free, he hits the hotspot but Collingwood clears. (Q4 19:25)
Josh Daicos roves a stoppage 45m out on the flank but blazes OOTF. (Q4 24:24)
Dawson spoils a long ball to the square, Johnson roves, Butts slings him around the neck, no free, ball fumbled over the goal line for a behind! Oh dear. (Q4 25:10)
Pedlar spoils a high ball at CHB wide but the crumb favours Noble who burns off Sloane on an outside run and slams through a massive goal from 45m on a slight angle! (Q4 27:41)
Collingwood is doing it again. They love running over the top of inaccurate sides in the last quarter. (Q4 28:11)
De Goey gives to Josh Daicos who misses everything from 50m on a slight angle! That would have levelled the scores. (Q4 28:56)
Moore intercepts on the wing and pumps it back in, no mark and it’s over for a throw in 20m out, 2:04 to go. (Q4 29:26)
Sidebottom tumbles a kick from the stoppage, Johnson deliberately rushes it to level the scores! (Q4 29:37)
Dawson kick in, 1:52 to go… out for a throw in 70m away, 1:46. (Q4 30:23)
Rankine clears from the stoppage to Fogarty on outer wing, kick to the Crows HFF is out for a stoppage, 1:24. (Q4 30:58)
Markov to Mitchell for the kick up outer wing, Crisp centres for Hoskin-Elliott, long ball to Sidebottom 40m out on the flank, he marks! (Q4 31:42)
Sidebottom with a kick to put Collingwood in front in the last minute, Rusty takes his time… then misses! (Q4 31:56)
21 seconds left at the kick in, long to members wing, Rachele to Rankine to Rachele but Moore intercepts on the HBF, siren sounds, Pies pinch it yet again! (Q4 32:41)

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