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Blog log from R6 of 2023: Hawthorn vs Adelaide

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Adelaide, R6 of 2023

The Hawks handball their way up the guts all the way from CHB through half forward and to the goal line where Brockman feeds Greene a Joe the Goose for the first goal of the day! (Q1 2:59)
Hardwick tries to baulk past Rankine in the centre but gets claimed HTB, Dawson plays on to advantage and bombs long over Dawson for the first Crows goal! (Q1 4:39)
Murphy marks a short Keays pass in front of Impey 50m out on a slight angle, his set shot falls on the line to be punched through. (Q1 6:04)
After the Hawks try and fail to rebound a few times around outer wing, Sholl picks out a pass to Walker 35m out on the flank. In the toughest pocket to score… Tex kicks straight. (Q1 15:13)
From a ball up at the top of the Hawks goalsquare, Reeves taps down to his own boot and goals off the right! (Q1 17:45)
Frost turns the ball over on the wing, Walker passes short to Dawson 45m out on a slight angle who shoots low and wide right. (Q1 22:05)
Thilthorpe roves a speculator to a pack at the hotspot, gets tackled and snaps a wobbler off the right on the spin… just wide right. (Q1 25:46)
Milera touches through a snap by Macdonald from the pocket 20m out. (Q1 27:44)
Soligo marks a long Rachele kick over Amon 25m out on a slight angle, using the hands in the back legally. He misses, disappointingly. (Q2 0:57)
Walker baulks away from two chasing Hawks on the HFF and pokes a nice pass into a phonebox for Pedlar 40m out in the corridor. Pedlar kicks his first goal. (Q2 2:24)
Rankine passes to Rachele 40m out on the flank who misses across the face. (Q2 6:12)
Amon passes to the boundary 30m out for Greene whose set shot falls short for no direct score. (Q2 11:47)
From the resultant ball up in the Hawks goalsquare, Worpel sharks Sloane who was tackled by Long and snaps another goal from point blank range! (Q2 12:37)
Rachele mows down Nash running out of defence, he plays on around the mark and goes long from 55m but Jiath rushes it easily. (Q2 13:57)
Rachele gathers a bouncing ball on the HFF, turns Mitchell and bounces a behind from 45m. (Q2 15:23)
Sholl finally gets a bit of finishing class for the Crows with a snap from 40m on the flank. Again it was Rachele who took it inside 50, he is dominating today. (Q2 20:52)
Jiath taps a handball towards him at half forward towards Brockman who does the rest off the right from 40m. Lovely little touch. (Q2 24:48)
Wingard mows down Hinge in midfield to start a counter, Morrison passes to Long to mark in front of Sloane 40m out on the flank. Long just misses left. (Q2 26:43)
The kick in to centre wing is turned over and the Hawks surge forward ending with a Greene mark of a Nash kick to the top of the square. He goals, Hawks lead just before HT! (Q2 27:53)
Adelaide has had much the better of general play in this game, albeit pressure has been high by both sides. Poor goalkicking has allowed the Hawks to pinch a late lead. (Q2 28:48)
Newcombe misses a flying snap from CHF after the next bounce. (Q2 29:08)
Soligo gives Walker a Joe the Goose special to restore Adelaide’s lead in the last minute before HT. (Q2 29:55)
Fogarty takes a dive in the pocket off the ball to draw a very cheap free on Sicily, he takes the charity goal from 10m. (Q3 3:55)
Mackenzie tumbles the next centre clearance, Wingard gives wide to Moore who hits the post from 30m on the flank. (Q3 5:13)
Rankine marks a Laird kick the flank near the intersection of 50m paint and boundary line. His kick lands in the square to be rushed. (Q3 6:28)
Mackenzie is involved three times on a rebound through midfield including the pass inside 50 to Macdonald in the pocket 30m out. The double big Mac combo is a goal! (Q3 7:24)
Newcombe to Breust to Moore at a stoppage at the hotspot but the pressured snap screws too far left. (Q3 11:33)
Sloane passes short to the lead of Fogarty ahead of Jiath 30m out on the flank after a rebound around members wing. The Fog kicks straight as usual. (Q3 15:03)
The ball had lived in Hawthorn’s half for the previous five minutes but that is a big goal under the circumstances. (Q3 15:21)
Impey breaks lines with a scything run from half back, Moore contests at half forward then feeds Breust who blazes wide from the hotspot, disappointingly. (Q3 17:23)
Rankine bounces through midfield on a rebound started by a Mackenzie handball clanger and hits Walker on a lead near the hotspot, he kicks truly. Crows making their move. (Q3 18:35)
Smith receives on the HFF with Wingard chasing, props and shoots off a step from 45m but it’s off hands for a point. (Q3 20:58)
Hawthorn rebound up the guts coast to coast, Greene has Brockman running behind the Crows defence, hits him in stride and he runs into the open goal with a fist pump! (Q3 21:58)
Mackenzie roves a Nash kick to Greene at the hotspot but snaps OOTF off balance. (Q3 23:21)
Milera is pinged for a high fend in possession on the HBF under a Macdonald tackle. He shanks a kick towards the hotspot, chaos ball works as Amon feeds Nash for a goal! (Q3 24:21)
Nash lays a hard tackle on Soligo to win a HTB free 40m out on a slight angle but misses left. (Q3 27:59)
Mitchell is pinged for a block on Thilthorpe 50m out on the flank, nothing in it as Thilthorpe dived. The Hawk fans roar as the set shot shanks OOTF, footy gods smile. (Q3 29:19)
Wingard flies off half forward to catch Jones HTB after the first bounce of Q4, he goes long to the pocket for Greene to mark 30m out but miss. (Q4 0:36)
Macdonald feeds Amon gliding towards the hotspot, he rams through the go-ahead goal for the Hawks! (Q4 3:09)
Credit to Mackenzie for stripping Dawson of the footy in midfield to start that attack. (Q4 4:00)
Reeves gives away a holding free to Walker in ruck 40m out in front. Tex puts Adelaide back in front with that goal. (Q4 6:25)
Correction, scores level. (Q4 7:15)
Nash sets up the next inside 50 after the bounce, Scrimshaw receives from Long, fends off Hinge and snaps the goal! (Q4 8:05)
Pedlar roves a Thilthorpe contest in the pocket and goes backwards with good vision to Rankine 40m out on the flank. Rankine to level it up again… shanks OOTF. (Q4 10:20)
Jiath baulks through two Crows on outer wing and starts an attack through CHF but Mitchell misses on the run from 40m. (Q4 15:29)
Aomn delivers a lovely long kick over the Crow defence from the wing to Greene 20m out on a slight angle. This is a big set shot… Greene delivers! (Q4 18:20)
Sloane hits the post with a snap from near CHF. (Q4 19:15)
7:15 at the kick in, Crows have time but not a whole lot of time. (Q4 20:01)
Walker marks 45m out on the flank, plays on and snaps across his body for a point. (Q4 20:25)
The Crows rebound through the corridor, bit untidy but Fogarty marks 45m out on a slight angle… then misses. (Q4 22:16)
Rankine snaps 45m out on the flank, lands in the square for Frost to rush. (Q4 23:24)
Keays gives to Rankine on the boundary who puts a step on two Hawks and slams through the goal from 15m! (Q4 25:00)
Clock under 3:00 as the Hawks rebound around outer wing, but Sloane gets a contact free. (Q4 26:31)
Ball out for a thrown in on outer wing from a long Smith kick, 2:08 to go. (Q4 27:00)
Rachele bombs long to the pocket, Fogarty marks over Frost 25m out! This for the lead as the clock ticks past 1:30, it’s the Fog so he can do it… he does it! (Q4 27:25)
1:16 at the next bounce and the Hawks are staring at two last-gasp losses in a row. (Q4 27:56)
Newcombe falls into Soligo’s back at the bounce, long kick but Mitchell intercepts and starts a rebound around outer wing… (Q4 28:59)
Impey kicks to the pocket but over Breust’s head, throw in, 39 seconds… (Q4 29:23)
Amon repeat inside 50, Impey roves but Hinge smothers… Macdonald kicks to the top of the square, ball up, seconds to go… (Q4 30:22)
No possession out of ruck, siren goes, Crows hold on! (Q4 30:22)

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